Doctor Seuss Grinch Crafts for Kids

Fun Grinch Crafts and Activities

The grinch
Natalia Wilson/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Whether you love the Grinch movies or the classic TV special, you will have a blast making these fun Grinch crafts. You can make a unique Grinch collar or Max's antler to wear while you watch your favorite Grinch story, or decorate your Christmas tree by making a stuffed Grinch or Max ornament. These unique Grinch crafts and gifts would also make great, last-minute present ideas for someone special, whether for the holidays or for die-hard Grinch fans all year round.

Christmas Crafts for Friends and Family

If you are the type to have company coming for Christmas or just want to deck the halls Grinchmas style, make a few of these crafts and use them as costumes and props to put on your own Christmas play or party. Relatives and Grinch fans will get a kick out of this these special ideas:

  • Create a Christmas ornament that looks like it is the Grinch, stuck head down, in a chimney.
  • Learn how you can use felt to make a fun, wearable collar of Grinch fur. This is a perfect craft idea for dress up fun or to wear while you watch the movie for the holiday spirit.
  • Make a Grinch's too-small heart craft. This x-ray picture of the Grinch's heart is before he discovered the meaning of Christmas, a truly special gift for Grinch fans.
  • Put together a unique craft made using a paper bag. Most patterns include printable templates.
  • Make a fun headband to wear that looks like Max's tied-on antler, and wear it to Christmas parties or around the house.
  • Pretend you are a Who with a jingle bell anklet craft and match with other Grinch accessories.

Grinch Activities Outside the Home

Who said that celebrating your passion for the Grinch had to stay at home, cozied up around the Christmas tree? Celebrate with fun Grinch crafts while you are out and about in unique ways:

  • Decorate your workspace with fun paper arts and crafts around your cubicle, or keep it simple with a Grinch cup full of red and green candy.
  • Have the Grinch be with you all the time by connecting digital wallpaper and Christmas countdowns across your computer, phone and/or tablet. Accessorize with a unique phone case or ornament for the car.
  • Visit your local library or bookstore to gather all of the Grinch related books, movies, and TV shows. Plan a night out binge-watching, whether alone or with friends and family.
  • Host a game night! Whether you put together a Grinch-themed party or just have a Christmas party, you can include trivia and puzzles to keep people entertained and informed about all things Grinch throughout the night.

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