DIY Easy Magic Tricks That Kids Can Craft

These are creative magic tricks kids can make and perform

Create a magic day for your kids with some easy tricks that they can craft, construct and decorate. All of the easy tricks here can be made from materials found around the house or inexpensively purchased from a local dollar store.

These tricks are also perfect for kids because they are easy to learn, understand and perform. Some are close-up tricks while others can work in stand-up as well. 

In a classic magic craft activity, kids can cut, draw, paint and glue, and then conjure, cast and spell.  

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    Make Your Own Magic Set


    Wayne Kawamoto

    You can purchase a pre-made magic set at a toy store but you'll find that the kits are full of cheap plastic parts that easily break. When you craft your own magic set, you can make the props from quality materials and decorate them as you wish. 

    Let your little magician be part of the crafting process, so he has true ownership over his tricks and his props.

    The tricks on this list include some simple household items that can be used for a beginning magician's kit. Here's what you'll need to get started:

    • an empty cardboard tube
    • ribbons
    • handkerchiefs
    • construction paper
    • Scotch tape
    • a deck of cards 
    • some washers or small rings
    • coins

    You'll also need a small case or backpack where you can keep the props for easy transport. 

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    Learn How to Perform the Magic Tube

    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's a trick that's as much a craft project as it is a magic trick, and it’s particularly good for kids. You show an empty tube and then magically produce items such as ribbons or handkerchiefs. All you need for this one is some construction paper, tape, and ribbons.

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    Build and Perform the DIY Magic Box Trick


    Wayne Kawamoto 

    Make a magic box that lets the magician produce ribbons or a small handkerchief seemingly from nowhere. It's a fun construction project and the trick is easy to learn and perform. This trick is a good one for kids to perform, especially those who like to add a little dramatic flair to their repertoire. 

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    Float a Card From Hand to Hand

    The Quick Change Card.

    Wayne Kawamoto

    Baffle and dazzle your audience by making a card appear to levitate from one hand to the other. This is a trick for slightly more experienced magicians since, in addition to the crafting involved, he or she has to be mindful of lighting and distance to perform it successfully. But it's a really cool one to watch. 

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    Vanishing a Coin With Rings

    Vanishing a Coin With Rings.

    Wayne Kawamoto

    With this trick, a coin appears to vanish when stacked with rings (or another round item of your choice) 

    You'll need two rings, a playing card, and a coin. For an extra bit of dramatic flair, borrow the coin from an audience member. 

    There's some simple crafting involved to make one of the props for this trick, but it's very easy to do once you have all the pieces needed. This is another trick that's probably best suited for slightly older or more experienced kid magicians since there is a bit of preparation required to execute it correctly. 

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    The Vanishing Coin

    In this easy magic trick, the performing magician inserts a coin into a handkerchief that you're holding in your other hand and the coin mysteriously disappears. It's a startling effect that's simple to learn and perform.

    The big plus with this trick and the reason it's so good for kids is that it can be performed anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a quarter and a handkerchief. And of course, know the secret to making the trick look authentic.