14 Bunny Crochet Patterns for Easter

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    Fun and Creative Bunny Crochet Patterns

    Crochet Easter Bunny Baskets
    Fromm Me To You

    A cute crochet bunny will put a smile on anyone's face this Easter. Stuffed animal bunnies of all sizes can make great gifts for little ones. Crochet bunny hats are great for baby's first Easter and springtime family photos. Bunny egg cozies, bunny bunting, and other bunny decors will bring all of your Easter parties to life. These 14 Easter crochet patterns all feature bunnies in one way or another; choose the ones that are most your style and get to hooking!

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    Amigurumi Easter Bunny

    Amigurumi Easter Bunny Free Crochet Pattern
    AmiguruMEI / Craft Passion

    This amigurumi Easter bunny has a completely different style since it's made with Japanese inspiration. It's a strawberry-pink smiling bunny that will make you smile too.

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    Bunny in an Egg Easter Flip

    Easter Egg Chick and Bunny
    Hooked on Patterns

    You get two patterns in one with this pastel crochet pattern. On the outside is a striped Easter egg that you can use for decor in or out of Easter baskets. Flip the egg inside out and you get a precious little Easter bunny. The pattern also includes instructions for making a crochet chick inside its egg to go with your crochet bunny.

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    Easter Bunny Mug Cozy

    Easter Bunny Crochet Mug Cozy
    Haak maar Raak!

    It can still be a bit chilly when Easter rolls around. Keep your mug of chocolate or coffee warm with this cute Easter bunny crochet cozy. It is a simple design accented with bunny ears and a pom tail.

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    Bunny Easter Basket

    Crochet Easter Bunny Baskets
    Fromm Me To You

    The first thing that every child needs for Easter is a basket. There are many terrific crochet Easter basket ideas out there and some of the best incorporate the bunny into the design. This free crochet basket pattern is a simple, sturdy pattern that is perfect for egg hunting. The ears come together to create the handle for the basket.

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    Bunny Ears Crochet Easter Egg Cozy

    bunny ears egg koozie
    Alessandra Taccia

    Crochet Easter egg cozies add decoration to your eggs whether you've painted them or not. They can be full cozies that enclose the entire egg or crochet egg hats like the one pictured here. This free pattern is a simple representation of a bunny's ears.

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    Easter Bunny Hat

    Bunny Hat
    Repeat Crafter Me

    Bunny hats are a wonderful item to crochet for Easter. Their floppy ears make a basic hat special for the holidays. This one has a cute face on it that is easy to make. The crochet pattern comes in seven sizes so you can make one for everyone in the family. This is perfect for keeping track of big groups during an Easter outing; put one on everyone's head and you'll easily spot your group in a crowd.

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    Easter Bunny Bunting

    Easter Bunny Crochet Bunting Free Pattern
    Julie is Coco and Cocoa

    Crochet Easter bunting can be draped along the edge of a table at an Easter party or used to decorate a DIY Easter tree. This free pattern is a simple bunny seen from the back with its cute little bobble tail. It is strung on a basic crochet chain. The same pattern could be used to make an Easter bunny appliqué for other projects.

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    Crochet Easter Bunny Stuffed Animal

    Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern

    If you are going to crochet a bunny this Easter, a stuffed animal bunny is a terrific choice. They are so cute and any kid who receives one will enjoy cuddling with it all year long. This bunny is rounded to be perfectly snuggly. Can't you just picture a toddler carrying it around by the ear?

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    Easy Crochet Easter Bunnies

    Easy Crochet Easter Bunnies
    Potter & Bloom

    Make a really cute stuffed crochet Easter bunny without a lot of effort using this great free pattern that includes a video tutorial. These bunnies work up quickly; craft a bunch of them and hide them instead of eggs for children to collect on Easter day.

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    Bunny Finger Puppet

    Bunny Finger Puppet Free Crochet Pattern
    Cult of Crochet

    If you want to crochet a bunny toy that works up more quickly than a full-sized stuffed animal, why not make a crochet finger puppet? This cute bunny is designed with big eyes and floppy ears that will put a smile on everyone's faces.

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    Crochet Easter Bunny Family

    Crochet Easter Bunny Free Pattern
    Yarn Plaza

    This amigurumi Easter bunny crochet pattern comes with different sizing options. Make one represent each person in your family for a very cute, personalized Easter display in your home.

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    Hoppy Easter Crochet Bunny Wreath

    This crochet bunny wreath wishes you a Hoppy Easter
    Lisa Kingsley

    Hang a crochet wreath on the door of your home to celebrate every holiday and change of season. This one has an amigurumi bunny in the center and the cute "Hoppy Easter" slogan. It is welcoming to everyone who comes to your home.

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    Bunny Lovey Crochet Blanket

    Bunny Lovely Crochet Blanket Free Pattern
    Little Yarn Tales

    This security blanket, also called a lovey, has an Easter bunny inside of a granny square. This is great for babies to use at any time​ of year, and of course, also makes for a perfect Easter gift.

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    Crochet Easter Bunny Water Bottle Cozy

    Crochet Easter Bunny Bottle Cozy
    Strung Out Fiber Arts

    This crochet cozy is advertised as a beer bottle cozy but it works just as well for a water bottle or even a soda can, so it's a good design for anyone. Tuck your drink into this bunny cozy and you'll easily be able to see which drink at an Easter party belongs to you.