31 Easy DIY Projects to Transform Your Bathroom

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    Easy and Creative DIY Decor Projects for Your Bathroom

    Bathrooms can be a nightmare to renovate since there's so much that can go wrong and so many ways project costs can skyrocket. However, there are ways to make a bathroom more appealing without requiring the kind of work requiring demolition or changing the entire layout. 

    These DIY bathroom decor ideas and simple makeover projects can help you make the most of your space in as little as a couple of hours. 

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    Make Your Toilet Paper Roll Stand Out

    Who says toilet paper has to be boring? Upgrade your toilet paper holder by creating one of your own that has a more contemporary look. And it can become a true conversation piece if you add some funky toilet paper. This is a perfect addition to a guest bath that isn't used as often.

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    Embellish a Shower Curtain with Macrame

    Macrame projects are trending right now, but we don't expect them to go out of fashion any time soon. This shower curtain project is whimsical and romantic and will add a custom touch to your bathroom without a ton of effort. 

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    Craft a DIY Tissue Box Using Birch Plywood

    Tissues are bathroom essentials that usually stay in their unattractive cardboard boxes. To make the tissues seem more like a piece of bathroom decor, invest around $3 and use some birch plywood to make a more permanent tissue box. You can either stain or paint the wood or leave it natural.

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    Use Cedar Strips to Make a Bath Mat

    Using woods like cedar and bamboo in the bathroom will instantly make your space feel more like a spa. Making this cedar bath mat will let you feel as you're stepping in and out of a sauna every time you take a shower. 

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    Use Upside-Down Brackets for Shelves

    Bathroom shelving is a great way to keep bathroom essentials on hand, and it's a great place to practice some style creativity. This project is especially fun because it inverts the way the shelf brackets are hung and creates shelving that is much more interesting. Brackets mounted this way will also keep objects from sliding off. 

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    Use Scrap Wood for a Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

    When the bathroom is small, every square inch of shelf space is important. Add an extra surface for bathroom decor and essentials by utilizing the space above your toilet paper. All you need to complete this project is some scrap wood, a couple of metal angle brackets, and a toilet paper holder. 

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    Create a More Relaxing Tub With a Bathtub Caddy

    If your bathroom has a standalone tub, improve the bathing experience by adding a reclaimed wood bath caddy into the mix. Be sure to stage the caddy with everything you need to maximize relaxation, such as candles, a book, luxurious soaps, and perhaps a glass of wine.

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    Tile a Mosaic Bathroom Mirror

    If you want to create a coastal-inspired bathroom, this mosaic tile mirror frame will add just the right amount of shine and color while saving you money in the process. Take some time to pick out a mosaic tile that is easy to work with and will complement the decor.

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    Hang Reclaimed Shelves From Rope

    This shelving project has both a bohemian and coastal feel, allowing it to work well with either design aesthetic. The rope has a very nautical feel, reinforced by wall hooks that look like mini dock cleats. Make sure to anchor the shelves to the wall rather than depending entirely on the rope for strength.

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    Design a Sign for the Bathroom Door

    This charming bathroom door sign provides a clever way to identify the bathroom for guests. Want to make this project even less expensive? Pick up an inexpensive hanging sign from the Dollar Store and paint over it.

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    DIY Your Own Toiletry Bottles

    The best-styled bathrooms always have nice-looking toiletries in uniform containers. Expensive products may already have better packaging that looks appealing. But for economy products, it's easy enough to create your own containers in pretty amber bottles to get a high-end look.

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    Store Your Toilet Paper in Style

    If you're tight on space, you may not have enough storage for toilet paper inside the bathroom. This clever and attractive solution solves the storage problem and lets you keep a couple of extra rolls on hand. You can leave it leave out on the floor or place it on a shelf.

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    Build a Tray for the Bathroom Vanity

    If you have a large bathroom cabinet that also doubles as a vanity, consider building a tray to house some personal items. Using a tray makes the space appear less cluttered and more styled. 

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    Embroider a Shower Curtain for Added Style

    If you're having a hard time finding a unique shower curtain to fit in with your bathroom, consider making your own. Though this DIY bathroom decor may take longer than other projects, the results are totally worth it.

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    Create a Reminder Sign

    Sometimes bathroom decor can be quite literal, such as this sign that reminds people to flush after using the toilet. Your sign could say anything bathroom-related, such as "wash" or "brush." 

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    Recreate a Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror

    Builder-grade bathroom mirrors are boring and leave little to the imagination. Add some character to any bathroom mirror by framing it out in some reclaimed wood. If your style is more modern, use sleek white trim instead. The thicker you can make the frame, the better.

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    Fashion a Wood Valance for the Tub

    Add some character to a bathroom by framing a claw foot tub with a reclaimed wood valance. If you have a tub and shower combo, position the valance in front of the shower curtain to infuse some farmhouse style into the room. 

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    Use Decorative Ribbon to Make a Shower Curtain

    Here is another shower curtain project that is simple yet provides a notable upgrade from many of the shower curtains on the market. Find a thick ribbon that is in keeping with your style, such as the Greek key design chosen by this DIYer. Adhere the ribbon to the edges and opt for two curtains to make them feel more luxurious.

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    Paint Bathroom Cabinets the Right Way

    One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to completely change the look of your bathroom is to paint your bathroom cabinets. Take the time to learn how to do it right, or you risk the cabinet looking worse than when you started. 

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    Paint Your Bathroom Counters

    Struggling with old laminate countertops in your bathroom? Learn how to hide stained, chipped, or ugly bathroom countertops with a coat of paint that will leave them glossy and durable. 

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    Concoct Your Own Hand Soap

    When you create your own hand soap, all the creative control is in your hands—you can choose the fragrance, bottle, and even the label. This project will certainly add some sophistication to your bathroom.  

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    Build a Floating Ladder Shelf

    Using ladders for towel storage has become very popular in recent years, but what if you don't have any extra floor space for a ladder? Simple—just build one to hang on the wall. This project combines ladders and hanging shelves, both of which are consistent with current bathroom design trends. 

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    Repurpose an Old Window as a Bathroom Cabinet

    When there's no medicine cabinet in the bathroom, storage solutions for small items can be difficult. Old windows are easy to find and inexpensive. With a little patience, an old window can be transformed into one of the most functional pieces in a bathroom.  

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    Turn a Builder Grade Tub Into a Custom Tub

    To make your bathroom like it's just been renovated but without the effort, try this project. Adding some wood panels can make even the dingiest tub feel like a custom built in. 

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    Place a Shelf in Front of a Mirror

    This sunrise mirror is a clever way to add more surface area when space is limited and there's no room for a medicine cabinet. It also adds a ton of visual interest to an otherwise boring mirror. When hanging the shelf, be sure the placement isn't so high that it cuts into your sight line. You can keep your toothbrushes on the shelf, or keep it clean and include a plant or two.

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    Make an Eclectic Towel Rack

    There are a ton of towel racks on the market, but none will be as one-of-a-kind as the one you make yourself. For a more eclectic look, use a variety of hook styles on reclaimed wood.  

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    Turn an Old Sauce Pot Into a Basket

    Head to the thrift store and pick up the most used, worn out sauce pot you can find. Next, grab some sisal strand rope and get wrapping. You'll be amazed at the transformation. To use this basket in a bathroom, roll up some washcloths or store items such as toilet paper inside.

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    Use a Mason Jar for a Soap Pump

    If you buy your hand soap in bulk, it makes sense to have a reusable glass soap dispenser. Mason jars are durable enough for the task and will add some farmhouse style to your bathroom.

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    Build a Bathroom Vanity From Scratch

    Bathroom vanities and cabinets can be very expensive features of a bathroom. Careful research may provide you with plans for building your own at a fraction of the cost.

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    Transform a Builder-Grade Light Fixture

    You don't have to be stuck with an ugly bathroom light fixture. This easily attainable transformation is almost too good to believe. This makeover uses paint and new Edison style bulbs to completely change the look of a builder-grade light fixture. 

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    Keep the Bathroom Smelling Good With DIY Candles

    Most DIY bathroom decor ideas focused on the visual, but what about our sense of smell? Bathrooms are breeding grounds for offensive odors, so it's important to keep them in check with regular cleanings and perhaps a candle or two. For the evenings, pick scents that are relaxing; use energizing scents throughout the day.