Wow Your Friends With the Magnetic Pencil Magic Trick

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    Easy Magic Tricks: The Magnetic Pencil

    Here's a classic easy magic trick or effect. You grab your wrist with your hand and a pencil appears to stick to your hand. It's almost as if your hand is magnetic.

    When you let go, the pencil drops. At the end of the trick, your spectators can examine the pencil. There are no gimmicks. There's nothing to find, and you're clean.

    Materials: 1 pencil

    Secret: It's all in how you hold your wrist.

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    Step 1 of the Magnetic Pencil Trick

    Rest the pencil on a table. Grab your wrist with one hand. Your other hand reaches from underneath to grasp your wrist.

    Bring down your hand, palm down, to rest on top of the pencil. As you bring your hand down, secretly extend the first finger of your "grabbing" hand.

    Rest your hand on the pencil and secretly shove your first finger underneath the pencil and hold the pencil against your hand, as shown in the picture. This is the exposed view from underneath that spectators would not see.

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    Step 2 of the Magnetic Pencil Trick

    You can now lift your hand and the pencil will appear to stick to your hand. Notice that there is a discrepancy as you only show three fingers gripping your wrist, but this is usually not a problem if you perform the trick quickly.

    Bring your hand down onto the table and as you come down, slip your first finger out from under the pencil and then wrap it around your wrist along with the other fingers.

    With the pencil on the table, you can lift your hand slowly to show that there is seemingly nothing that caused the pencil to stick to your hand.


    This is a trick that should be performed quickly. You don't want spectators to get a long view of the situation and think about it. Simply cause the pencil to "stick" to your hand and then drop it and you're done. Spectators may ask you to perform it again, but if you want to protect the secret and prevent them from figuring it out, you'll need to decline. This trick can't withstand a lot of examination.

    A good way to take spectators' minds off of your trick and away from the secret is to immediately move onto another effect. For this, you can take the pencil and perform the rubber pencil trick.

    In this version, you can let go of your hand and the pencil still stays in place. This second effect is often performed in conjunction with this one. You perform this trick by grabbing your wrist and using your finger to hold the pencil. And then you expose the trick by showing how your finger is holding the pencil in place to defy gravity.

    In the second phase, you set up the second pencil with your watch as taught in version 2, and then grab your wrist to cause the pencil to stick to your hand. Watch the amazement in spectators' faces when you release your hand from your wrist and the pencil stays in place.

    Normally, you don't want to expose a magic trick. But in this case, and because the basic "magnetic hand" is so well known, you can set spectators up for something more amazing.

    While the tricks require more setup, you can follow this trick with a levitating trick, either the levitating pencil trick and the levitating ring trick. As the titles imply, in "The Levitating Pencil," a pencil that's placed into a bottle and it appears to levitate up. And in "The Levitating Ring," a finger ring, which can be borrowed, is placed onto a pencil and it mysteriously floats up.

    Keep in mind that you don't have to do these tricks with a pencil. If you have one, you can use a magic wand.