Sewing a Joyous Celebration

An Easy Star Quilt Pattern

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    Make A Joyous Celebration Quilt

    Star Quilt Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    Star Quilt Pattern

    This star quilt features a Christmas theme, but it's easy to vary the fabrics to make it suit your own needs.

    The light fabric that's used as a background for the star quilt blocks blends with the pictorial fabric placed inside the snowball blocks, giving the snowballs an on-point appearance even though they're sewn side by side in an easy straight setting.

    The finished Star and Snowball quilt blocks are 4" square, and the finished quilt size is 29-1/2" square. 

    Quilting Fabrics for Star Quilt Blocks

    • Dark star points, 1/4 yard
    • Block centers, 1/8 yard
    • Light background, 1/4 yard

    Quilting Fabrics for Snowball Quilt Blocks

    • Block centers, 3/8 yard
    • Corners, 1/8 yard

    Quilt Borders

    • Inner, 1/8 yard
    • Outer, 5/8 yard


    • Backing, 1 yard to make a 34" square backing (or as needed for the type of quilting planned)
    • Batting, same as backing
    • About 130" running inches of continuous doublefold binding

    Cutting Chart

    13 Star blocks

    • Star centers, cut thirteen 2-1/2" squares
    • Background corners, cut fifty-two 1-1/2" squares
    • Make 104 half square triangle units using the method of your choice (or see page 2). The finished size is 1" x 1".

    12 Snowball Blocks

    • Centers, cut twelve 4-1/2" squares
    • Corners, cut forty-eight 1-1/2" squares

    Inner Border

    • Cut four 1-1/2" x 42" crosswise grain strips

    Outer Borders

    • Cut four 4" x 42" crosswise grain strips
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    Make the Star Quilt Blocks for the Little Quilt

    Assembling the Star Blocks
    © Janet Wickell

    Make the Half Square Triangle Units

    You'll need a total of 104 half square triangle units—to make them combine the dark star tips fabric with the star background fabric. Use any method you are comfortable with to create triangle squares with a finished size of 1" x 1".

    Three construction possibilities:

    Use any technique you wish, as long as half-square triangle units measure 1-1/2" square before sewing them to their neighbors (their unfinished size). Press the seam allowances in half of the units toward the dark fabric and half toward the light fabric. Keep the two groups separate.

    To make sure you have more than enough material, cut oversized units and then trim them back to the correct unfinished size before assembling the quilt blocks. It's an extra step but increases accuracy. Refer to these trim back instructions for more details.

    Sew the Patchwork Star Quilt Blocks

    1. Match a half square triangle with the seam pressed toward the dark fabric with another that's seam is pressed toward the light half. Sew together to create Diagram A above. Opposing seams should butt into each other to help you achieve a perfect match.
    2. Press the new seam allowance to one side. Repeat with all remaining half-square triangle units to make 52 rectangular units.
    3. Position four rectangular units, four square block corners, and one of the star centers into three rows as shown in Diagram B above. Sew the components of each row together. Press seams away from the rectangular units.
    4. Sew the rows together, taking care to match edges and seam intersections. Press the star block. The finished star block should look like Diagram C.
    5. Repeat to make a total of 13-star quilt blocks.
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    Make Snowball Quilt Blocks for Your Star Quilt

    Snowball Quilt Block
    © Janet Wickell

    Sew the Snowball Blocks

    1. Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner on the reverse side of each Snowball tip square. The lines will remain in the quilt, so use a marker that will not bleed with dampness. Pencil or chalk are both good choices. See Diagram A.
    2. Align a marked corner square with a large Snowball center square, right sides together and edges matched. Sew the two together along the marked diagonal line. See Diagram B.
    3. Trim away excess fabric at the Snowball block corner, leaving an approximate 1/4" seam allowance. See Diagram C.
    4. Repeat, sewing a square to the remaining three corners of the Snowball block. Press seam allowances outward at the corners to complete the block. Press carefully to avoid stretching the corners out of shape. Diagram C.
      • Some quilters do not trim the tips at all. Leaving them intact puts an extra layer of fabric under block corners, but seems to add some stability, so try it both ways to see which method you prefer.
    5. Repeat to make a total of 12 Snowball quilt blocks.
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    Assemble the Joyous Celebration Star Quilt

    Easy Patchwork Star Quilt Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    Assemble the Quilt Top

    1. Lay out your star quilt by alternating star blocks and snowball blocks, placing them into five rows as shown.
    2. Sew the blocks in each row together, matching seam intersections carefully and using straight pins to keep fabrics from shifting. The "V" between each set of Star points should intersect and become a continuation of the diagonal seam in adjacent snowball blocks, making the snowballs appear to be set on-point. Press seams toward the Snowball blocks.
    3. Sew rows together, butting seams and matching all intersections carefully. Press the quilt top.
    4. Cut and add straight sewn borders from your border fabric, sewing the inner border first and then add the wider, outer border.
    5. Press.

    Finish the Star Quilt

    1. Mark the top for quilting if necessary.
    2. Sandwich the quilt with batting and backing. Baste and hand or machine quilt.
    3. Sew doublefold binding around the edges of the quilt.