17 Easter Crochet Patterns

Celebrate Spring with Crochet Bunnies, Chicks, and More

Crochet-Covered Easter Eggs Free Pattern
Flax & Twine

Easter crochet crafts are fun to make. It's delightful to work with the bright, pastel colors of the season, and Easter-themed animals are hard to beat for cuteness. In addition to favorite Easter characters, you can craft gifts for filling Easter baskets and even crochet the baskets themselves. You'll have fun making everything you need for Easter with these crochet patterns.

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    Crochet Easter Bunny Toy

    Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern

    Any child would be thrilled to play with this lovable, huggable crochet Easter bunny. Those soft, cozy feet and oversized ears bring out the essence of all that is cute about this holiday animal. Gift it for Easter and the child will enjoy it all year long.

    Easter Crochet Pattern:  Crochet Easter Bunny

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    Crochet Mini Bunny Free Pattern

    Crochet Mini Bunny Free Pattern
    Ina Rho

    This is a cute contemporary take on a classic Easter bunny, and it is made in a mini-size. It's perfect for including in this year's Easter baskets!

    You actually get two patterns in one here: the mini-bunny and also the boy-as-bunny variation.

    Easter Crochet Pattern:​ Crochet Mini Bunny

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    Amigurumi Easter Eggs Free Crochet Pattern

    Amigurumi Crochet Easter Egg Free Pattern
    Zeens and Roger

    Have you ever found yourself sniffing around the house weeks after Christmas, trying to locate the smelly egg that was never found in the Easter egg hunt? Avoid that problem and many other real-egg annoyances by replacing regular eggs with crochet Easter eggs. These amigurumi eggs are made from a simple free pattern, and you can decorate them with embroidery flowers.  

    Easter Crochet Pattern: Amigurumi Easter Egg 

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    Easter Egg Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

    Julian's Egg Cosie Free Crochet Pattern
    Sandra Claesen, Ravelry

    Keep all of your eggs safe (not to mention super cute!) when you wrap them up in egg cozies. This free crochet pattern features a beautiful design with a classic look, great for decorating any Easter party.

    Easter Crochet Pattern:​ Julian's Egg Cosie 

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    Easter Egg Baby Crochet Outfit

    Easter Baby Crochet Patterns
    Naansome Taweel, Ravelry

    Get your baby all dressed up for Easter in this diaper cover with matching sun hat. The set is perfect for Easter photos as well as any activities that baby will be attending this year.

    Easter Crochet Pattern: Easter Egg Baby

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    Colorful Easter Chick Free Crochet Pattern

    Colorful Easter Chick Crochet Pattern
    The Green Dragonfly

    Crochet a bunch of colorful Easter chicks to decorate your desk at work or your table at home and still have enough to fill every child's Easter basket. These colorful birds will make people of any age smile.

    Easter Crochet Pattern: Cheep Cheep The Crochet Chick

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    Bunny Egg Cup Easter Crochet Pattern

    Easter Bunny Egg Cup Crochet Pattern
    Christel Krukkert

    This crochet pattern combines an adorable floppy-eared Easter bunny with an egg cup that can hold an egg. You could also put tea bags or other small items in the egg cup, if you want to use this bunny as an Easter gift. 

    Easter Crochet Pattern:​ Bunny Egg Cup

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    Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

    Easter Basket Crochet Pattern
    Little Owls Hut

    This is one of the most unique crochet Easter baskets you're ever going to see. It includes a small traditional basket in the center, surrounded by an egg cozy that holds half a dozen eggs. It's a great idea and it is also fun to crochet. 

    Easter Crochet Pattern:​ Easter Basket

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    Thread Crochet Covered Easter Eggs Free Pattern

    Crochet-Covered Easter Eggs Free Pattern
    Flax & Twine

    Want to create a cozy egg covering that still allows the pretty egg itself to show through? This thread crochet design is a great choice. It is inspired by the popular crochet-covered stones but offers a more delicate alternative.

    Easter Crochet Pattern: Crochet-Covered Easter Eggs

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    Floppy Ears Bunny Hat Crochet Pattern

    Floppy Ears Easter Bunny Hat
    Karapooz Crochet, Ravelry

    Get the best Easter pictures ever when you dress your little one in this precious bunny hat. And don't stop with your little one; this pattern comes sized for all ages so you can get the whole family in a bunny hat photo!

    Easter Crochet Pattern:​ Easter Bunny Floppy Ears Hat

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    Baby Chick Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Cute baby chick crochet hat for Easter
    Free Crochet Patterns

    This baby chick hat pattern features a very simple design created for children. The beanie is easy to make, and the chick emerges when you add eyes, a beak, and some hair feathers. By varying the colors, you can make all sorts of different birds, such as a bluebird, cardinal, or crow.

    Easter Crochet Pattern: Baby Chick Hat

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    Crochet Easter Basket Free Pattern

    Crochet Easter Basket Pattern
    Suzie's Stuff

    Make sure your little one is well equipped for the Easter party with a handmade, personalized crochet basket. Built around a plastic canvas base, the basket is perfect for collecting eggs or holding Easter gifts.

    Easter Crochet Pattern:​ A Tisket a Tasket Easter Basket 

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    Easter Granny Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

    Granny Crochet Circle Mandala
    Crafternoon Treats

    Use this free crochet tutorial to learn how to make a granny circle, or mandala. Choose pastels or bright springtime colors for each round to create a mandala that is perfect for Easter. Use your creation as a placemat, doily, wall art decoration, or even a small rug.

    Easter Crochet Pattern:​ Easter Granny Mandala 

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    Easter Bunny Snuggly Crochet Pattern

    Easter Bunny Crochet Snuggly Pattern
    Pien Wijtmans, Ravelry

    A snuggly, also known as a lovey, combines a stuffed animal with a blanket. Young children love them! The Easter bunny amigurumi doll at the center of this snuggly is perfect for Easter. The colors of the granny-square blanket are bright and lovely, ideal for the springtime season.

    Easter Crochet Pattern:​ Easter Bunny Snuggly

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    Easter Chicken Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

    Easter Chicken Lovey Blanket free crochet pattern
    Laura Tegg, Ravelry

    Want to make a lovey blanket that features a chicken rather than a bunny? This one is a cute choice. The little chick in the center is nice and plush, and the blanket is brightly sprinkled with crochet flowers. 

    Easter Crochet Pattern: Easter Chicken Lovey

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    Little Lamb Lovey Crochet Pattern

    Little Lamb Lovey Crochet Blanket Pattern
    Bowtykes, Ravelry

    Here is one more lovey blanket crochet pattern to complete your Easter collection. An adorable lamb blanket, it doubles as a terrific baby gift for any time of year but is especially fitting for Easter.

    Easter Crochet Pattern: Little Lamb Lovey

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    Easter Egg Afghan Crochet Pattern

    Easter Egg Crochet Blanket Pattern
    Loving Hands Crochet, Etsy

    This colorful crochet afghan will brighten your home for the Easter season and throughout the year. (The oval-in-a-square design is abstract enough that it doesn't have to look like Easter eggs, but of course it will during the spring holiday.) You can also use different colors for a more neutral design.

    Easter Crochet Pattern:​ Easter Egg Afghan