9 Fun and Easy Duct Tape Crafts

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It’s strong enough to patch a leaky faucet, can be woven into fabric and stitched into clothing, and will stick to absolutely any surface. Duct tape is not only useful for household repairs, but it can also be a crafter’s most versatile medium. Available in tons of colors and patterns, there’s a style out there to suit any artist’s palette. Also, because it's self-adhesive, duct tape projects are often no-sew and great for kids. Check out these handy how-tos to get started crafting with this flexible material.

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    duct tape pocket

     Dukes and Duchesses

    Craft an envelope-style pocket by sticking tape to itself in coordinating colors to create your material. Fold into a pocket shape (or clutch or pouch), then add self-stick Velcro rounds as closures. These are perfect as reusable gift wrap, to keep coupons organized, or as cute coin purses. For the most polished look, finish your pocket with a contrasting border.

    Duct Tape Pocket from Dukes and Duchesses

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    Notebook Covers

    duct tape notebook


    Personalize—and simultaneously reinforce—your notebooks and journals with duct tape. Cut geometric shapes to scatter over a plain binder, or totally redesign your composition or sketchbooks by covering them completely from front to back.

    Notebook Covers from Fiskars

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    Striped Metallic Bracelet

    duct tape bracelet

    Project Kid 

    Grab a length of cord and wrap it entirely in metallic duct tape to create a versatile base for a fun piece of jewelry. Even little ones can jump in at this point and add more tape (or beads, charms, or paint) to bling-out these shiny bracelets. Thanks to duct tape's relentless stickiness, no clasps or ties are needed.

    Striped Metallic Bracelet from​ Project Kid

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    Water Bottle Holder

    duct tape water bottle holder

     Sarah Jane's Craft Blog

    Make your drink more portable with a handy duct-taped sling. Simply wrap a standard bottle, sticky side out, then re-wrap, sticky side in, to create a carrier. This thorough tutorial also includes tips for adding a strap to your beverage holder. For duct tape beginners, start with an old beer koozie and wrap it in tape—it makes this simple project even easier and adds an insulating layer to keep your water cold.

    Water Bottle Holder from Sarah Jane's Craft Blog

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    Key Chains

    duct tape keychain

    The Crafty Blog Stalker

    Add a bit of flair to your key ring with these sharp DIYed key chains. Opt for delicate, metallic, patterned duct tape for a chic product, or select vibrant shades to bring a pop of color to your day-to-day. Either way, finishing these accessories with a cluster of rhinestones or gems is a great idea.

    Key Chains from The Crafty Blog Stalker

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    Sunglasses Case

    duct tape sunglasses case

     Mad in Crafts

    Protect your sunnies in style this summer with this tutorial for a cute case. An inexpensive felt lining keeps glasses scratch-free and adds a bit of heft to your homemade case. This project comes together in mere minutes and is so simple that you'll be able to make a case to match all your pairs of shades and every single one of your bags.

    Sunglasses Case from Mad in Crafts

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    Drawer Organizers

    duct tape drawer organizers

    Lovely on a Budget

    Feng shui your junk drawer with some repurposed cardboard boxes and your favorite patterned duct tape. Not only will odds and ends stay organized, but you'll be delighted by whimsy every time you open your desk drawer.

    Drawer Organizers from​ Lovely on a Budget

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    Tote Bag

    duct tape tote

    Little Birdie Secrets 

    With the help of a trash bag liner, these clever bags are both water and sand proof, and therefore the perfect tote to bring along to the beach. This helpful tutorial includes a step-by-step for decorative flowers, too.

    Tote Bag from Little Birdie Secrets

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    Tiny Bow Garland

    duct tape garland

    Studio DIY

    Come the holiday season, you'll need this fun and festive bow garland in your life. Fashioned from duct tape, these mini bows will look adorable on your tree, mantel, or railing in an array of colors.

    Tiny Bow Garland from Studio DIY