14 Easy DIY Trays to Try


The Merrythought 

Trays are a great multi-purpose household item. Use them to serve breakfast in bed, snacks, or to display your collectibles, jewelry, and more. Check out our 14 favorite ways to make your own tray for all your food and decor needs!

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    DIY Wooden Serving Tray

    DIY Tray
    Caylin Harris

    This chic little serving tray is made from scrap wood and hardware for an easy DIY that's also eco-friendly! Customize the project with a paint color of your choice and a pair of your favorite handles from any hardware store.

    DIY Wooden Serving Tray from The Spruce

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    DIY Breakfast in Bed Tray

    DIY Breakfast In Bed Tray
    Passion Shake

    There is no better way to start a lazy relaxing weekend at home then by breakfast in bed. To help you indulge in a big stack of pancakes and a cup of coffee this weekend in bed get ready by making this lovely breakfast tray which will make it for you to eat in bed.

    DIY Breakfast in Bed Tray from Passion Shake

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    DIY Marble And Wood Serving Tray

    DIY Marble And Wood Serving Tray
    The Merry Thought

    Combine a marble tile and small piece of wood to make your own beautiful serving tray that could also function as a cutting board, making it the perfect base for your next cheese tray.

    DIY Marble And Wood Serving Tray from The Merry Thought

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    DIY Glitter Tray

    DIY Glitter Tray
    Studio DIY

    While normally a tray would not be described as fun, this glitter tray is not only useful but fun too! Shake your own glitter tray and watch the glitter float around within the tray. Go ahead an add some sparkle to your home with this great DIY tray, you will not regret it.

    DIY Glitter Tray from Studio DIY

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    DIY Matches Vanity Tray

    DIY Matches Vanity Tray
    Design Love Fest

    Organize your vanity by beautifully gathering your jewlery and makeup on one of a kind tray.

    DIY Matches Vanity Tray from Design Love Fest

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    DIY Trinket Tray

    DIY Trinket Tray
    Sarah Hearts

    Grab some sheets of colorful tissue paper to decoupage onto an existing small tray to make the perfect place to hold your rings, keys or other odds and ends on your nightstand.

    DIY Trinket Tray from Sarah Hearts

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    DIY Marble Tray

    DIY Marble Tray
    Almost Makes Perfect

    It could not be easier to make an expensive looking serving tray for your home than this DIY project. By gluing on two kitchen cupboard handles to either side of a large marble tile you can quickly make a tray for your home.

    DIY Marble Tray from Almost Makes Perfect

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    DIY Gold Glam Tray

    DIY Gold Glam Tray
    A Bubbly Life

    Mask off lines using painter's tape and give an old tray a fresh coat of gold paint to craft your own gold glam tray to use.

    DIY Gold Glam Tray from A Bubbly Life

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    DIY Wood Burned Tray

    DIY Wood Burned Tray
    A Bubbly Life

    Personalize your bland wood tray by drawing your own unique design by burning the design, such as a heart on the tray using a wood burning tool with you and your sweetheart's name.

    DIY Wood Burned Tray from A Bubbly Life

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    DIY Recycled Cardboard Box Tray

    DIY Recycled Cardboard Box Tray
    Lilikoi Joy

    On a tight budget for decorating your new apartment? Grab one of your leftover packing boxes and transform it into a tray with a bit of decorative paper.

    DIY Recycled Cardboard Box Tray from Lilikoi Joy

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    DIY Mirrored Hexagon Tray

    DIY Mirrored Hexagon Tray
    Homey Oh My

    This super chic mirrored hexagon tray is so chic and easy to make by using a peel and stick gold mirrored sticker on a hexagon plate.

    DIY Mirrored Hexagon Tray from Homey Oh My

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    DIY Bathroom Tray

    DIY Bathroom Tray
    Sugar And Cloth

    Keep your bathroom organized by gathering together your various bathroom products such as soaps and perfumes on a DIY tray.

    DIY Bathroom Tray from Sugar And Cloth

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    DIY Air Dry Clay Platters

    DIY Air Dry Clay Platters
    DIY Air Dry Clay Platters Alice And Lois

    Give pottery a try by sculpting your own lovely air dry clay platters perfect for your kitchen.

    DIY Air Dry Clay Platters from Alice And Lois

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    DIY Wood Serving Tray With Bowl Rest

    DIY Wood Serving Tray With Bowl Rest
    DIY Wood Serving Tray With Bowl Rest Sugar And Cloth

    This DIY serving tray with convenient bowl rest to hold a small bowl in place on the tray would be a great way to stylishly serve vegetables, fruit or bread with a dip the next time you are entertaining guests at your house.

    DIY Wood Serving Tray With Bowl Rest from Sugar And Cloth