25 Easy DIY Thank You Cards

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Artifact Uprising

When it comes to showing your gratitude, there’s hardly a better option than sending a handwritten note. Why not add an additional layer of thoughtfulness by creating your thank you card from scratch? Full of charm, homemade cards also lend a touch of personality and individuality with each rendition. These DIYs are straightforward enough that beginning crafters and kids alike can start practicing the art of gratitude—from start to finish.

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    Banner Card

    Banner Card
    Little Lovelies

    Snip a few triangles from an assortment of patterned papers (or fabrics), then attach to a rustic twine to string across the face of the card. Use a marker to add a letter per triangle, or let the banner speak for itself and save your message for the inside.

    Banner Card from Little Lovelies

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    3D Unicorn Card

    Unicorn Card
    Red Ted Art

    Participate in the unicorn trend with this three-dimensional card. Using a simple circle cut-and-paste technique, the body becomes a sculptural pop-out when the card is opened. This craft is especially great for little ones practicing their cutting skills.

    3D Unicorn Card from Red Ted Art

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    Potato Stamp Turkey Card

    Potato Stamp Card
    Make and Takes

    Before you peel, boil, and mash all your potatoes this Thanksgiving, set one aside to use as a quick and easy paint stamp. Crafters can transform that blob of paint into a funny little turkey with just a couple of fingerprints and construction paper beaks.

    Potato Stamp Turkey Card from Make and Takes

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    Sticker Doodle Dot Card

    Sticker Doodle Dot Cards
    Make and Takes

    Practice patterning by filling each sticker dot with a different design! Keep things monochromatic or go for a colorful rainbow effect. These pre-sticky circles keep this craft mess-free and quick.

    Sticker Doodle Dot Card from​ Make and Takes

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    Wax Resist Card

    Wax Resist Card
    Happy Hooligans

    With a white crayon, watercolors, and a little magic, your little ones can easily create their own wax resist artwork. Especially friendly for even the smallest painters, simply write a message using wax, then paint over top to reveal. Perfect for showing a bit of extra thanks to your kid’s teacher or daycare provider.

    Wax Resist Card from Happy Hooligans

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    Fingerprint Monster Card

    Fingerprint Monster Card
    The Mad House

    Especially fun and tactile, this card design demands a bit of messy fun! Dip and print fingertips, then draw them into teeny monsters. Don’t forget to leave a couple blank for your recipients to join in on the crafty fun!

    Fingerprint Monster Card from The Mad House

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    Painter's Tape Card

    Painter's Tape Card
    Simply We

    Tape out a bold message or simple design, then paint directly on top. Peel the tape to reveal your negative space design. This one’s great for kids learning to send thank you notes for birthday presents and graduation gifts.

    Painter’s Tape Card from Simply We

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    Popsicle Card

    Popsicle Card
    New York City Family

    Looking for a perfect summertime thank you card option? Use colorful washi tape to decorate popsicle-shaped cardstock, then paste them onto wooden craft sticks for a three-dimensional effect.

    Popsicle Card from New York City Family

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    Thumbprint Balloon Card

    Thumbprint Balloon Card
    Paging Fun Mums

    A perfect option to thank a group instructor, this thumbprint card couldn’t be easier. Experiment with finger paint or ink, and have students sign their names inside for a little extra personalization.

    Thumbprint Balloon Card from Paging Fun Mums

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    Craft Stick Flower Card

    Craft Stick Card
    Growing Up Bilingual

    Break out the craft sticks and washable paint for this fun DIY card. Kids can arrange the wooden sticks into flowers (or snowflakes or stars), and then glue to some sturdy cardstock.

    Craft Stick Flower Card from Growing Up Bilingual

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    Sunshine Thank You Card

    Sunshine Card
    It Happens in a Blink

    Bring a little light to your recipient with this sunny card! Washi tape makes this design especially accessible for young crafters—no freehand straight lines needed for the sun’s rays.

    Sunshine Thank You Card from It Happens in a Blink

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    Wrapping Paper Card

    Wrapping Paper Card
    Red Ted Art

    Not only are these homemade thank-yous simple and straightforward, but they also provide another great way to recycle those wrapping paper scraps. Bonus points for matching the wrapping paper to the gift-giver!

    Wrapping Paper Card from Red Ted Art

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    Fill-in-the-Blank Card

    Fill in the Blank Cards
    It’s Always Autumn

    Perfect for the littlest gift recipients, these clever fill-in-the-blank notecards allow your child to practice demonstrating gratitude while writing just a few words at a time. These clever designs from It’s Always Autumn are free and easily downloaded and printed—no crafting required.

    Fill-in-the-Blank Card from It’s Always Autumn

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    Handprint Turkey Card

    Handprint Turkey Card
    Make and Takes

    Is there a better time of year than Thanksgiving to demonstrate appreciation for your loved ones? A riff on the traditional handprint turkey craft, these cute designs can be used for place cards or to write a sweet note thanking your dinner guests for attending. 

    Handprint Turkey Card from Make and Takes

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    Kids' Artwork Card

    Kids Artwork Card
    The Imagination Tree

    If your refrigerator is getting cluttered with your little artist’s finger paintings, try repurposing the artwork into original thank you notes. Frame squared-up bits of paintings using cardstock, then write a message on the inside. Don’t forget to attribute the artwork to your little one!

    Kids’ Artwork Card from The Imagination Tree

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    Easy Pop-up Card

    Easy Pop Up Card
    Look! We’re Learning

    Teach kids to recreate the 3D artwork of some of their favorite storybooks with this simple pop-up technique. Make the craft simpler by handling the cutting yourself, then letting kids attach stickers or drawings to do the popping.

    Easy Pop Up Card from Look! We’re Learning

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    Paint Chip Card

    Paint Chip Card

    Upcycle a few old paint chips into monochromatic, minimalist thank you notes. These look especially refined mounted on cardstock and scrawled with a fine tip paint pen.

    Paint Chip Card ​from Nutmegan821

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    Thanks a Bunch Card

    Thanks a Bunch Card
    Damask Love

    Everyone loves a good food pun, and there’s no shortage of those when it comes to thank yous. Illustrate a bunch of purple grapes for this quippy card (or bananas, flowers, or anything else that’s bundled in bunches), and add a personal message inside.

    Thanks a Bunch Card from Damask Love

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    Washi and Watercolor Card

    Washi and Watercolor Card
    The Artful Parent

    Mix patterns and colors, in the style of these happy appreciation notes, using washi tape and watercolor paint. The more chaotic the action on these, the better the result!

    Washi and Watercolor Card from The Artful Parent

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    Envelope Banner Card

    Envelope Banner Card
    Three Umbrellas

    This cute little card puts patterned paper scraps to great use! Cut out a few teeny envelopes (this step is made way easier with the help of a rubber stamp), then thread onto jute or hemp. Secure the banner to the front of your card (or to the inside for a fun surprise) with a couple of metal brads.

    Envelope Banner Card from Three Umbrellas

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    Hand Cut Out Card

    Hand Cut Out Card
    A Day in My Life

    Your little one’s hands become the template for this clever card’s front and back. Tweak the greeting to read “Thank You,” and you have a personalized, kid-centric option for a creative note of thanks.

    Hand Cut Out Card from A Day in My Life

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    Paint Scrape Card

    Paint Scrape Card
    Persia Lou

    These colorful notecards use a technique simple enough for the smallest artists. Squirt a few dots of paint on one side of the card, then pull a small piece of plastic over to create stripes (a spent gift card works great).

    Paint Scrape Card from Persia Lou

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    Felt Card

    Felt Card
    North Story

    Felt is a beginning crafter’s most forgiving medium: it doesn’t require a stitched edge, sticks easily to itself, and comes in a rainbow of fun colors. Layer shapes and letters for a lovely set of textured thank you cards.

    Felt Card from North Story

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    Easy Stitched Card

    Easy stitched card
    Today’s Creative Life

    If you have a sewing or embroidery novice at home, this is a great project to develop those needlework skills. Recycled cardboard makes a great base for yarn stitching, so put those old shipping boxes to use!

    Easy Stitch Card from Today’s Creative Life

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    Photo Card

    Photo Card
    Artifact Uprising

    Naturally, you’ll take hundreds of photos at your little one’s celebration, so why not share one special snapshot with your guests? Print onto cardstock and add your own caption before filling the interior with a note of thanks.

    Photo Card from Artifact Uprising