Easy Magic Trick With a Ring for Beginners and Kids

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    Easy Magic Trick With a Ring for Beginners and Kids - Intro

    Easy Magic Trick: The Escaping Ring.

    Here’s a first rate and easy magic trick for beginners and kids. Depending on how you present the trick, it’s either a penetration or an escape. The ring mysteriously passes through the string. Or you can somehow make the ring “escape” from the strings that bind it.


    You tie a finger ring onto a piece of string (you can also use a washer, a small hoop, or a bracelet), and under the cover of a handkerchief or napkin - and while your spectator holds the two ends of the string so you can’t slip the object off - you’re somehow able to remove the ring. Best of all, nothing in this easy magic trick is gimmicked. In the end, everything can be examined and you’re left clean. Everything may be examined by your spectators and there’s nothing to find.


    A finger ring, small hoop, washer or bracelet - almost any small object that has a hole in it.
    A length of string - probably two feet will do.
    A handkerchief or napkin.


    In this easy magic trick, what spectators don’t know is that even though the ring appears to be tied securely to the string, you can easily remove it. It’s all in the “knot” and the means with which you secure the ring. You’ll accomplish the “escape” under the cover of the handkerchief.


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    Tying the Ring to the String - Step 1

    To help explain this easy magic trick, We're employing a relatively large ring (“hoop”) to make the steps clearer. No matter whether you’re using a finger ring, washer or bracelet, the steps are the same.

    Fold the string in half to find its center and feed it through the center of the hoop.

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    Tying the Ring to the String - Step 2

    After feeding the middle of the string through the hoop, expand the opening of the string so it’s wider than the hoop.

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    Tying the Ring to the String - Step 3

    As you widen the opening (center) of the string, push the hoop through the loop to form a knot. Pull on the string to tighten the knot at the top of the hoop.

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    The Ring Tied Onto the String

    Your ring and string should look like that the picture. For this easy magic trick, it appears that the hoop it tied onto the string. It’s actually quite secure, but you can easily remove it when you wish.

    This picture gives you a close-up view of the knot.

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    Performing the Easy Magic Trick

    To perform the easy magic trick, bring out the hoop that’s tied to the string and show it to spectators. If you like, you can ask the spectators to pull on the ring to make sure that it’s securely tied to the string. Ask a spectator to hold the ends so there’s no way that you can slip the hoop off of the string.

    Cover the hoop with the handkerchief. To remove the hoop simply reverse the process of putting the ring on the string (you can follow the steps and pictures in reverse). Briefly, ask for some slack in the string from the spectator and then grab the main loop and pull it to open it and pass the hoop through and off of the string.

    Bring out the hoop from under the handkerchief and show it to the spectator and then remove the handkerchief from the center of the string to show that the hoop is no longer there.

    You’ve performed an easy magic trick by somehow removing a ring from a piece of string.