Vanishing Toothpick Easy Magic Trick

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    Easy Magic Tricks: The Vanishing Toothpick - Intro

    toothpick magic trick
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's an easy magic trick that allows you to quickly vanish a toothpick in your hands.

    Materials: A toothpick and a small bit of transparent adhesive tape.

    Preparation: Using a small bit of tape, adhere the tip of the toothpick to the tip of your thumb's nail. You’re ready to cause the toothpick to mysteriously vanish.

    The toothpick is in a place that is difficult for your spectators to see it. However, this effect is rather angle-sensitive.

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    The Vanishing Toothpick - Starting Position

    toothpick magic trick
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's how the trick looks to spectators.

    You hold the toothpick as in the picture. To spectators, it will look as if you are simply holding the toothpick with your thumb and fingers.

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    Vanishing a Toothpick - The Vanish

    toothpick magic trick
    Wayne Kawamoto

    In a fast motion, quickly open your hand to cause the toothpick to apparently disappear. To spectators, it will appear as if the toothpick has vanished. 

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    Vanishing a Toothpick - Final Position and Thoughts

    toothpick magic trick
    Wayne Kawamoto

    This picture shows the position of the toothpick behind the thumb. To perform this trick, you’ll need to watch your angles and make sure that no one is behind you or to the sides and can see the toothpick. For this reason, this trick is best performed for a few people who are standing directly in front of you.

    If you like, you can insert the toothpick into the tape and remove it after performing the effect. This way, you won't have to walk into the room holding the toothpick. Also, you can remove the toothpick after performing the trick.

    To do this, create a pocket in the tape with the toothpick so it can easily go in and out, but will still hold the toothpick as you vanish it.

    In many vanishing effects, you cause an object to vanish and then bring it back. However, with this trick, you can't bring the toothpick pack. Here you vanish the toothpick and show your hand apparently empty, and then you can casually place your hand into your pocket where you can get rid of the toothpick that stuck to your thumb.

    When compared to the ring toothpick vanish trick, that method is more impromptu. To perform that trick, all you need is a toothpick and to be wearing a ring. For this trick, on the other hand, you will have to prepare ahead of time, which makes it far less impromptu. It's not something you can immediately perform at the spur of a moment.

    On the other hand, between the two methods, this one is probably faster and cleaner. (Both leave you "dirty" with a toothpick in your hand.) I just think that in general, the vanish of the toothpick when it's attached to your thumbnail is cleaner than in the second method where you're manipulating it into a finger ring. Simply opening your hand is simpler and faster and the vanish of the toothpick seems to happen almost instantaneously.