Fun Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

Easter crafts
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If you are searching for easy Easter crafts for preschoolers, check out this list of craft projects. While your preschooler should enjoy making all of these Easter crafts, many of these would also work well for toddlers and other ages. Enjoy these crafts, and then you can explore even more crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

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    Bowl Easter Bonnet

    Bowl Easter Bonnet
    Bowl Easter Bonnet.
    Let your preschooler or toddler create their own Easter bonnet using a variety of craft supplies.
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    Bunny Easter Basket
    Bunny Easter Basket.
    Show your preschooler how to fold a paper plate in half to form the body of this bunny, then help them cut out and glue on all of the details.
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    CD Bunny Craft
    CD Bunny Craft.
    Learn how easy it is easy to transform an unwanted CD into an adorable bunny. Just follow these simple directions.
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    Chocolate Easter Bunny
    Chocolate Easter Bunny.
    Teach your preschooler how they can create a fun bunny picture by fingerprinting with chocolate pudding.
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    Marbled Easter Egg Picture
    Marbled Easter Egg Picture.
    Use a few drops of paint and a marble to create a fun Easter egg picture.
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    Lamb's Face Craft

    Lamb's Face Craft
    Lamb's Face Craft.
    While your little one might need some help making and attaching the facial features of this lamb, they will thoroughly enjoy gluing on all of the cotton balls.
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    Handprint Lamb Craft

    Handprint Lamb Craft
    Handprint Lamb Craft.
    Trace your child's hand and then let them glue on popcorn so it looks like fleece.