Easy Brick Stitch Bracelet

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    Learn Brick Stitch

    Brick Stitch Bead bracelet
    Brick stitch bead bracelet. Lisa Yang

    This bracelet project is a great way to learn how to do brick stitch. Brick stitch is also known as Cheyenne stich or Comanche stitch. Brick stitch is a good name for it, though, since the beads stack in a way that is similar to the way bricks are stacked in a wall.

    Follow these instructions to make a brick stitch chain two beads wide.  The bracelet comes together very quickly which make it perfect for beginners to learn brick stitch.  The last slide also shows a nice variation of the bracelet made with size 8 beads and cube beads with an easy to make wire heart clasp.


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    Brick Stitch Bracelet Materials

    Brick Stitch Bracelet DIY
    Materials to make a brick stitch bracelet. Lisa Yang

     The brick stitch bracelet uses the following materials: 

    • size 6 Seed Beads (also known as E beads)
    • Beading thread such as Wildfire or Fireline
    • Beading Needle
    • Jump Rings and a Clasp
    • Thread burner or sharp thread scissors

    This brick stitch bracelet project can be made with almost any type of beads.  

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    Make a Ladder Stitch

    Brick Stitch Bracelet Step by Step
    Make a ladder stitch by stitching through the first bead. Lisa Yang

     To make a base row for the brick stitch, use ladder stitch to join two beads together. Ladder stitch joins two beads with a circle of thread.

    Pick up two size 6 beads and a jump ring. Stitch through the first bead in the same direction. This completes the ladder stitch. Go through the jump ring and beads one or two more times to make sure the beads are secure.  The jump ring will be used to attach the clasp later.

    The thread tail should be coming out the bottom of a bead and the working thread coming out the top of the bead. 

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    Starting Brick Stitch

    Brick Stitch: stitch through thread bridge of prior row
    Brick Stitch: stitch through thread bridge. Lisa Yang

    To make the first brick stitch, pick up two beads and slide them down to the base row.  Insert your needle under the bridge between the two beads in the base row from the back side of the work to the front side as shown in the picture.

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    Stitching Under the Thread Bridge

    Completing the brick stitch
    Stitch through bead from bottom to top to secure. Lisa Yang

    Push the two beads against the first row so the beads lay flat on top. Stitch up through the second bead you just added and pull the thread tight. Tighten the stitch by gently pulling the tail and working thread and push the beads together. 

    To make another stitch, pick up two more beads, slide them down to the row, stitch under the thread bridge and up through the second bead again.

    Continue adding two beads at a time, stitching under the thread bridge and through the last bead added on the row until your chain is long enough. I made my chain just under 7 inches, so it will make a bracelet 7 ½ inches long once I’ve added a clasp.

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    Tying Off the Thread.

    Several rows of completed brick stitch chain
    Several rows of completed brick stitch chain. Lisa Yang

    When you get to the last row, pick up one bead, a jump ring and the second bead and stitch as usual.  You can go back through the last two beads using ladder stitch to make sure the jump ring is secure.

    I like to add jump rings to attach a clasp while I am weaving the first and last row of the project. It is easier and I don't have to worry about splitting or stretching the thread when I add the clasp.  To finish your bracelet, add the clasp of your choice to the jump rings.

    To tie off the thread, stitch back through a bead or two in the chain and tie several half hitch knots around one of the base threads going through the beads.  Do this at least two or three times, weaving towards the center of the project.  When it is secure, use a thread burner or sewing scissors to trim the thread as close to the project as possible.

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    Brick Stitch Bracelet Tips

    Brick Stitch Bead bracelet
    Brick stitch bead bracelet. Lisa Yang

    A few tips:

    Use two colors:  This chain pattern is very easy to learn with two different colors of the same type of bead like you see in the pictures of this project.  It helps you memorize the stringing pattern and thread path.

    • After the ladder stitch row, pick up one bronze bead and one silver bead for each row, stitch through the bridge and up through the second (silver) bead.

    If you go through the wrong bead after stitching under the thread bridge (i.e. the first bead instead of the second one), your beadwork will start to twist.  If you notice that happening, go back and remove stitches to the point that it starts to turn.

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    Brick Stitch Bracelet Variation

    Brick stitch bracelet with handmade heart clasp
    Brick stitch bracelet with handmade heart clasp. Lisa Yang

    This bracelet is a variation of the two bead brick stitch that uses Miyuki 8/0 beads and Miyuki 1.8mm cube beads. 

    To make this bracelet, thread two Miyuki 8/0 seed beads and a jump ring and join them using ladder stitch.  Repeat the ladder stitch two or three times to reinforce the first and last rows where you will be adding the clasp.

    String two Miyuki 1.8 mm cube beads and push them down to the first row of beads. Make a brick stitch to keep the beads in place. Repeat this pattern of stringing two beads and attaching them with brick stitch until the bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist.  Don't forget to make allowance for the size of the clasp.  

    Finish the bracelet by adding a jump ring or clasp to the last row and reinforcing it with ladder stitch.  

    Handmade Wire Heart Clasp

    This brick stitch bracelet includes one of my favorite wire work projects - a handmade wire heart clasp. You can make the clasp following the free tutorial at the link.  

    I made a slight change to the heart clasp design for this bracelet. Rather than connecting the clasp using the loop at the bottom of the heart, I threaded it on the jump ring and then made the loop to lock the clasp in place.  This makes the heart sit straight on your wrist, rather than at an angle like it does in my wire infinity link chain bracelet project.  The heart clasp is made with 18 gauge copper wire.  After the wire shape is formed, it is lightly hammered to work harden the metal and make the clasp hold shape better.

    To make the copper wire dark, liver of sulfur gel was painted on and then rinsed off after the color developed to the desired shade.  Then the clasp is rinsed and buffed with fine grade steel wool to give it a slight shine.

    Whether it sits on the top or bottom of the bracelet, straight or crooked, the heart clasp adds an additional handmade touch to your brick stitch beaded bracelet.