Instructions on How to Dry Emboss

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    What is Dry Embossing?

    How to do Dry Embossing
    How to do Dry Embossing.

    Dry embossing, also called relief embossing, is done by tracing a stencil with a special tool, called a stylus. The result is a stunning, raised pattern on the object you are embossing. The supplies needed for dry embossing are:

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    • Stencil - | Definition
    • Masking Tape - | Definition
    • Card Stock - | Definition
    • Stylus - | Definition
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    Dry Embossing - Securing Your Stencil

    Secure Your Stencil to Dry Emboss
    Secure Your Stencil to Dry Emboss.

    Select any stencil with deeper grooves such as one made out of brass or cardboard. Using a few little pieces of masking tape, secure the stencil to the center of your light box. Instead of a light box, you can tape your stencil to a bright window. When taping down your stencil, remember the side of the stencil you want facing up should be the reverse of what your finished design will have. This especially important when dry embossing any lettering.

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    Dry Embossing - Securing Your Paper

    Securing Your Paper to Dry Emboss
    Securing Your Paper to Dry Emboss.

    Place the paper over the stencil and position as desired. Carefully tape the corners with masking tape. You may want to test your tape first to make sure it will remove cleanly. Card stock or any heavier paper will work best, thin sheets of paper rip easily. Vellum also works great! To help your stylus glide over the paper easier and reduce the risks of tears, rub wax paper over your paper surface.

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    Dry Embossing - Tracing Your Design

    Tracing Your Embossing Design
    Tracing Your Embossing Design.

    Turn on your light box and carefully trace around the edges of the stencil design with your stylus. A stylus has two ends; each a different size. Use the size that bests fits the size of the design. Press firmly, but be careful not to rip the paper. The center of the traced design will automatically raise.

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    Dry Embossing - The Finished Design

    The Finished Dry Emboss Design
    The Finished Dry Emboss Design.

    When you've traced the entire design, carefully lift the paper off the light source. Turn it over and admire the raised design! You can leave your embossed design as it is or you can color or embellish it. It can be painted with acrylics, dusted with chaulk, or highlighted with glitter. Explore all the possibilities! You also might experiment with heat embossing.