Easter Crosswords, Word Searches and Puzzles for Kids

Great Kid-Friendly Easter Fun to Play Online or Print

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Kids can learn new Easter vocabulary and practice their spelling with these easy to challenging word search games with a Pascal theme. Parents and educators interested in the religious aspects of the holiday can find related resources at bible word search puzzles for kids.

Easter Word Search Printables

For offline solving, we have a selection of print-friendly Easter worksheets. The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging.

  • Easter Word Search - Seven Easter words need to be found in this cute little puzzle.
  • Easter Word Search - Ten themed entries appear in an egg-shaped grid in this easy Easter word search printable.
  • Easter Word Hunt - This very easy word search game features 12 themed entries in a very small grid of letters.
  • Easter Word Search Puzzles - Here, you'll find four-word search games with an Easter theme. You can choose between a secular or religious version of the puzzle. There's an easy, six-word game or a more challenging game consisting of 18 or 20 words. The puzzle is available in either B&W or color. Solution provided.
  • Squigly's Easter Word Search - 19 hidden words pertaining to the religious aspect of the Easter holiday need finding in this word game of medium difficulty.
  • Easter Word Search - 20 words celebrating Easter are featured in this word search game.
  • Easter Basket Word Search - This game features 20 words naming tasty treats the Easter Bunny may bring.

Easter Word Search Games Online

These themed word games can be played right on your computer.

These easy to challenging crossword games are a great way for children and second language learners to learn and practice new Easter vocabulary.

Printable Easter Crossword Puzzles

Here's a selection of free crossword games to print and solve in the classroom, at Sunday School class, or on the kitchen table.

  • Easter Crossword Puzzle - Nine Easter-related words are featured in this freeform crossword puzzle. Solution provided.
  • Easter Crossword Puzzles - Here's an easy crossword puzzle featuring eleven themed entries. The picture version of the puzzle is excellent for preschoolers and children who are just learning to read and write. Older children can use the verbal clues to solve the puzzle. The puzzles are available in B&W and color. Solution provided.
  • Easter Crossword Puzzle for Kids - This 14-word crossword puzzle uses short words and long clues.
  • Easter Middies Crossword - For middle school students, a 21-word crossword worksheet featuring both religious and secular aspects of the holiday. Solution provided.

Printable Easter Jigsaw Puzzles

Piecing together jigsaw puzzles is an excellent way for children to practice problem-solving skills as well as develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. The links below will point you to dozens of free jigsaw games to play online or print. These games all feature Easter favorites such as the Easter Bunny, Easter baskets, colorful Easter eggs and more.

  • Easter Printable Jigsaw Puzzles - Here, you'll find four jigsaw puzzle templates to print and cut out. The featured themes are: the Easter Bunny, an Easter basket, Jesus' Crucifixion and Jesus' Resurrection. These puzzles are available in either B&W or color.​
  • Easter Printable Jigsaw Puzzles - Nine print-friendly jigsaw games can be found here as well as various cutting guides to create your own custom jigsaw game.

Easter Jigsaw Puzzles to Play Online

Here are some of my favorite Easter jigsaw games for children. These puzzles will open in a new browser window or tab. When the new window has opened and you want more space for solving, look just above the puzzle window and click "Turn off this Top Frame" for a larger work area. When done, close the window to return to this page. Happy puzzling!

I much prefer the three-dimensional puzzle pieces of these puzzles to the two-dimensional games found at most other free jigsaw puzzle sites. Anyone can make their own jigsaw puzzles to share with family and friends. 

  • Easter Jigsaw Puzzles - Five Easter-themed jigsaw puzzles for your puzzling pleasure: three Jigzone 48-piece classics and two very easy 12-piece Plutonium puzzles.​
  • Easter Jigsaw Puzzles - From the Jigzone Gallery, several online games featuring Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, spring chicks and other symbols of the holiday.​
  • Squigly's Easter Jigsaw Puzzles - Half a dozen Easter-themed jigsaws of varying difficulty levels.​

Easter-Themed Printable Spot the Difference Puzzles

Young children who haven't yet learned to read can also benefit from puzzle solving. These free hidden picture and spot the difference puzzles are a great way for kids to develop their observation skills. Often found in magazines for young readers, these visual puzzles are a good tool to help children develop patience and attentiveness.

    Easter Spot the Difference Puzzles to Play Online

    For those who prefer solving spot the difference games on their computer, we have a couple of Easter games to play online.

    Easter Hidden Picture Printables

    Kids can test their observation skills with these free hidden picture games featuring images related to the Easter celebration.

    Easter Dot-to-Dot Games

    Young children can learn and practice their numbers with these free Easter Connect-the-Dot Games. Enjoy these easy counting games featuring eggs, chicks, rabbits and other symbols of Easter.

    Easter Maze Puzzles

    Print out these free Easter Maze Puzzles for a fun offline activity. These themed tour puzzles feature seasonal favorites such as the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and other symbols of Easter.

    Themed memory games to play on your computer as well as counting and word games to print and solve.

    Easter Word Scrambles and Memory Games

    • Easter Anagrams - Unscramble the letters to come up with a word or phrase having to do with Easter.
    • Easter Word Scrambles - On this page, you'll find two sets of scrambled word puzzles. Once you've unscrambled the letters, use the circled letters to figure out the hidden word. Print.
    • Easter Word Unscramble - 15 Easter words need unscrambling in this print-friendly anagram game.
    • Easter Concentration Memory Game - A multi-player version of the classic memory game to play on your computer.
    • Easter Hangman - A fun online Hangman game which uses words from the story of Christ's resurrection.

    Easter Logic Puzzles and Cryptogram Games

    Print out these puzzles for more puzzle fun.