Easy Fundraiser and Bazaar Crafts

Great Crafts to Make and Sell

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Check out this collection of crafts you can make to sell at fundraisers, church bazaar, and other places. During the holiday season, homemade Christmas tree ornaments tend to do well at craft fairs and bazaars. Other seasonal items that might do well are holiday wreaths and handmade Christmas cards. People also like to visit craft fairs and church bazaars to try to find holiday gifts.

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    Redneck Wine Glass
    Redneck Wine Glass.

    This easy craft is sure to be a hit with people who are looking to buy unique gifts. All you need is a mason jar, a glass candle holder, and some strong glue.​

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    Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps
    Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps.

    These are fun pen and pencil decorations, especially when they are made to share a special message or a person's name.

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    Button Snowman
    Button Snowman.

    These little snowmen, made from a couple of buttons, will be treasured as pins, magnets, or ornaments.

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    Candy Kiss Rose Bud
    Candy Kiss Rose Bud.

    These inexpensive little flowers are big hits because they make great gifts no matter what time of year it is.

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    Candy Plant Craft
    Candy Plant Craft.

    Make up several pots full or sweet flowers and people will certainly gobble them up.

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    Candy Wreath Craft
    Candy Wreath Craft.

    Make several wreaths, each one featuring different kinds of wrapped candy. People won't be able to resist a wreath if it is made using their favorite sweets.

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    Christmas Spider Ornament Craft
    Christmas Spider Ornament.

    Craft these unique Christmas tree ornaments and make sure you use fancy paper to print out the story to include along with the spider.

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    Clothespin Angel

    Clothespin Angel Craft
    Clothespin Angel Craft.

    You can market these cute clothespin crafts as Christmas tree ornaments or as tiny guardian angels.

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    Cookies in a Jar
    Cookies in a Jar.

    Mix up all of these different cookie jar recipes and the use a variety of fabrics and ribbons to decorate the jars.

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    Crochet Dishcloth
    Crochet Dishcloth.

    This usually seems to be a popular item at craft bazaars, and it is a great way to use up scraps of yarn from other projects.

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    Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl
    Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl.

    Make these using a collected of different Christmas card designs or you can use cards that all feature the same design.

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    Glass Ball Snowman
    Glass Ball Snowman.

    Craft a cute snowman using a clear ornament that is filled with plastic snowflakes or tiny styrofoam balls. Paint on a face, and ​you can then dress him up using earmuffs made from pom-poms and a chenille stems and a fancy bow.

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    Hugs Box Gift Craft
    Hugs Box Gift Craft.

    The directions here will explain how to turn a wrapped, empty box into a unique gift to make and sell.

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    Pine Cone Air Freshener

    Pine Cone Air Freshener Craft
    Pine Cone Air Freshener Craft.

    People may be drawn to your booth at the bazaar simply because it will smell marvelous if you make several of these easy crafts.

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    Ribbon Wreath Craft
    Ribbon Wreath Craft.

    People will buy these to use as decorations for their own homes and also to give as gifts.

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    Snowman Candy Jar

    Snowman Candy Jar
    Snowman Candy Jar.

    Use these directions to make a jar the looks like a snowman, or modify the design for other times of the year. You can easy make this Easter bunny, a scarecrow, or anything else you fancy.

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    Warm Fuzzy Craft

    Warm Fuzzy Craft
    Warm Fuzzy Craft.

    When it comes to making items for craft sales and bazaars, small projects like these will usually sell well because people will usually buy small, inexpensive items without thinking twice.