Easy Magic Trick: The Escaping Rings

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    Easy Magic Trick: The Escaping Rings - Introduction

    Here’s a good and easy magic trick for beginners and kids that uses items found around the house. And if you can’t find enough finger rings, you can use washers. While the effect is basically a penetration style effect, it’s an escape-themed trick because you’re somehow removing a series of rings or washers that are trapped on a string. This effect relies on the same principle as that used in the effect called “The Easy Ring Trick.” With the addition of several props, this is generally a better and more interesting trick.

    You tie a finger ring onto a piece of string (you can also use a washer, a small hoop, or a bracelet), and then stack several rings or washers onto the remaining portion of the string, as shown in the picture. The rings or washers can’t pass off the string because of the other object that’s attached at the end.

    You cover everything with a napkin or handkerchief and as the spectator holds the two ends of the string so you can’t slip any objects off - you’re somehow able to remove the trapped rings. Did the rings pass through the string or other “trapping” object? It’s up to spectators to figure it out. Furthermore, the props in this trick aren’t gimmicked. After performing the trick, the props may be examined. You’re effectively left clean and there’s nothing to find.

    Several washers, finger rings, bracelets or small hoops - almost any small object that has a hole in it. You’ll need one object to act as the hoop or anchor that traps the other objects. You can use anywhere between one and any number of ‘trapped” objects that you would like.
    A length of string - probably two feet will do.
    A large napkin or handkerchief

    What spectators don’t know is that although the anchoring washer appears to be fastened to the string, you can easily remove it. It’s all in the way that it’s tied.

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    A Variation

    This photo shows a variation of the effect with a trapped finger ring. You're welcome to use any objects that you wish that fit the criteria.
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    Tying the Ring to the String - Step 1

    To teach this easy magic trick, the pictures will employ and show a large hoop. Keep in mind that while we’re referring to a “hoop” here in the instructions, the steps will apply to finger rings, washers or whatever you happen to be using. For purposes of the explanation, we’ll refer to the hoop as the anchoring object.

    Fold the string in half to find its center and feed it through the center of the hoop.

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    Tying the Ring to the String - Step 2

    After feeding the center of the string through the hoop, expand its opening so it’s wider than the hoop.
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    Tying the Ring to the String - Step 3

    As you widen the center (opening) of the string, push the hoop through the loop to secure it to the string. Pull on the string to tighten the knot at the top of the hoop.
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    The Ring Tied Onto the String

    Your ring and string will look like that in picture. It looks like the hoop is tied onto the string. It’s quite secure, but you can easily remove it when you wish, even if someone is holding the other ends.

    This picture gives you a close-up view of the knot.

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    Stack the String

    Stack the other washers, rings and other objects through and onto the two strands of string.
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    Performing the Easy Magic Trick

    Here’s how you perform the trick. Secure the ring or washer (hoop) on the end of the string and stack the other objects as described in the preceding steps. Ask a spectator to hold the ends of the string so there’s no way that you can slip the objects off of the string. And you can explain that the objects can’t be slipped off the middle of the string because of the hoop.

    Cover the stack of objects and hoop with the handkerchief. You will now, secretly, remove the hoop to let the other objects slip off of the string.

    To remove the hoop simply reverse the process of putting the ring onto the string (just follow the steps and pictures in reverse). First ask for some slack in the string from the spectator and then, under cover of the handkerchief, grab the main loop and pull it to open it and pass the hoop through and off of the string.

    Allow the stacked objects to fall from the string and bring them out and show them to the spectators. Careful that you don’t drop the objects, they’ll pretty much just fall off. Don’t show that the hoop is now unattached to the string. Under cover of the napkin or handkerchief, quickly reattach the hoop onto the string.

    When you remove the napkin, you can show that the hoop is still attached to the string. Somehow, in this easy magic trick, you’ve caused a stack of rings or washers to mysteriously de-attach themselves from the string.