How to Double Crochet

How to Double Crochet
Mollie Johanson
Project Overview
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Ready to learn a little more crochet? This easy guide will show you exactly how to do a double crochet stitch. Double crochet is one of the essential basic crochet stitches. While you could crochet plenty of projects without it, the double crochet is a foundational crochet stitch that most people learn almost as soon as they begin crocheting.

Learning how to double crochet is important if you want to work most crochet patterns. You can use double crochet stitch on its own in rows and in the round. It's also useful for creating very common crochet stitch patterns, including the classic granny square and the popular v-stitch

Work through this tutorial a few times to practice, and soon you'll be double crocheting like a pro!


This tutorial uses US crochet terminology. If you're following a pattern from the UK, this is called triple or treble crochet.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Crochet hook in size appropriate for yarn


  • Yarn for practicing


  1. Yarn Over

    In most patterns you will start a row with a turning chain, which you see here under the hook. It usually counts as a stitch, and for double crochet consists of a chain 3; the three chain stitches are about the same height as a double crochet stitch. Your pattern will tell you whether or not to count it.

    With one loop on the hook, take the yarn over your crochet hook.

    Yarn Over the Hook
    Mollie Johanson
  2. Insert Your Crochet Hook

    Insert your crochet hook into the stitch or space desired. If you're starting with a foundation chain, skip the three chains closest to the hook and insert the hook in the fourth chain. For sample like this, insert the hook in the second stitch, not the one at the base of the turning chain.

    With your hook in the stitch, take the yarn over the crochet hook again.

    As you wrap the yarn over, it's like wrapping the yarn over before you inserted the hook. The difference is that there's more yarn on your hook at this point so it's a little more difficult to maneuver. You'll soon get the hang of the motion.

    Insert the Hook Through the Loops
    Mollie Johanson
  3. Draw Through a Loop

    Pull or "draw" the last yarn over through the point where you inserted the hook—3 loops on the hook.

    Three Loops on the Hook
    Mollie Johanson
  4. Yarn Over, Draw Yarn Through 2 Loops

    Yarn over your hook again, draw it through the two loops closest to the end of the hook—2 loops on the hook.

    Draw the Yarn Through Two Stitches
    Mollie Johanson
  5. Yarn Over, Draw Through Last 2 Loops

    Yarn over the hook again, draw it through the remaining loops on the hook—1 loop on the hook, 1 double crochet stitch made.

    Here you can see the turning chain to the right of the double crochet stitch you made.

    Two Stitches on the Hook
    Mollie Johanson


    One Double Crochet Completed
    Mollie Johanson
  6. The Rest of the Row

    The best way to practice the double crochet stitch is by working rows and rows of double crochet stitches.

    Repeat the steps above for each stitch of the row: Yarn over and insert; yarn over and draw through the fabric; yarn over and draw through two loops; yarn over and draw through the last two loops. As you make stitches, you should start to notice a rhythm to the stitch. In fact, the steps almost blend together so that hooking the yarn over and pulling it through the loops become a single motion.

    At the end of the row, work into the top of the turning chain of the previous row, turn the work, and chain 3 to begin another row. The more you practice this stitch, the easier it gets. Your stitches will begin to look more even, and will work up faster.

    Double Crochet Swatch
    Mollie Johanson