How to Perform the Rising Ring Magic Trick

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    Getting Started

    Ring on a rubber band
    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto

    In this easy magic trick, a ring that's threaded onto a rubberband mysteriously rises on its own accord. This one is super easy, and all you need is a rubber band cut into a single length and a ring. There’s almost no preparation.


    It's all in the way that you hold the rubber band, which we'll explain as we go along.

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    Diagram of a ring on a rubber band
    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto

    Thread the ring onto the length of a rubber band. As you grasp the rubberband, allow a good length of the band to accumulate in the hand that the ring is moving away from.

    In this example, we’re making the ring rise from our left hand to our right. Thus, we want to have a length of rubberband that’s hidden in our left hand. The illustration above shows this extra length of the band that’s in hand.

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    Ring Rises

    A ring on one end of a rubber band
    The Spruce / Wayne Kawamoto

    To perform the trick, pull the band taut and rotate it at a slight incline, making sure that the ring is resting on the lower part of the band. Pull the band taut and slowly release the extra band that’s in your left hand. The rubber band will creep out and carry the ring with it, making it look as if the ring is rising. In reality, it’s the band that’s slowly moving.

    This one will take some practice. Also, be sure to stand far away enough from spectators, so they don't see the rubberband slowly moving. You want them to focus on the ring.