How to Do the Vanishing Coin Trick

Circulated Silver Coins.

James Bucki

Here's a different way to make a coin disappear. Most of this trick relies on a clever gimmick that you make beforehand.


Hold four coins in your hand. You close your hand and when you open it again, a single coin has disappeared.

The Secret

Make a fake coin from a piece of aluminum foil. When you close your hand, you simply crush the foil into a small ball and make the coin "disappear."


  • Four coins (quarters work well)
  • A small square of foil
  • Scissors
Wayne Kawamoto

Setup the Trick

Place the square of foil on top of one of the coins and rub it with your thumb to make a good impression of the coin in the foil.

Wayne Kawamoto

Prepare the Gimmick

Carefully cut out the fake coin from the foil. Be sure to allow for "sides" of the coin.

Wayne Kawamoto

Perform the Trick

Arrange the other coins around the fake coin and you're ready to perform the trick.

Show the coins to spectators and make sure that they acknowledge that there are four coins.

Close your hand and crush the foil into a tiny ball.

When you open your hand again, display three coins. The piece of foil is hidden under the other coins.

Note that you may have to experiment with the foil to get one that resembles the other coins. In the photographs here, the foil coin looks quite different from the other coins, but in real life, more closely resembled the other coins.

Also, you'll want to experiment with the placement of the foil relative to the other coins. The key here is to situate the fake foil coin so it's easy to crush when you close your hand.

Wayne Kawamoto