How to Make an Easy Folded Paper Envelope

DIY Envelope
Caylin Harris

Customize Your Correspondence

Completed handmade white envelope with scissors and glue gun.
Caylin Harris

While email is faster, it is much more meaningful to receive a letter in the mail the old-fashioned way. Whether a note to simply say hello, send your well-wishes, or express your sentiments, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on fancy paper stationery. It’s so easy to make your own—and it's inexpensive. You can use leftover scrapbook paper or any decorative paper you may have to create a beautiful envelope in less than 30 minutes.

Gather Your Supplies

Hot glue gun, scissors, paper, and pencil all on a table.
Caylin Harris

The beauty of this project is that you most likely have all of these supplies on hand in your own home—no need to run to the store to get all of the necessary items.

Materials You'll Need

  • Two sheets of scrapbook (decorative) paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Bone folder (if you have one; works well when creating the creases)

If you would like to create an envelope that has a coordinating lining, choose two pieces of paper that complement each other. You can make the lining a solid color or a pattern.

Arrange One Piece of Paper

Sheet of paper on a table.
Caylin Harris

Take the piece of paper you want to be the outside of the envelope, place it decorative-side down, and rotate it so that it looks like a diamond. You should begin to get the idea of what you will need to do to turn this into an envelope.

Fold in Three Corners

Fold the sheet of paper to create triangles on the side.
Caylin Harris

The next step is to fold three of the points toward the middle; the points should meet in the center of the paper and should slightly overlap. Fold in the left, right, and bottom corners of the diamond.

If you're feeling unsure, before you do a hard crease in the paper, gently bend the paper to see where the points will meet. When you're satisfied with how it looks, make a sharp, hard crease to create the edges of your envelope. You can use a bone folder to create stiff creases.

Glue Your Seams

Use hot glue gun to secure the sides of the envelope.
Caylin Harris

While you can use traditional craft clue or a glue stick, hot glue is better for this project. It dries clear, practically instantly, and holds everything exactly where it needs to be. With traditional craft glue, you run the risk of your seams popping away from one another while they're drying.

Run a line of hot glue down along the edges of the inside of the corners and press to close. If your glue gun has different heat levels, use the low setting as the high setting can discolor the paper, not to mention really burn your fingers if they happen to come in contact with it.

Add Your Insert

Completed handmade purple envelope with hot glue gun and scissors nearby.
Caylin Harris

Now that your envelope has been formed, it's time to take it to the next level by adding a pretty liner inside. Use the coordinating piece of decorative paper.

Trace the outside of your envelope onto the other piece of scrapbook paper and cut it out with your scissors. The piece should fit perfectly inside your envelope. If it seems a bit too tight, cut off some excess paper on the bottom of the insert. Once it fits well and you're satisfied with the way it looks, remove the insert, place glue on the back, and secure to the inside of the envelope.

Now your envelope is ready to pair with a card that you've made yourself or even a store-bought one that may have lost its envelope.