Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners

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    Garter Stitch Scarf

    Garter Stitch Scarf
    Sarah E. White

    Add style to your wardrobe with original, free, and easy knitting patterns for beginners. Scarves, for example, are a great fashion piece that adds a little bit of color or texture to your outfit. Use additional fabrics as drapes, washcloths, purses, and more. Consider the following 12 knitting patterns to level up your craft skills, and your closet, no matter how you use them.

    Knitting the Garter Stitch Scarf

    The garter stitch is the most basic knitting stitch pattern because it only involves the knit stitch. This type of design is created by simply knitting or purling every row. This garter stitch scarf is an easy and quick project that is a fine choice for a first knitting venture.

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    Moss Stitch Afghan

    Moss stitch lap afghan free knitting pattern
    Sarah E. White

    The moss stitch is a fun and easy combination of knits and purls. This kind of design looks fancy​ but is surprisingly easy to do. Really, a moss stitch is an elongated version of a seed stitch, which is worked on for two rows of the same sequence of knits and purls before being alternated.

    Afghan Stitches

    Basic Afghan stitches look like tiny square shapes with two horizontal strands of yarn plus a vertical bar on top. Although an Afghan knitting pattern is a big project to take on, this one is doable. In fact, this free knitting pattern is a lap afghan, which is much smaller than a conventional afghan, but still incredibly useful.

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    Easy Party Wrap

    Easy party wrap knitting instructions
    Sarah E. White

    Although the party wrap gets its name from looking festive, it's the perfect type of scarf to drape over your shoulders when lounging around the house.

    This easy party wrap free knitting pattern can seem intimidating to new knitters, but it is a lot of fun to make. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that the fuzzy yarn hides mistakes, and the only skills needed aside from knitting and purling are basic increasing and decreasing.

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    Stockinette Stitch Scarf

    fuzzy boa scarf
    Sarah E. White

    An easy pattern doesn't mean it's a boring one. The stockinette stitch scarf is the perfect combination of simplicity and fashion. The stockinette stitch, also known as the stocking stitch, is a basic pattern where you knit one row, purl the next, and repeat the pattern. Patterns with this design are often used to make washcloths, basic hats, scarves, and socks.

    The fun fur that  hides stitches and mishaps, and is a great choice for beginners. Plus, the floppy, boa-like style of this scarf means you don't have to worry about the dreaded stockinette stitch curl.

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    Stockinette Stitch Washcloth

    Stockinette stitch washcloth pattern
    Sarah E. White

    Knitted washcloths and little towels are infinitely useful and great projects for beginners. They are quick to knit and look great no matter what stitch pattern is used. In these simple instructions, the knitting pattern combines the stockinette stitch and a seed stitch border to make a handy washcloth that lies flat.

    All this pattern needs is size eight needles and cotton yarn to get started. Get in the spirit of giving by pairing this washcloth with a bar of soap as a wonderful gift.

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    Broken Rib Washcloth

    Broken rib washcloth knitting pattern
    Sarah E. White

    The broken rib style is a cute and easy knitting stitch pattern that's typically used on small projects like washcloths or dishcloths. Although this pattern seems a bit more intricate than it is, it really only involves two rows. In fact, one of them is straight knitting.

    The broken rib uses one row of 1x1 ribbing followed by a purl row so that the ribbing gets broken up. Most broken rib stitches lie flat and don't pull in much elasticity.

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    Fleck Stitch Envelope Purse

    fleck stitch purse
    Sarah E. White

    Purses and bags are great projects for new knitters because they're often basic shapes that don't require a lot of knitting expertise. This little purse is practically a big rectangle that's perfect for learning mattress stitch seaming and how to make an I-cord.

    The fleck stitch only uses knit and purl stitches which adds more texture and highlights the yarn used. It typically requires four rows and multiples of two plus one for pattern repeats.

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    Ribbed Wrap

    ribbed wrap
    Sarah E. White

    Once you're comfortable working knits and purls on the same row, you can make yourself an easy and elegant ribbed wrap.

    The ribbed wrap looks like an e-wrap knit but works as a double knit. This project is simply one big rectangle and one row repeated over and over, which provides great practice for both knitting and purling. A basic cast, rib wrap stitch, and finish anchor yarn are required for this project, and the end result is a fun little shawl great for personal use or as a gift. 

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    Linen Stitch Belt

    linen stitch belt
    Sarah E. White

    A lot of new knitters stick to basic knitting stitches like garter, stockinette, and ribbing patterns. Although this linen stitch belt isn't any more challenging to make, it has a really interesting look that doesn't feel like beginner knitting.

    How the Stitch Works

    Some stitches are slipped in this stitch pattern with the yarn in front so that the yarn actually underlines the stitch, providing great texture. Because the belt is just a really long rectangle, there's little difficulty here once you get the hang of the stitch. Take on this project by learning how to make a two-color brioche scarf.

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    Flat Hat

    flat hat
    Sarah E. White

    Knitting hats can be intimidating for new knitters because they're usually worked in the round. They also require decreasing to make the crown shape. However, this pattern eliminates all of that, because it's knit flat. Flat knitting is a way to make knitted fabrics by turning the work periodically on alternating sides.

    Knitters can work on this super-fast project by simply sewing up the side and gathering one end to make the top of the hat. Funky, big, and bulky yarn can really make this project interesting.

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    Favorite Color Scarf

    A scarf of many colors
    Sarah E. White

    To make your favorite colored scarf, simply gather a bunch of colors of the same kind of yarn and add some really big needles to it.

    What's great about this project is that a super-fast scarf pattern will teach you how to deal with more than one strand of yarn at once. Here, all the threads are held together so it's not any more difficult than working with one strand. Get gorgeous results with this knitting pattern, and then move on to other projects like making a poncho.

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    Garter Stitch Bib

    garter stitch baby bib
    Sarah E. White

    New knitters can take on the project of making a baby gift that's bound to make everyone smile. This simple garter stitch bib introduces knitters to I-cord which can be both a fun and tricky skill to learn. The pattern here is frequently made sideways and can be worked flat. Knitters can also choose to add unique embroidery or buttons to it afterward.

    Once you've advanced more in your knitting, you can change up the stitch pattern that's worked on the bib to make it a little more interesting. Either way, it's a quick and easy gift any new parent will appreciate.