9 Easy Beaded Earring Projects to Make

Pearl beads on handmade Spiral Headpins
DIY Spiral headpins look great with bead dangles added. Lisa Yang

Whether you need to make a quick gift, are making earrings for a craft show, or just want to start a handmade earring project that you can finish in an evening, keep this list handy. These easy beaded earring designs use a variety of off-loom​ bead weaving stitches and basic wire wrap skills. Not only can this list help you out with a last-minute gift, but it's also a great go-to when you want to learn or practice a new beadwork or jewelry making technique.

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    Brick Stitch Tassel Earrings

    Chan Luu Style brick stitch bead earrings
    Brick Stitch and chain earrings. Lisa Yang

    This twist on classic brick stitch earrings makes it more contemporary and much faster to make!  Substitute the beaded tassels with cut pieces of chain and your earrings will shine while they swing and be just a little faster to make.

    The top portion of the earrings is standard brick stitch with a decrease to make the familiar triangle shape.  Using a larger bead for this portion will also cut your bead stitching time.

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    Peyote Tube Bead Earrings

    Spiral Tube Bead Earring Tutorial
    Peyote spiral tube bead earrings. Lisa Yang

    Peyote tube beads may look complicated, but they are made with a swatch of flat peyote with the ends woven (or zipped) together. Using even count peyote will make the project even faster!

    Peyote tube beads are a great way to use leftover beads and the skies the limit when it comes to patterns. You'll be amazed at how many different patterns you can come up with for these little beads. If you find yourself with a lack of inspiration for patterns, there's an entire book filled with tube bead patterns and jewelry made with them.

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    Circular Brick Stitch Earrings

    Brick Stitch Component Earrings
    Completed earrings with circular brick stitch components. Lisa Yang

    Circular brick stitch is a fast and fun way to make beaded earrings. You can bead a circle around a bead, bead around a drop bead, or bead around a wire ring — all using the same stitch! 

    One of the best things is you can make components anytime you have some spare time and connect them later to make finished jewelry. Elaborate results that are easily achieved with little portions of beading time.

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    Gemstone Wrapped Hoops

    wire wrapped bead hoop earrings tutorial
    Turquoise and carnelian wire wrapped beaded hoops. Lisa Yang

    Dressing up store-bought hoops with your own beads is a great time-saver and way to add variety to your jewelry making. Round gemstone beads look great attached to the outside edge of hoops with craft wire. With a little bit of practice, your earrings will rival ones sold in upscale boutiques. Round crystal beads are another great choice to add to hoop earrings.

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    Seed Bead Wrapped Hoops

    Confetti Bead Earrings
    Confetti bead hoop earrings made by wrapping beads on wire around the hoop. Lisa Yang

    The same store-bought hoops used for the gemstone wrapped hoops will take on an entirely different look when you substitute seed beads for the gemstone beads and wrap them all the way around the hoop wire instead of just the outside. Using a bead spinner to add the beads to the wire will make your hoop earrings come together even more quickly.

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    Fast Tassel Earrings

    Purple tassel
    Purple tassel with faceted stone decoration. Lisa Yang

    Tassels are in style no matter what the material – and these cord tassels give you total design freedom with instant gratification. The only drawback to using the cord for tassels is that you need to take special care not to get them wet.

    If you're worried about the special care of cord tassel jewelry, you can always make tassels with pieces of chain and beads or make seed bead tassel earrings, and be assured the earrings will last even if they accidentally get wet.

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    Wire Wrapped Loop Dangle Earrings

    Double Wrapped Wire Loop Tutorial
    Tourmaline gemston earrings with wire leaves that use double wrapped loop connectors. Lisa Yang

    Long or short, with skull beads or pearls, earrings assembled with rosary style simple wire loops or wire wrapped loops are a great way to show off a row of special beads. 

    Make your own dangles with wire like the wire leaves in this picture or add one special drop bead at the end. Anything goes with these always in style earrings.

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    DIY Headpin Earrings

    Pearl beads on handmade Spiral Headpins
    DIY Spiral headpins look great with bead dangles added. Lisa Yang

    Headpin earrings are a great way to highlight a special bead, but you can step up ho-hum headpins by making your own headpins from a wire. A simple twist on headpins is to add a small spiral to the end and hammer it lightly to harden the wire. Add a beaded dangle (or several!) for extra movement and sparkle.

    Once you've learned to make the spiral headpins, experiments with other shapes - loops, swirls, triangles, and diamonds are a few that come to mind.

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    Crystal and Bead Hoops

    Beaded Hoop Earring Design
    Bead dazzling hoop earrings in silver with crystal beads and gold with blue beads. Lisa Yang

     More wire bending fun is in store with these simple wire beaded loops.  All it takes is a round mandrel to bend the wire loop around and some special beads to thread on the hoop.  Choose crystal beads to make a sparkling statement.  Then, join the ends of the wire hoop with a jump ring and add ear wires.