25 Thrifty Dollar Store Craft Ideas

The dollar store is a great place to get certain home essentials, but did you also know it's also great for DIYers? Crafters won't feel guilty about trying out new projects because the overall investment is usually so minimal.

When it comes to reusing items from the dollar store, you're only limited to your creativity. Do you need some inspiration to get started? These dollar store crafts utilize some commonly found items that look even better once repurposed. 

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    Turn a Cookie Sheet Into an Organizer

    diy dollar tree crafts
    The Crazy Craft Lady

    A cookie sheet is usually magnetic, which makes it a perfect base for a magnetic organizer. To camouflage, the fact that the sheet is meant to be in the oven, line the back with reclaimed wood contact paper.

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    Update Inexpensive Coasters With Felt

    dollar tree crafts
    Inspired by Charm

    You can usually find pom-poms and basic coasters at the dollar store. If they aren't in stock, check out the Dollar Tree website to order online. Once you have your supplies, all you need to do is glue the pom-poms to the coaster and voila. 

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    Add Labels to Basic Pantry Storage Containers

    dollar store crafts
    The Social Home

    Every dollar store is going to stock different types of items and containers. This blogger found a variety of different pantry containers at her local store. To make them more custom, she added matching pantry labels.

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    Transform a Rubber Door Mat Into Wall Art

    diy dollar store craft ideas
    Salvage Dior

    The rubber mats at the dollar store might not strike you as durable enough for your front door. In fact, they are generally pretty flimsy. However, add a coat of paint, and the mat might make a great addition to a blank wall in your house. 

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    Upgrade a Laundry Basket With Rope

    diy dollar tree crafts
    I Heart Organizing

    Rope baskets look great with throw blankets inside, but they can get expensive. Make your own using a cheap laundry basket and colored rope. The thicker the rope, the more luxurious your final result will look.  

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    Make Art Using Gold Thumbtacks

    diy dollar tree crafts
    Live Love DIY

    You can find a wide variety of office and school supplies at the dollar store. Instead of only using these supplies for work and school, think outside the box. Pick up a blank canvas and use gold thumbtacks to create a cool piece of wall art. 

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    Spray Paint Locker Bins for a Vintage Look

    diy dollar store crafts
    Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

    If you need to get organized, the dollar store should be your first stop. There are usually a ton of different organizing bins. However, most of them are brightly colored and look more childish than anything. Don't let that stop you. A can of spray paint and some sharp labels will go a long way.

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    Shape Mirror Candle Holders Into a Box

    diy crafts from dollar store
    Hi Sugarplum

    There are a couple of different ways to repurpose mirror candle holders. This project shapes them into mirror boxes that can be used as a planter or a little box for your vanity. Just be sure to add felt pads to the bottom to prevent scratching.

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    Adhere Nautical Rope to a Simple Glass Vase

    dollar store vase diy
    Love + Marriage

    Want to update a clear vase to look more nautical? Glue on some rope and add gold embellishments. Update more than one vase, and then use all of them for a centerpiece.

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    Use Knobs and Mirrors to Make a Jewelry Holder

    diy dollar store crafts
    Homey Oh My

    Gathering a bunch of small mirrors on the wall will reflect light and make space feel larger. You can do this by hanging some hexagon candle holders found at the dollar store. To add functionality, glue on some knobs to hang jewelry. Just be sure you use an adhesive that is strong enough for a hanging variety of necklaces and bracelets. 

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    Customize Plain Terracotta Planters

    DIY flower pots from dollar tree
    Caylin Harris

    Depending on the season, you'll find a wide variety of planters at the dollar store made from a variety of materials. Sometimes if you're lucky, you can find some smaller terracotta pots. If so, update them using paint.

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    Repurpose Dishes Into a Jewelry Tower

    diy jewelry tower
    Confessions of a Serial DIYer

    If you have a lot of jewelry you wear regularly, consider making a jewelry tower for your vanity or dresser. At first, the project might look weird. However, once you add paint, it all comes together.

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    Pick Out Bright Colors for Clear Vases

    diy dollar tree crafts
    Sugar and Charm

    You might be able to find some enameled vases at home decor shops, but you'll be paying a lot more than a dollar. Learn how to create a rich enamel finish on a clear glass vase that will only cost you a buck. It's easier and less expensive than you might think. 

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    Craft Magnets Out of Clear Glass Floral Marbles

    diy dollar store crafts magnets
    The Happy Housie

    If you go through the floral section of the dollar store, you'll likely find clear and colored floral marbles meant for the bottom of vases. Repurpose them by creating your own magnets. This blogger used a vintage map, but you could use just about any design.

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    Personalize Cases for Your Electronics

    diy dollar store craft ideas
    Mod Podge Rocks

    Sometimes you might want to spend more money on your phone or tablet case. However, you might find a significantly cheaper plain case at the dollar store. Consider updating this dollar store case by using Mod Podge and craft paper. 

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    Embellish a Pair of Flip Flops

    diy dollar store flip flops
    My So Called Crafty Life

    Flip flops generally aren't very expensive if you look in the right places. However, you can make them look a lot more expensive by adding different embellishments. This person added faux florals, which you can also find at the dollar store.

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    Use Compacts to Create a Striking Wall Mirror

    diy dollar store mirror
    Thistlewood Farms

    Large mirror walls like this one are expensive to buy premade. However, you can make your own by using makeup compacts from the dollar store. You'll save money if you can find a compact that has a mirror on both sides.

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    Stack White Dishes to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    diy succulent terrarium
    Craftberry Bush

    White dishes from the dollar store might not hold up in the kitchen for a long time, but they work out well for various craft projects. This idea fuses the bowls together using glasses. 

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    Distress a Pair of Salt and Pepper Shakers

    diy dollar store craft projects
    Paint a Sign

    If you like farmhouse style, consider creating a little flower vignette using a salt and pepper shaker. Painting and distressing them will make the shakers look vintage and much more charming.

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    Paint Mason Jars to Make Them More Festive

    DIY dollarstore crafts
    The Spruce Crafts

    Use paint to make a mason jar or canning jar much more festive. If you plan on using jars for a purpose outside of the kitchen, painting the inside won't be a big deal. However, you might want to reconsider this project if you plan on storing food inside the jar. 

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    Create a Trivet for Pots and Pans

    DIY dollar store crafts
    Dream a Little Bigger

    These clothespin trivets would make a charming addition to any colorful, modern kitchen. Your countertops will thank you. 

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    Learn How to Change the Color of a Mason Jar

    mason jar dollar store crafts

    If you don't have a knack for finding vintage mason jars in a variety of colors, consider making your own. To get started, you'll need some Mod Podge and some liquid food coloring.

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    Assemble a Cotton Wreath

    diy dollar stor
    The Crazy Craft Lady

    Some of the products in the dollar store floral section look cheap unless you know how to use them. This blogger found fall berry sprig and a grapevine wreath at the dollar store. To make the look feel more expensive, she added some cotton ball sprig that she found at the craft store.

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    Glue Candlesticks and Trays Together

    dollar tree crafts
    Joy's Hope

    This tiered tray is very similar to the jewelry holder, except it uses trays instead of bowls for each layer. This idea is perfect if you plan on hosting a party. What's better is you can keep repainting the tiered trays to go with each gathering's theme.

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    Construct a Lantern Using Simple Picture Frames

    diy dollar tree crafts
    Simply Handmade Studios

    There are a ton of cool ways you can repurpose picture frames. In this project, the frames are glued together to create a house shape. The house is used as a lantern, but it could also be a terrarium.