19 Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Manly Man Cowl Knitting Pattern
Mama in a Stitch

Are you a new knitter? These easy and beginner-level projects are perfect for you! You can make so many things with just a few simple stitches and basic techniques. Scarves are a classic choice for beginners, but by connecting the ends you get a cowl! Or use those same stitches in a bigger way and now it's a blanket!

Once you add a few easy shaping stitches or perhaps a color change, you'll be amazed at all you can knit as a newcomer to the craft.


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Most of the patterns in this list are free, while some have a small charge to download the PDF. As you visit these designers' sites, be sure to look around and see what else they have to offer too, because this is just the beginning!

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    Create a Rainbow Blanket for Baby

    Rainbow Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern
    My Poppet

    Choose a rainbow of colors and knit this delightful baby blanket! Knit entirely in garter stitch, it's easy and will be as much fun to make as it is for a baby to use. And it's a good way to practice changing colors as you knit. Cintia from My Poppet shows off those color changes in a particularly nice rainbow using DMC luxury yarn.

    Hello Rainbow! Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern from My Poppet

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    Knit a Simple Scarf

    How to Make an Easy Chunky Knit Scarf
    Mollie Johanson

    Scarves are often a very first knitting project, and this chunky scarf is a perfect choice. First, it only uses the knit stitch, which is easy and keeps your scarf in the right shape. But this scarf also uses large needles and chunky yarn so even if you've barely knit a stitch, you'll be knitting this whole thing in a hurry!

    Garter Stitch Scarf for Beginners from The Spruce Crafts

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    Craft Knitted Pillows for Your Home

    Chunky Throw Pillow Knitting Patterns
    Knifty Knittings

    Add some of your handiwork to your home decor with these chunky knit pillows! There are three different stitch patterns to choose from and mixing them, whether in different colors or the same, will add some fun texture to your favorite chairs. The garter and stockinette versions are easy enough for beginners and when you're ready to try something new, learn the herringbone stitch and make the third pillow!

    Chunky Throw Pillow Pattern Set from Knifty Knittings

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    Knit a Casual Colorblock Poncho

    Easy Knit Catalunya Colorblock Poncho Pattern
    One Dog Woof

    ChiWei from One Dog Woof shares her pattern for this easy poncho. Because it's all in garter stitch, you just have to knit, knit, knit! And as easy as this is to knit, it's equally easy to wear when you need a bit of warmth without a jacket.

    The recommended yarn for this design is discontinued, but don't let that stop you from trying it. You can almost always find good substitute yarns for projects, and often you may end up with something that's even better suited to you.

    Catalunya Colorblock Poncho from One Dog Woof

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    Keep Your Coffee Cozy

    Easy Knit Coffee Cozies
    Pattymac Makes

    Even your coffee can wear a sweater when you knit one of these cozies! Better than disposable cardboard coffee cuffs, knit cuffs protect your hands while also showing off your style. They also make excellent gifts for college students when you pair them with a reusable cup or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

    Easy Knit Coffee Cozies from Pattymac Makes

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    Celebrate Every Day in a Knit Scarf

    Fiesta Scarf Knitting Pattern
    Fairmount Fibers

    Knit this scarf to wear anytime you feel like a party! The ribbed pattern makes it the same on the front and back, and ideal for wearing as a wrap around your shoulders instead of only around your neck. Plus, the recommended yarn for this is by Manos del Uruguay, a fair trade non-profit so you know that your knitting is for a good cause.

    Fiesta Scarf Knitting Pattern from Fairmount Fibers

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    Stay Snuggly in a Knit Throw

    Cuddle Up Throw Knitting Pattern
    Rebecca McKenzie

    Who doesn't love cuddling up under a cozy blanket? Worked with seed stitch (knit one, purl one), this chunky throw is exactly what your sofa needs! In fact, once you get it started, you'll be able to stay snuggled under it as you knit and watch your favorite shows each evening!

    Cuddle Up Throw Pattern from Rebecca McKenzie on Ravelry

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    Knit and Weave a Fringed Purse

    Fun Fringed Bag Knitting Pattern
    Love Crafts

    This knitted purse looks complicated, but the knitting is quite simple. It starts with basic garter stitch stripes for the bag shape, then to make the plaid AND the fringe, you just weave yarn through the knitting. Wow! Add an i-cord strap and you have a purse that's sure to impress.

    Fun Fringed Bag Pattern from Paintbox Yarns

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    Keep Things Clean With a Knit Dishcloth

    Irish Moss Dishcloth Knitting Pattern
    Mollie Johanson

    Practice working back and forth with knits and purls when you make this dishcloth pattern. It's a step beyond the basic dishcloth, but the stitch pattern makes it special. Reusable cloths like this are good for the environment and make excellent housewarming gifts!

    Moss Stitch Dishcloth Knitting Pattern from The Spruce Crafts

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    Wrap Yourself in a Warm Infinity Scarf

    The 90 Degrees Cowl Knitting Pattern
    Pam Allen

    Designed by Katherine Mehls for Quince and Co. Yarn, this versatile infinity scarf cowl is a stunner. You can wear it loose around your neck or double wrapped for a bold and warm statement! To get this chunky effect, you hold two strands of yarn together at the same time, and to make the ribbing along the edges you will need to know (or learn) how to pick up stitches.

    90-Degree Cowl Knitting Pattern, $5, Quince & Co.

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    Craft an Easy Blanket With Tiled Stitches

    Becker Throw Knitting Pattern
    Noma Ndlovu

    This cozy throw blanket has a tiled stitch pattern that looks unique but is still easy to make with knits and purls. This project may take you a little longer, even working with chunky yarn, but it's a worthwhile project. Designer Noma NdLovu shares her free PDF pattern on Ravelry, as well as plenty of other lovely patterns for when you are ready for more techniques.

    Becker Throw Knitting Pattern from Noma Ndlovu on Ravelry

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    Make a Knit Cowl for Men

    Manly Man Cowl Knitting Pattern
    Mama in a Stitch

    Looking for a gift to knit for the man in your life...or for yourself? Try this easy cowl that's pretty much just a version of the basic knit scarf with a seam. It would be an excellent first knitting project, but it would also be a good choice for if you want to knit a bunch of cowls for gifts or donating to a great cause.

    Manly Man Cowl Knitting Pattern from Mama in a Stitch

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    Create an Easy Tank With Garter Stitch

    Garter Stitch Tank Knitting Pattern
    Gina Michelle

    Knitting garments might seem intimidating to you if you're a beginner at knitting, but there are lots of pieces you can make with minimal shaping. This tank from Gina Michelle is knit with garter stitch and the shape drapes beautifully. It's the kind of piece that you'll want in more than one color so you can wear it all the time!

    Garter Stitch Tank Knitting Pattern by Gina Michelle

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    Learn 3 Ways to Knit Scrunchies

    3 Ways to Knit a Scrunchy
    The Snugglery

    Have you ever sewn a scrunchy? Now you can knit one...or three! This tutorial shows you different ways to knit this classic hair accessory so you can find one that works for you. One method is particularly easy because you just knit a rectangle. Plus, when you make your own, you can choose a super soft yarn to keep your hair tangle-free.

    How to Knit a Scrunchy 3 Ways from The Snugglery

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    Get Comfortable and Knit a Cardigan

    Cotton Comfort Easy Knit Cardigan Pattern
    Handy Little Me

    Ready to tackle a whole sweater? Try this cardigan from Handy Little Me! This is the kind of cardi that you can throw on over almost anything to stay warm and comfortable. Written as a pattern for beginners, she talks you through what you need to know while helping you find any additional information you may need.

    Cotton Comfort Easy Knit Cardigan Pattern from Handy Little Me

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    Knit a Bandana-Style Cowl

    Garter Stitch Bandana Cowl Knitting Pattern
    Ashley Lillis

    Bandanas don't have to be made only with fabric! Knit a bandana for yourself with this fantastic pattern from Ashley Lillis. It's chunky, warm, and a fun item to make and wear. It will also give you a chance to practice knitting in the round as well as how to decrease stitches. Want to add some embellishment? Attach some fringe along the bottom!

    Oversized Bandana Knitting Pattern from Ashely Lillis

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    Make a Jumbo Knit Blanket

    Knit a Jumbo Blanket With Garter Stitch
    Mollie Johanson

    Knitting blankets can feel overwhelming, but jumbo yarn and needles make it happen a lot faster. This cozy blanket is knit with garter stitch so all you really have to think about is hefting it while you work. Jumbo yarn is heavy! Colorblocking and fun fringe make something simple into something special.

    DIY Chunky Knit Blanket from The Spruce Crafts

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    Protect Your Hands With a Bit of Knit

    Handy Little Potholder Knitting Pattern

    Brome Fields

    These little potholders may have a few knitting techniques that absolute beginners may not know yet, but that doesn't mean they aren't easy! Jennifer from Brome Fields offers this free pattern on her website (or as a downloadable PDF for a small fee) with a video tutorial so you can watch every step along the way.

    Handy Little Potholder Knitting Pattern from Brome Fields

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    Knit a Cozy Cardi for Baby

    Easy Garter Stitch Baby Sweater
    Mollie Johanson

    If you know the basics of knitting, you can knit this baby sweater! Worked entirely with garter stitch, it's all simple blocks that come together to make an adorable double-breasted cardigan with toggle buttons. It makes a great baby gift on its own, but it would also be special when paired with a small blanket from this list.

    Basic Baby Sweater Pattern from The Spruce Crafts