Celebrate Earth Day With Cross Stitch

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    Happy Earth Day!

    earth day cross stitch
    Cross Stitch for You

    A healthy and protected Earth is a happy Earth. Do your part to keep the planet happy and healthy by using all of your fabric scraps for small stitching projects like this one by Cross Stitch for You. This pattern is perfect for beginners, easy to follow and quick to stitch up. It would be great in a classroom or science lab. Check out this and other patterns at their Etsy store. 

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    By Your Powers Combined

    earth day cross stitch
    Fan Girl Stitches

     If you were a child in the 90's, more than likely you watched the animated show Captain Planet. It was a show that taught children to work together to love and protect our planet Earth. They were helped by a superhero, Captain Planet. His powers would only work when the children combined forces. It now has a cult-like following and is being remembered for its campy storyline. Fan Girl Stitches shares her love for the Earth-loving cartoon in this sampler of the characters. You can purchase this pattern at her Etsy store. 

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    Borrow From Our Children

    earth day cross stitch
    My Heart String

    There is a very old saying that we do not inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors. We Borrow it from Our Children. This powerful message is the very essence of Earth Day. We save the Earth today to preserve it for our children tomorrow. This is a free pattern available from My Heart String. This blog not only has free patterns but also tips and other free craft projects for you to do. Please remember to be respectful of the copyright requests. 

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    Love Our Planet

    earth day cross stitch
    Serenitas Design

    Earth day should be celebrated every day. We need to take care of every part of Earth to make sure that it is here for generations to come. Serenitas Designs offer this pattern for free as a reminder that taking care of this planet is good for every generation. You can download the pattern for free from their blog.

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    earth day cross stitch
    Shop Delicious Threads

    Saving our planet and appreciating Earth Day is not a one time deal. It happens every day and sometimes it is slow going. Shop Delicious Threads celebrates Earth Day with this geeky reminder that saving the planet can take a very long time. This is a great pattern for those who are tech savvy and Earth friendly. You can pick up this pattern in their Etsy shop.

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    Bees, Trees, Flowers, Life

    earth day cross stitch
    The World According to Agi

    There are so many small pieces that make up the planet Earth, including the bees, trees, flowers and animals. They all play an intricate role to our planet's ecosystem. Cross stitch this friendly reminder that all parts of nature are important and should be preserved. The World According to Agi created this free cross stitch pattern for Earth Day, but it can be displayed all year round. You can download the pattern from her blog.

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    Big Blue Marble

    earth day cross stitch
    Space Navid

    From space the Earth looks like a big blue marble. It is beautiful. If everyone could see how majestic the planet was from space, they would probably spend more time saving it and celebrating it. This is just one of many planet cross stitch patterns that Space Navid has to offer. You can stitch up each pattern of the solar system and create a one of a kind sampler for yourself or your favorite little spaceman. 

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    Earth Pride

    earth day cross stitch
    Kathleen Berlew

    Show off your Earth Day planet pride with a one-of-a-kind cross stitch button from KBBcrafts. Kathleen wants to share the love of Earth Day with you by offering this pattern and tutorial for free on her blog. You can make up a bunch of buttons and give them away to your friends. Have an Earth Day parade! 

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    Hurt Not the Earth

    earth day cross stitch
    123 Cross Stitch

    Earth Day calls us to be a steward for the planet we are on. We should take great care in preserving the environment for future generations to come. 123 Cross Stitch has this Hurt Not the Earth sampler from Imaginating that would look wonderful in a cabin by the lake, classroom or stitched on a jean jacket. You can purchase the pattern, as well as the supplies on their website.

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    Our Planet

    earth day cross stitch
    Alita Designs

    If you have an eco-crazed, Earth loving friend that is also crafty; you can stitch up this Planet Earth biscornu for them. Add different colored pins, floss and fabric for a fun Earth friendly gift basket. Why not have an Earth Day stitching party? Invite friends over, stitch up this pattern and think of ways to save the planet. This pattern is free for download at Alita Designs.