Make an Easy Folded Paper Envelope

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    Easy DIY Folded Paper Envelope Tutorial

    Easy handmade envelope tutorial
    Easy handmade envelope tutorial. Kate Pullen

    This is a really great project for people who want to make their own envelopes but don't have a printed template at hand. This project uses a square of paper and this can be any size you wish. So using the same technique you can make large envelopes for handmade cards, medium envelopes to add to scrapbook pages and tiny envelopes to use as gift tags or even as decorations. These make great count-down or Advent calendar type decorations and also can be used as Christmas tree decorations!

    DIY folded envelopes are quick and simple to make. All that is required is a sheet of square paper. Use a piece of decorative paper, such as a sheet of scrapbooking paper, to make a striking envelope or create your own handmade designer papers using your favorite rubber stamping techniques.

    These envelopes are perfect for adding a special finishing touch to handmade cards or make smaller versions to use as gift tags. They can be used in other ways too, for instance, attach a few handmade envelopes to a piece of ribbon and hang this from a notice board as a DIY organizer, this is a great way to store important pieces of paper.

    Materials Required to Make a DIY Folded Envelope

    • A piece of square paper
    • Double sided tape
    • Ruler, pencil, scissors, bone folder (optional)


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    Fold Two Sides into the Center

    Fold Two Sides into the Center
    Fold Two Sides into the Center. Kate Pullen

    Use a ruler to draw a light line between the corners of the paper diagonally to form an X. The center of the X represents the center of the square. Fold two opposing sides into the center of the square. Use a bone folder or rub a nail along the folds to get a crisp crease.

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    Fold Bottom Point

    Fold the Bottom Point
    Fold the Bottom Point. Kate Pullen

    Fold the bottom point so that the tip is about half an inch above the center point. Use a bone folder or rub your nail along the fold to obtain a good crisp crease, this helps to give the finished envelope a professional look.

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    Finish the Envelope

    Fasten with Double Sided Tape
    Fasten with Double Sided Tape. Kate Pullen

    Fold the top point down so it overlaps the center point also by half an inch. Add two strips of double sided tape to hold the bottom flap in place. If you want to fasten the top flap in place then a coordinating sticker would make an excellent finishing touch. You can make an embellishment to fasten the envelope by cutting or punching a disc from a piece of complimentary cardstock or paper. Either use this as it is or adds a rubber stamped image or other embellishments before adhering this to the envelope using double sided tape or glue. If you are using this envelope to send through the mail then you may want to consider a more robust method of closing the envelope such as double sided tape along side each edge.