4 Easy Magic Tricks With Pencils and Wands

Whether you have a magic wand or just an ordinary pencil, there are a few easy magic tricks that you can learn. Perfect for beginners, these simple illusions allow you to make it appear as if your pencil is levitating, magnetically attached to your hand, or made out of rubber. There's a special secret to each trick, so grab a pencil and start your magician training.

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    The Rubber Pencil

    Bending Pencil

     Wayne Kawamoto

    All you need for your very first optical illusion is a pencil. This is a fun trick for kids and one of the easiest magic tricks you can learn. With the wave of your wand (or pencil), you can trick someone's eye into seeing the pencil wave as if it's made of rubber. It's all in the way you hold the pencil and move your hand.

    Practice this one a few times and you'll fool anyone. You can amaze them by having your audience examine the pencil before and after to confirm it is made of wood. They may think you have mastered some secret to swap it out for a rubber one under their very eyes.

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    The Magnetic Pencil

    Pencil Trick
    Wayne Kawamoto

    The magnetic pencil is a perfect place to begin. It's both a classic and an easy magic trick that many magicians use to build their skills in the art of deception.

    The set up for this trick is easy and there are no gimmicks involved. It's all in the way you hold one wrist with the opposite hand. When done right, the pencil appears to be stuck to your hand. You can let go and the pencil will drop. Show it to your spectators so they know the pencil is completely normal. It's best to move quickly on to the next trick so they don't have a chance to count the fingers they can see.

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    The Magnetic Pencil 2

    Magnetic Pencil

     Wayne Kawamoto

    Once you've wowed a few friends with the easy magnetic pencil trick, take it to the next level. The second version builds on the first, but this time you'll remove your supporting hand and the pencil will mysteriously stay in place.

    How do you get the pencil to stick without your "grabbing" hand? The secret to this one lies in what's behind your arm and the fact that you're wearing a watch. You will need to work on the angles at which your audience can view the trick so that you don't expose your methods.

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    The Levitating Ring

    Levitating ring

     Wayne Kawamoto

    Did you ever notice that magicians like to wear jewelry such as wristwatches and rings? They do so because the accessories are often part of the act. For instance, with a finger ring and your pencil, you have the tools for a cool magic trick.

    For this one, the goal is to make the ring mysteriously levitate up and down the pencil. There is a simple secret behind it and you will have to do some prep work to make it happen. Yet, it's easy and you'll have a lot of fun with it.