10 Donut Crafts for National Donut Day

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    How to Celebrate the Sweetest Day of the Year

    10 Donut Crafts for National Donut Day
    The Spruce Crafts, 2017.

    National Donut Day comes around once a year. Read on to discover how to celebrate the sweetest day of the year by doing more than just eating lots of donuts. Though that would suffice, you can feed your creativity too. 

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    Paper Plate Donut Craft

    Paper Plate Donut Craft
    Happy Hooligans

    Use paint for the icing and colored rice for the sprinkles to make this adorable donut craft. Cut a hole in the paper plate, and you've got one delicious looking fake donut. Perfect craft for playtime!

    Paper Plate Donut Craft from Happy Hooligans

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    DIY Donut Bulletin Board

    DIY Donut Bulletin Board
    Paint The Gown Red

    Pin pictures, notes, and to-do lists, on these cute DIY donut bulletin boards. If you have pom poms and cork board, you and your kids can create this project

    DIY Donut Bulletin Board from Paint The Gown Red

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    DIY Cardboard Ring Toss Game

    DIY Cardboard Ring Toss Game
    Make Me!

    How cute would this ring toss game be for a little donut party? You'll love this easy and fun donut craft idea!

    DIY Cardboard Ring Toss Game from Make Me

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    DIY Donut Party Garland

    DIY Donut Party Garland
    Beau Coup

    Celebrate National Donut Day with this donut party garland. Make it and hang it in your home for some cute decor.

    DIY Donut Party Garland from Beau Comp

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    DIY Donut Scented Soap

    DIY Donut Scented Soap
    Happiness Is Homemade

    Lather up in the shower with donut soap complete with sprinkles. It's scented too! You can make this donut soap in less than 10 minutes.

    DIY Donut Scented Soap from Happiness is Homemade

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    DIY Donut Floppy Hat

    DIY Donut Floppy Hat
    Studio DIY

    Take cover from the sun in your donut floppy hat! This is a fun project for the summer.

    DIY Donut Floppy Hat from Studio DIY

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    DIY Donut Clock

    DIY Donut Clock
    Why Don't You Make Me?

    You'll never forget the time with this donut clock hanging in your home. It's always time for a donut!

    DIY Donut Clock from​ Why Don't You Make Me

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    Donut Plate Purse

    Donut Plate Purse
    Pink Stripey Socks

    Little girls will love crafting and wearing this donut plate purse. It's perfect for keeping donuts in for National Donut Day.

    Donut Plate Purse from Pink Stripey Socks

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    DIY Donut Pillows

    DIY Donut Pillows
    Little Inspiration

    Give your kiddos sewing practice with this donut pillow project. Soft, comforting, and super cute. You'll love this idea too! 

    DIY Donut Pillows from Little Inspiration

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    Donut Sprinkle Game

    Donut Sprinkle Game
    Glued To My Crafts Blog

    The possibilities are endless with this donut sprinkle game. Play this game with your kids on National Donut Day.

    Donut Sprinkle Game from Glued To My Crafts