6 Quick and Easy Bargello Long Stitch Needlepoint Patterns

Nothing is more delicate and beautiful than needlepoint worked in the long flowing stitches. The long stitch is one of the easiest techniques to use in working a needlepoint project. Sometimes called the bargello stitch, it is worked straight--either horizontally or vertically on needlepoint canvas, and looks like a smooth satin embroidery stitch when placed in groups side-by-side.

These six needlepoint projects are excellent examples of the quick and easy Long Stitch Technique. Each one can be finished in a weekend--especially if you use #10 or #13 mono or interlock single thread needlepoint canvas.

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    Hydrangea Blossoms Pattern

    Stitched Hydrangea Needlepoint Project
    Cheryl C. Fall

    Gardeners, who needlepoint, will thoroughly enjoy stitching this Hydrangea Blossoms Long Stitch Design. You'll work 80 stitches wide as well as high to form a 6.5-inch square finished needlepoint project on #13-mesh mono needlepoint canvas.

    For a slightly larger size, use #10-mesh canvas and adjust the thread or yarn thickness to match. Get the needlepoint design and working instructions to complete your version of this simple Bargello needlepoint pattern in a weekend or less.

    Turn the finished project into a small pincushion or stuff with potpourri for a fragrant needlepoint sachet.

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    Rose Romance Design

    Rose Romance Long Stitch Project
    Cheryl C. Fall

    Talk about fast and easy, this Bargello needlepoint design can be worked in a few hours because of its repeating motif. Once you start, you'll be stitching long stitch roses across the canvas in just a few hours; and in one weekend you can complete an entire needlepoint pillow!

    When worked on #18 mono needlepoint canvas, the square design looks lovely finished as an ornament with decorative trim, or made into a top insert for a small keepsake box.

    If you're feeling adventurous or are an advanced needlepointer, try working the pattern on Penelope canvas for an interesting effect; or use interlock canvas that works best for Bargello projects. Check out the full design chart and stitch details for the project.

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    Pumpkin Patch Project

    Pumpkin Patch Needlepoint Charts
    Cheryl C. Fall

    Use this long stitch needlepoint design to work a border or band that can be attached to a tote bag, clothing, pillow or other fashion or home accessory. It is super quick and easy and can be completed in under two hours.

    In addition to traditional needlepoint canvas, try stitching the project directly onto a pair of jeans or window curtain tieback with waste canvas. Stitch on perforated paper canvas for greeting and special occasion cards.

    You can easily adjust the design to add initials or full name for a personal touch. Instead of the colors used in the charted design, you can choose your favorite ones from the wide range available for most thread types.

    Review the pattern instructions for creative ways to stitch and use this long stitch needlepoint pattern.

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    Ponderosa Pines Pattern

    Ponderosa Pines Full-Color Needlepoint Chart
    Cheryl C. Fall

    This pattern was inspired by a drive through Spokane, Washington. It features repeating pine trees worked in long stitch. Fast and easy, you'll need dramatic dark monochromatic shades of green to make the pine trees come alive.

    Add your choice of brick stitch or Bargello needlepoint border around the entire design once the repeating pine tree motifs have been worked. Choose #13-mesh mono canvas for a finished project that is approximately five inches square.

    You can start at the center or at the top to work the project. No matter the starting place, you must pay careful attention to the placement of the first few motifs to avoid counting errors.

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    Four-Leaf Clover Design

    Shamrock Quartet Needlepoint Chart
    Cheryl C. Fall

    The single four-leaf clover in the center of this needlepoint design is worked in long stitch. It can be used to stitch St. Patrick's Day needlepoint gifts, or as a project to learn how to work various textured needlepoint stitches.

    A second variation of the design is included with this weekend project. It has four smaller four-leaf clovers that can also be worked in long stitch or basic tent stitches if preferred.

    Get the free needlepoint patterns and experiment with your choice of threads and fibers to make the project truly unique.

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    Bargello Hearts Needlepoint Pattern

    Stitched Bargello Hearts Needlepoint Pattern
    Cheryl C. Fall

    This Bargello Hearts needlepoint pattern may look difficult, but it can easily be worked as a four-way hearts medallion or as a repeating series of simple long stitch hearts for a larger pillow or pin cushion.

    Complete with Hungarian Stitch border, both the four-way and straight needlepoint versions are addictive enough to hook you after the first stitch. Be creative as you try the large as well as the small long stitch hearts patterns, adapting them as needed to fit your personal taste.