15 Dr. Seuss Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the wide and wacky world of Dr. Seuss with a kid-friendly craft or two. Recreate the author’s most beloved characters and motifs with a few simple art (and household) supplies, then display your little ones’ creative endeavors in a reading nook or craft room. So, the next time you break out an old favorite Dr. Seuss book, challenge your kids to create a coordinating craft using any of the ideas below.

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    Thing 1 and Thing 2 Hand Print Art

    Thing 1 and 2 Hand Print Art

    Must Have Mom

    Let the kiddos get a little messy with this simple artwork tutorial. Use tiny painted handprints to capture the chaos of Things 1 and 2, and add details with marker. Encourage kids to add their own Seuss-inspired backgrounds for their characters.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 Hand Print Art from Must Have Mom

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    Tissue Paper Truffula Trees

    Tissue Paper Truffula Trees

     About a Mom

    Capture the colorful, fluffy truffula trees of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax with bits of tissue paper and card stock. Substitute the painted craft sticks for striped paper straws if you’re short on time (or don’t want to clean up after a potentially messy painting session).

    Tissue Paper Truffula Trees from About a Mom

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    One Fish Two Fish Paper Plate Craft

    On Fish Two Fish Paper Plate Craft

     She Saved

    Again paper plates are the ideal base for this quick kids’ craft. Paint or marker works to color your paper plate fish, and this project doubles as a fun counting and color-naming lesson for little ones too. Create a whole school of rainbow-hued fish in an afternoon.

    One Fish Two Fish Paper Plate Craft from She Saved

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    The Lorax Wall Hanging

    Lorax Wall Hanging

    Simplistically Living 

    Zoom in on the little creature who “speaks for the trees” with this adorable artwork tutorial. Some parts of this craft might be more suited to more advanced crafters, but little ones can definitely help when placing the Lorax's simple felt facial features.

    The Lorax Wall Hanging from Simplistically Living

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    Fox in Socks Hand Print Art

    Fox in Socks Hand Print Art

     The Inspiration Edit

    Use kids’ handprints once again to create a fox-in-socks (or two) that’ll trot along across a blank canvas or piece of cardstock. Little ones will enjoy adding Seuss-like details, and this easy tutorial makes great, keepable artwork. Hang it in the laundry room as a cute reminder to match your socks.

    Fox in Socks Hand Print Art from The Inspiration Edit

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    Thing 1 and Thing 2 Flower Pots

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 Flower Pots

     Bugaboo City

    Have you been meaning to clear a few neglected houseplants from their terra cotta pots? Consider this cute craft your incentive! A fuzzy faux feather boa works perfectly for the Things’ bright blue hair, and kids will love slathering the pots in bright paint. The finished flower pots look lovely nestled with books on a bookshelf.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 Flower Pots from Bugaboo City

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    Cotton Ball Truffula Trees

    Cotton Ball Truffula Trees


    Nothing captures the floof of the truffula trees better than a standard cotton ball, so round up a bunch for this clever project. This tutorial uses watercolor paint to color each treetop, but you can try sidewalk chalk for a more pastel (and potentially less messy) experience. These work great as cake toppers for a Seuss-themed kids' birthday.

    Cotton Ball Truffula Trees from Fun-a-Day

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    Yarn Wrapped Cat in the Hat Hat

    Cat in the Hat Hat

     The Pinterested Parent

    Recreate the Iconic Dr. Seuss red-and-white striped hat with a recycled cardboard tube and a few lengths of yarn. This craft is absolutely wearable too, so it’s the perfect DIY for Book Day at school or even an accessory for a simple Halloween costume.

    Yarn Wrapped Cat in the Hat Hat from The Pinterested Parent

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    Paper Plate Grinch

    Paper Plate Grinch

    Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

    Another super simple option for an afternoon kids’ craft, this paper plate Grinch is a fun Holiday decoration. Encourage kids to create their own sneering Grinch before settling in for the classic movie or annual reading of Dr. Seuss’ original story.

    Paper Plate Grinch from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

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    The Lorax Cupcake Liner Craft

    Lorax Cupcake Liner Craft

    I Heart Crafty Things

    Dr. Seuss’ original characters are wonderful for many reasons, but one of which is definitely that they’re relatively easy to recreate. Using simple shapes (and kitchen supplies), construct a Lorax guarding his truffula trees. Kids can draw a Seuss-inspired background for their little scene, too.

    The Lorax Cupcake Liner Craft from I Heart Crafty Things

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    Green Eggs and Ham Chocolate Lollipops

    Green Eggs and Ham Lollipops

    Make Life Lovely

    There’s little better than a simple, kid-friendly activity that also doubles as an edible treat. Cue Make Life Lovely’s Green Eggs and Ham Pops. These simple lollipops are made of just melted chocolate, so they’re easy to create. To up the ante a bit, pass kids the sprinkles and colorful paper straws.

    Green Eggs and Ham Chocolate Lollipops from Make Life Lovely

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    Cat in the Hat Tee Shirt

    Cat in the Hat Tee Shirt

     About a Mom

    This super simple DIY works as a last minute Halloween costume, or festive Dr. Seuss Day outfit. No sewing required for this one, just leave the hot-gluing to the adults. Finish the look with a pair of red-and-white-striped knee high socks.

    Cat in the Hat Tee Shirt from About a Mom

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    Thing 1 and Thing 2 Corner Bookmark

    Thing 1 and 2 Bookmark

     Red Ted Art

    Keeping with the theme of reading, create a clever bookmark inspired by the beloved Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat. This craft is genuinely quick and simple, so encourage little ones to make a few for their favorite stories.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 Corner Bookmark from Red Ted Art

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    Styrofoam Cup Horton

    Styrofoam Cup Horton

     I Heart Arts n Crafts

    Upcycle a reusable cup to make the base of the beloved Horton, then paint and add his expressive features. Encourage kids to find (or create) something to represent Horton’s speck to add to his trunk, after all, a good Seuss-inspired craft should utilize a bit of imagination.

    Styrofoam Cup Horton from I Heart Arts n Crafts

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    Cupcake Liner Cat in the Hat

    Cupcake Liner Cat in The Hat

    I Heart Crafty Things

    Circles can be tricky for beginning crafters, so start them off with a few pre-made, colorful ones: cupcake liners. Use a couple for this 2-D artwork of The Cat in the Hat, and encourage kids to add their own riff on the famous character. Try changing up the colors of his iconic hat, or giving him different facial expressions.

    Cupcake Liner Cat in the Hat from I Heart Crafty Things