Easy Count: Helpful Product for Gridding Cross Stitch Fabric

Guidelines for Gridding Cross Stitch Fabric

Photo of RS Easy Count Guideline
Guideline and Gridded Fabric. Photo © Connie G. Barwick, licensed to About.com, Inc.

What is Easy Count Guideline?:

Easy Count Guideline may seem very confusing at first but once you know the basics, it is a helpful tool for your cross stitch projects. What is Easy Count Guidelines? Easy Count Guideline is a nylon thread that assists the stitcher in locating the exact point to stitch on the fabric. When used to grid cross stitch fabric, the product forms squares that match the Cross Stitch pattern. The nylon thread is bright red, making it easily visible even as work on the project progresses. Easy Count Guideline may be used on any type of Cross Stitch fabric making it a great asset for beginning stitchers and intermediate stitchers who are learning to stitch on linen or evenweave fabrics. Even though this is the perfect technique for the novice, expert cross stitchers find it handy too. It keeps them on the right track. If the cross stitcher is learning to use linen, the technique is the best to use. It is perfect for linen fabric. 

Benefits of Using Easy Count Guideline:


  • Using Easy Count Guideline to grid your fabric lets you easily determine where you are on the pattern and the fabric. It lets you determine the exact size of the piece you will be stitching
  • There's no need to count higher than ten. This is perfect for beginners. It gives you a feel for the cross stitch pattern. 
  • Stitching progress is faster because less counting is needed and fewer mistakes impede progress.If you aren't very good at counting, this is a great way to follow a bit more mindless than other times. 
  • Concentrate on one color at a time, if desired, without running the risk of counting errors on larger patterns.

More Benefits of Using Easy Count Guideline:


  • Easy removal of Easy Count Guideline means less gridding hassle. There's no risk of splitting the Guideline with the needle when stitching.If you are used to gridding, this technique makes it easier to follow the pattern and less mistakes.
  • If vision difficulties have slowed your stitching, the Guideline makes stitching much easier and enjoyable again. This is great for older cross stitchers or those with compromised eye sight. 
  • Teach others to stitch - even a small kit will be much simpler when the fabric grid matches the kit fabric. This technique is great for teaching children of all ages to cross stitch. It is especially great for younger students who have problem counting and looking at large projects. 
  • The biggest benefit of all - It will take less time to complete projects. The product packaging claims that stitching time is reduced by one-third.This frees up your time to start other projects! How great is this for the holiday season when you are trying to do a lot of presents at one time and have a deadline to meet. This is also great for teaching a class with time constraints. 

    Tips for Using Easy Count Guideline:


    • Don't let the grids confuse you, they are there to help you. Following them is suppose to be easy. 
    • Use a regular tapestry needle when applying the Guideline to the fabric.
    • Follow the instructions included with the product or use your favorite method for creating a grid.
    • Easy Count Guideline is quite easy to remove from fabric, so stitches are not damaged. No need to worry as you stitch about splitting silk floss or thread.

    Helpful Video:

    View the Easy Count Guidline Video on You Tube Video which explains the benefits of using Easy Count Guideline for more information and for an visual explanation of gridding.

    Learn More About Easy Count Guideline:

    Visit the Easy Count Guideline Homepage for more information about the product and to buy it direct.