10 Easy Crafts for Adults

Pineapple Cooler

Aww Sam

Although it may seem most arts and crafts projects are tailored to kids, there are plenty of chic, professional-looking homemade options for adults, too. From the truly practical to completely decorative, there is a stylish DIY project idea out there to satisfy your every whim, many of which are soothing or relaxing—perfect for taking your mind off everyday stressors. Peruse these ten ideas for 100% grown-up craft options (no crayons necessary).

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    Felt Ball Coaster

    Felt Ball Coaster

    Inspired by Charm

    The perfect option for a beginning crafter or anyone looking for a quick afternoon project, this set of lively coasters will absolutely brighten up a coffee table or desk. The best part? This craft uses cheap (or often free) cork coasters and upcycles them into whimsical accent pieces. 

    Felt Ball Coaster from Inspired by Charm


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    DIY Sandwich Board

    Sandwich Board

    Damask Love

    For those with a little more time and energy to spend, this completely DIYed wooden sandwich board is a great goal. Tailor the details to fit your aesthetic, then display your sandwich board to welcome guests to all your parties.


    Finish the wood with a weather-proof clear coat if you plan to use your sandwich board outdoors at all. 

    DIY Sandwich Board from Damask Love

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    Clay Ring Holders

    Clay Ring Holders

    A Beautiful Mess

    The conical shape of these jewelry holders makes them perfect to store and display any size of rings. Customize the finishing touches to your decor—try swirling colors or stripes instead of sprinkles for example—then display in clusters of three for the most impactful look. These little displays make great gifts, too, so create a few sets at a time to share your craft. 

    Clay Ring Holders from A Beautiful Mess

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    Village Hook Rack

    Village Hook Rack

    Sarah Hearts

    Every home needs a designated area to catch the jackets, bags, and shoes that your family sheds the moment they walk in, so why not make it look as lovely as possible? Take your cue from Sarah Hearts and design a colorful set of knobs that’ll help keep any household organized (and adorable). 

    Village Hook Rack from Sarah Hearts

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    Legged Basket Planter

    Legged Basket Planter

    Fall for DIY

    Keeping your plants off the ground or tabletop can help prevent surface warping due to drained water and will also draw the eye more toward your beautiful greenery. Create your own decorative legs from scrap wood to attach to wicker baskets, or repurpose an old piece of legged furniture or two for a mismatched, shabby-chic set of planters. 

    Legged Basket Planter from Fall for DIY

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    Ombré Letter Board

    Ombre Letter Board

    Club Crafted

    If you find yourself wanting to change your wall art often, up the ante by making one from scratch, and elevate things even higher by selecting ombré felt. Order plenty of letter board letters online to fit your board and space (most sizes are easily available), then insert a fresh message daily. 

    Ombré Letter Board from Club Crafted

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    DIY Floral Sneakers

    Floral Shoes

    Pretty Providence

    A statement shoe is absolutely timeless, and if you DIY a pair they’ll also be 100% one-of-a-kind. Try an iron-on design for a flawless, professional-looking customization. Just be sure to use a shoe with a cloth-based upper (like canvas) to ensure the iron-on adheres properly. 

    DIY Floral Sneakers from Pretty Providence

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    Hanging Shelf

    Hanging Shelf

    Alice and Lois

    This striking, simple home project is also super practical. Hang a cluster of shelves together to display a few treasured photos, tchotchkes, and succulents for a clean, modern set of wall decor.

    Hanging Shelf from Alice and Lois

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    DIY Pineapple Beverage Cooler

    Pineapple Cooler

    Aww Sam

    While a day at the beach is exciting in its own right, make it even more joyful by toting along a pineapple cooler full of cold drinks. A few clever details and a coat of spray paint transform a rectangle carry-all to a cute pineapple (without adding any extra weight), so be sure to makeover on an old cooler in time for summer because you’ll want to take it to every outdoor event.

    DIY Pineapple Beverage Cooler from Aww Sam

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    Ruffled Ribbon Picture Frame

    Ribbon Frames

    Crafts Unleashed

    Stock up on picture frames next time you’re at the resale shop or a garage sale, and refinish two or three with this simple ribbon idea. Pull a pop of color from framed artwork and match it to your ribbon, or select a more neutral hue and use them to display a couple of treasured family photos. 

    Ruffled Ribbon Picture Frame from Crafts Unleashed