Easy Miniature Projects in 1:48 Scale

The quarter scale projects in this list are easily made from regular household materials or art supplies. Some projects explore working with commercially available quarter scale kits, others are built from scratch or using printables.

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    An Introduction to Quarter Scale Miniatures

    Campground cottage quarter scale scene

    Lesley Shepherd

    1:48 scale, where 1/4 inch equals one foot is a popular dollhouse miniature scale similar in size to the "O" scale used for model railroads. As the scale becomes more popular, the range of miniatures is increasing steadily, with a wide range of figures and accessories appearing online and at miniature shows.

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    Printable Miniature Shop in 1:48 Scale

    A 1:144 scale printable miniature shop next to one in 1:48 scale.

    Lesley Shepherd

    If you need to produce a fast building in 1:48 scale, this two-story shop is made by printing the parts on photo paper or lightweight card. Interior finishes are also provided as printables. With a finished front and open back, the interior is easily accessible for a small two-room display.

    This project is a good way to test whether a quarter scale is a size that will fit into your collection, or whether the scale is too small for you to work with comfortably. With a wide range of railroad figures and accessories available in "0" scale, which is a similar size to quarter scale, this is a size which works well for integrating railroads and furnished buildings.

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    Printable Quarter Scale Teacup Scenes

    Miniature beach scene set into a teacup

    Lesley Shepherd

    These projects are designed to be fitted into a teacup and saucer. They include printables in a range of colors for the siding, doors, windows and other pieces. You can add items to the interiors, or back the windows or doors with illustrations from magazines to make faux interior views. They can also be used with other containers including small boxes.

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    Quarter Scale Plants and Landscaping Details

    Quarter scale garden arbor set in a miniature garden scene in a tea cup

    Lesley Shepherd

    You can create realistic plants and flowers, or, a printable garden arch arbor in quarter scale.

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    Quarter Scale Furniture Projects

    A quarter scale dolls house bakery case

    Lesley Shepherd

    There is a range of ways to make tiny furnishings for quarter scale scenes. Several companies, including the ones with reviews listed below sell cast resin or laser cut furnishings.

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    Sources for Quarter Scale Kits and Accessories

    Quarter scale cast resin stove by Young At Heart

    Lesley Shepherd

    An increasing number of suppliers are including 1:48 scale accessories in their regular miniature lines. There are also several specialist suppliers.

    • Young at heart make quarter scale buildings and accessories including resin furniture.
    • BJ miniatures make a range of houses, furniture, and accessories for quarter scale.
    • Petworth miniatures by Gayle Baillargeon make quarter scale furniture and building kits, accessories, and parts.
    • Stewart dollhouse creations have a range of carefully cut laser kits and cast resin accessories for quarter scale.