10 FREE Crochet Easter Basket Patterns

DIY crochetedwhite easter bunnies
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I remember the joy of getting an Easter basket as a kid. We would put our baskets out on the table the night before Easter and the Easter Bunny would fill them with candy and other goodies while we were asleep. I always had the cheap store-bought Easter baskets but if I were going to make Easter baskets for kids today I'd definitely make crochet Easter baskets. Here are 10 free crochet Easter basket patterns for those of you who are thinking the same thing!

Note: You could also adapt many of these patterns to work as gift baskets and home decor items all throughout the year. Never limit yourself to just one holiday when working with a crochet pattern!

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    Rainbow Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

    rainbow crochet eater basket
    Jen, Jam Made

    The adorable bow is my favorite part of this free crochet pattern from Jen of Jam Made. However, I also love the rainbow striping. Easter is all about springtime and springtime is filled with colors and rainbows! This fun crochet basket is also good just for gathering flowers or berries!

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    Floral Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

    floral crochet easter basket
    Kara, Petals to Picots

    This free crochet pattern from Petals to Picots is decorated with flowers so it would work for any springtime occasion, in addition, to use as an Easter basket. Crochet one of these baskets, fill it with additional crochet flowers and make it a great display item for your home.

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    Basketweave Crochet Basket Pattern

    basketweave crochet basket
    Planet M Files

    I love how colorful crochet looks but the truth is that I don't like changing colors in my own work so I appreciate a good single-color textured crochet project like this basketweave basket from Planet M Files. It adds rich coziness to the room and would work as an every day basket, not just as an Easter basket.

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    Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

    crochet basket pattern
    Suzie's Stuff

    Suzie's Stuff has another Easter basket crochet pattern that's only got a small color change, offering a pop of brightness to make it intriguing to the eye. This one can be made with or without a handle; the versatility makes it adaptable to different needs.

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    Mini Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

    Small Crochet Easter Basket Pattern
    Cherished Bliss

    Do you need a tiny crochet Easter basket, sized for just one egg or perhaps a little bit of candy? These would be perfect for Easter gifts! You could also adapt the colors and use it to give Christmas gifts or gifts for Valentine's Day.

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    Square Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

    Square Crochet Easter Basket
    Esther Leavitt, Craftown

    There aren't too many square crochet Easter basket patterns so the shape sets this one apart. The pastel colors and the flower still make it a feminine springtime basket.

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    Single Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

    Single Crochet Easter Basket
    Lindsay Obermeyer, eHow

    This free crochet pattern by Lindsay Obermeyer is worked in single crochet so it's a simple beginner crochet pattern that creates a sturdy, durable, reusable crochet Easter basket.

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    Neon Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

    Neon Crochet Easter Basket
    Phyllis Serbes

    This free crochet Easter basket pattern is worked in neon twine so it's an interesting project that's different from a lot of other patterns most of us have worked before. It's another durable, fun crochet basket. 

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    Striped Crochet Easter Basket in Three Sizes

    Striped Crochet Easter Basket
    Jennifer Pionk

    Designer Jennifer Pionk of A Crochet Simplicity created this free crochet pattern in three sizes. If you have three kids of different ages then it could be fun to make one in each size!

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    Free Spring Crochet Basket Pattern

    Crochet Spring Basket Pattern
    Julie, Gleeful Things

    Technically Julie of Gleeful Things didn't design this as an Easter basket per se. However, it's the perfect springtime colors so I definitely think it could work if you wanted to use it as an Easter basket!