How to Make an Easy Folded Paper Photo Frame

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    Easy Folded Paper Photo Frame

    Easy folded paper photo frame
    Kate Pullen

    This simple photo frame is made from a single square of paper. The folded paper photo frame is extremely adaptable. Use a larger or smaller piece of paper or alter the border size to vary the size of the frame. Changing the type of paper, adding other decorations and embellishments is also a great way to adapt the look of the finished frame. These photo frames make quick and easy gifts and are lightweight, meaning that they are perfect for sending through the post to go with a handmade card or could even make an interesting alternative to a normal greeting card. The photo frame will stand on its own, making it ideal for displaying on tables or desks. You can also easily adapt the design so that the frame can be hung from a wall.

    This is a good project for showing off designer or scrapbooking papers. You can also make your own unique designer papers using rubber stamps. A single sheet of square paper is all that is required. The finished frame creates a diagonal frame for the photograph. If the corners hide important details in your photo then make the photo frame larger, so the photograph sits in the middle. The paper will show behind the photograph, as in the picture above. Therefore double sided paper will be ideal or stamp plain paper with a complementary colored ink.

    Easy Folded Photo Frame Materials

    • One sheet of square paper (we used a sheet of 8 x 8" paper to make this photo frame. The finished frame size is 4" square and the photo shown is 3" square. When choosing a photograph make sure to take into account the corners which hold the picture in place).
    • Ruler, paper folder, and pencil
    • Glue or double-sided adhesive tape

    See the following pages for a step by step guide to making this easily folded paper envelope.


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    Fold the Edges of the Paper

    Fold the edges of the paper
    Kate Pullen

    Use a ruler to mark the center of the piece of paper lightly. Make a fold on each edge of the paper about 1" from the edge. Use a ruler and paper scorer to get a neat and crisp fold.

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    Fold the Corners Into the Center

    Fold the corners into the center
    Kate Pullen

    Fold three of the four corners into the center of the square. Again, use a paper scorer to get a crisp fold. If you don't have a paper scorer, try running your nails along the fold to flatten the paper neatly. Use glue or adhesive tape to hold the three corners in place.

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    Fold the Fourth Corner

    Back of photo frame
    Kate Pullen

    Fold the fourth corner into the center, however, don't glue this in place. This will form the base of the picture frame and will allow the picture frame to stand up unsupported. You are now ready to pop the photograph into the frame. See the next page for a variation idea.

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    Hanging Photo Frame

    Hanging picture frame
    Kate Pullen

    If you prefer a hanging picture frame, you could leave the fourth corner unfolded and use this to hang the photo frame. We simply added a loop at the back of this photo frame to hang it by and attached a button to the front to disguise the join.