14 Colorful and Lovely Crochet Egg Patterns for Easter

Crochet Easter eggs in basket
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Some of the best Easter activities for all ages revolve around the classic Easter egg. Decorating, hiding, and collecting eggs on Easter bring back nostalgic memories for adults and create new ones for kids. The colors of Easter eggs also make them a perfect subject for crochet. In this roundup, you'll find the best crochet egg patterns for Easter, including the cutest amigurumi eggs, functional items that look like little eggs, and egg-shaped accessories for your springtime home decor.

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    Colorful Easter Eggs Pattern

    Crochet Easter Eggs Free Pattern

    Petals to Picots

    These crocheted Easter eggs are great if you're vegan, want something non-perishable that your kids can enjoy all year long, or like to create pretty and colorful decor. This crochet pattern is basic and provides suggestions to create more complex designs. Turn these crochet eggs into heirloom Easter gifts, too.

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    Thread Crochet Easter Eggs Pattern

    Thread Crochet Easter Eggs

    Ilona Ziber

    If you want to tackle something a little bit more difficult but well worth the effort, give these thread crochet Easter eggs a try. They're made with thread using basic crochet stitches. For shaping, they are worked around a party balloon, like papier-mache, and stiffened for a sturdy lace design. These thread crochet eggs make ethereal ornaments, table decor, and delicate Easter basket fillers that offer a vintage nod to the season.

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    Tiny Easter Egg Ornament Pattern

    Tiny Easter Eggs Crochet Pattern

    In The Yarn Garden

    Instead of making full-sized amigurumi Easter eggs, crochet tiny eggs ornaments instead. These are perfect for dressing up your DIY Easter tree, or even a single branch, with bright colors. The beauty about this project is that you can put your scrap yarn to good use to scramble up some mini eggs.

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    Little Monster Easter Egg Pattern

    Little Monster Easter Egg free crochet pattern

    One Dog Woof

    Crochet this precious mini monster, designed to wrap around a plastic egg. But it's also strong enough to stand up on its own — as long as its little belly is filled with Easter candies. It has soft stuffed arms and legs to make a neat little toy. Make it any color; even your scrap yarns can be put to good use.

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    Easter Egg Bunting Pattern

    Easter Egg Bunting Free Crochet Pattern

    Julie Measures

    Make these large crochet appliqués to decorate Easter trees. These examples have been strung onto a garland for easy wrapping around the tree. Mix and match spring colors to wrap around your home.

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    Easter Egg Afghan Pattern

    Easter Egg Crochet Blanket Pattern

    Alaina Smith

    Embrace all the colors of Easter to create this beautiful crochet blanket. It's terrific for babies and children, especially when made in spring colors. Crochet the blanket with darker colors for use throughout the year by any age group.

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    Easter Egg Baby Cocoon Pattern

    Newborn Easter Egg Cocoon Pattern

    AMK Crochet

    Your baby's first Easter pictures will be unforgettable when he or she is wrapped up in this adorable Easter egg cocoon. This crochet design also includes a crochet chick hat pattern. Pick the colors of your choice.

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    Easter Egg Potholder Pattern

    Crochet Easter Eggs Potholder Pattern

    Little Owl's Hut

    These crochet potholders are made with the bright pastel colors of Easter along with terrific floral accents. You can also use the same pattern to create Easter cushions, egg-shaped throw pillows, or a table runner.

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    Easter Basket Crochet Square Pattern

    Crochet Egg Basket square pattern

    Heather Gibbs

    This crochet square pattern can be used on its own as a potholder or decor piece. Alternatively, mix and match it with other 6-inch crochet afghan squares to create crocheted garments, accessories, and blankets. Also, this pattern includes instructions for making it a spring flower basket instead of an Easter egg basket.

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    Filet Crochet Easter Eggs Pattern

    Filet Crochet Easter Eggs Pattern


    This set of filet crochet Easter eggs can be used as placemats or hung up in a window as Easter decor. The circular patterns feature baby chicks, other birds, and an Easter egg. This is a free pattern, but you do have to know how to read filet crochet charts to complete them.

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    Easter Egg Doily Pattern

    Crochet Easter Egg Doily Pattern

    Richard Sechriest

    Stitch charming doilies to adorn your Easter table with this star-shaped Easter egg doily pattern. It is 18 inches in diameter at its widest point and makes a lovely addition to the dinner table.

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    Easter Garden Doily Pattern

    Easter Garden Free Crochet Pattern


    This crochet doily pattern does not incorporate eggs into the crochet design but instead creates holders designed to hold real Easter eggs. The doily is fairly simple, with elaborate egg cups emerging out of the doily-like garden flowers. They make lovely parting gifts for guests at your Easter dinner.

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    Egg Blanket Pattern

    Egg Blanket Crochet Pattern

    Mama's Stitchery Projects

    This easy set of repeating crochet stitches creates a homespun design that looks like Easter eggs. This pattern includes instructions for making a blanket in five different sizes. Crochet ​the eggs all in one color for a subtle effect, or change colors after every set of eggs for a bolder design.

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    Egg Gathering Apron Pattern

    Egg Gathering Apron Crochet Pattern

    Uniquely More

    Give your egg hunter this handy apron to collect eggs on Easter. Or, you can use it to collect just-hatched eggs on the farm or in your backyard. Play with different colors when creating this pocket-filled pattern.