Doll Museums in the United States

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If you are a doll collector, it is exciting to visit doll museums when you travel. Sometimes, doll museums can be hard to find and are not widely known. This listing of doll museums contains many of the better-known U.S. doll museums as well as some that are off the beaten track. 

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    Arizona Doll and Toy Museum

    The Arizona Doll and Toy Museum is located in a small building in the Catlin Court Historic District of Glendale. It primarily has dolls but also has antique, nostalgic, and modern toys. These include model trains, Star Wars figures, and dollhouses. One of the features of the museum is an authentic schoolroom of 1912 features antique dolls as the students. There is a gift shop located at the museum.

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    Susan Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear Museum and Library

    The Susan Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear Museum in Santa Barbara has a large display of dolls. It is also reportedly the largest teddy bear museum in the world. They doubled their number of display cases to 150 in 2014 to show off more of the collection on a rotating basis. In addition, their library is the world's largest dedicated to dolls and teddy bears. Owner Susan Quinlan gives tours. At the end of the tour, you get a complimentary cup of coffee, tea, or apple juice in the tea room decorated with floor-to-ceiling murals.

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    Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

    The Denver Doll Museum

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    This unique museum is moving to a new location as it lost its lease at the historic Pearce-McAllister Cottage in 2018. It is closed to the public until it finds a new home. It features changing and permanent exhibits including miniatures, dolls, dollhouses, toys, and teddy bears.

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    Prairie Museum of Art and History

    This museum in Colby, Kansas, contains the doll exhibit "Rags to Riches: Playing With and Collecting Dolls" which has a Victorian dollhouse and an exhibit of bisque dolls. They have over 1,000 dolls from around the world and a "Batteries Not Included" gallery with over 1,000 antique toys.​

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    UFDC Doll Museum

    The United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) Doll Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, contains a wide variety of dolls, in both permanent and rotating displays. Many UFDC members have contributed a portion of their collections which have become the basis for the permanent displays. There is also a gift shop and research center.

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    Museum of the City of New York

    Museum of the City of New York

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    The Toy Collection of the Museum in New York City contains over 10,000 toys and amusements used by New Yorkers from the Colonial period to the present. There are vintage and antique dollhouses and their furnishings, over 1,000 antique dolls, many with fashions and accessories; toys, games, and puzzles. The toys and dolls are not always all on display; call ahead to find out when to schedule your visit to see them.

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    Harrisburg Doll Museum

    The Harrisburg Doll Museum is situated in a life-size Victorian Dollhouse. There are over 5,000 dolls and toys on display. It is open seasonally, May through December.

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    The Philadelphia Doll Museum

    The Philadelphia Doll Museum has over 300 Black dolls in its collection. The collection includes African, European, and American Folk Art dolls, the Roberta Bell Doll Collection, American and internationally manufactured dolls, and a resource library. The museum is directed by Barbara Whiteman, and it is the only known museum in the United States that emphasizes the collection and preservation of Black dolls as artifacts of history and culture.