Easter Sayings, Sentiments, Poems and Quotations for Cards

Easter Sayings and Sentiments for Handmade Cards and Scrapbook Pages

Easter postcard with rabbits, 1906
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Finding perfect Easter card sayings and sentiments can make all the difference and make an Easter card that little bit extra special. If you have a favorite Easter poem, saying or sentiment, you are very welcome to share this using the button at the bottom of this article.

Easter means different things to different people and as such, there are a wide variety of Easter card styles. Easter cards can be reflective, full of religious meaning or simply a fun way to tell someone that they are in your thoughts during this spring celebration. The style of the card will dictate the type of saying or sentiment to include.

Matching the Easter sentiment or saying to a handmade card is very important. An amusing or funny saying may look incongruous on a classic or traditional religious Easter card, whereas it would be totally appropriate for a cute or light-hearted design.

Tip – Why not use a sentiment or saying as the inspiration for the design of the card. While this may seem 'back-to-front' it can be an effective way of perfectly matching a sentiment to a card design.

Finding Easter Card Sayings and Sentiments

There are many different types of Easter card sayings. Some of the most effective are general Thinking of You and Best Wishes type sentiments that are suitable for many different styles of card. Here are some more specific ideas:

Religious Sentiments for Easter Cards

  • A range of quotations suitable for Easter cards
  • Quotations from the bible that are suitable for handmade cards
  • Quotations – a range of quotations from the bible

Quotations for Easter Cards

Quotations can be amusing or thought provoking. There is a wide range of quotations that are suitable for use in Easter cards. Quotations suitable for Easter cards includes:

  • Quote Garden – a range of quotations suitable for all styles of Easter cards
  • Cards – different Easter quotations
  • Brainy Quote – a range of Easter themed quotations
  • Finest Quotes – short quotations that are ideal for Easter cards

Easter Jokes

Add a humorous touch to Easter cards by adding a joke or two. This can be a great way to add a finishing touch to an amusing or cute Easter card design. Sites that have a good selection of Easter jokes include:

  • Activity Village – lots of jokes suitable for children
  • Happy Easter – range of jokes mostly at the expense of the Easter bunny
  • Easter Humor – these jokes include some that are PG rated (clearly indicated)

Poems for Easter Cards

A short poem can be added to the front of an Easter card as part of the design or added to the inside as a greeting. Easter poems include:

  • Verses 4 Cards – a range of Easter poems suitable for cards of all styles
  • Poem Souce – these religious poems are free for use on personal greeting cards, provided that the author's name (Joanna Fuchs or Karl Fuchs) and the web address appears somewhere on the card
  • Can Teach – Easter poems, many of which are perfect for children
  • Holiday Spot – a selection of poems suitable for all types of card
  • Poems for Free – free poems for non-commercial use
  • Alphabet Soup – lots of 'bunny' themed poems that are ideal for children
  • Apples 4 the Teacher – Christian poems for children but could also be used for cards for adults

How to Add a Sentiment or Saying to an Easter Card

Adding a sentiment or saying to an Easter card is an important part of the design. If the words are to appear on the front of the card, then it is essential that they complement the overall feel of the card. Here are some ways to add sentiments and sayings to an Easter Card:

  • Sentiment Stamps – if you are lucky enough to have the perfect Easter sentiment stamp then it is simple to stamp a sentiment onto a card. Experienced stampers can stamp directly onto the card itself. Newer stampers, however, or people who worry about a stamping 'wobble' spoiling their card, may wish to stamp onto a piece of paper or cardstock and add this to the card. Tip – draw a border around the sentiment or color the edges using a complementary colored pen or ink pad to draw the sentiment into the main card design. This will stop it from looking as though it has been simply stuck on as an afterthought.
  • Alphabet Stampsalphabet stamps are a good fall back for the times when the perfect sentiment stamp remains elusive. As this entails stamping each individual letter separately, beginner stampers or stampers in a hurry may want to opt for short sentiments. Tip – stamp onto scrap paper first to see how much room a stamped sentiment will take. If you need to split the sentiment over multiple lines of text, experiment to see how different configurations will look.
  • Printed Text – adding printed text to a rubber stamping project can often be a good alternative, particularly when time is short and the right sentiment stamps are not to hand. There are many fonts that are suitable for Easter cards. Again, match the style of font to the design of the card.
  • Handwriting – many people are concerned at the thought of handwriting sentiments or sayings on cards, worrying that bad handwriting may detract from the beauty of a handmade card. This is usually far from the truth, however, as a handwritten sentiment adds a special touch that makes the card even more unique.