Doll Collecting 101 - A Complete Guide to Doll Collecting

How to Collect Dolls - Some Guidelines

Edited by Ellen Tsagaris, Doll Collecting Expert

Whether you are new to doll collecting or have been doll collecting for years, you need to have a good grasp of doll collecting basics. The basics you'll need range from how to value and identify your dolls, to how to protect and preserve your dolls, to how to photograph you dolls and get the best prices for them on eBay. I'll even give you tips on how to not ruin your dolls, and I'll let you in on the secret of the top doll collecting...MORE myths.

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    Top 10 Doll Collecting Myths

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    Are most doll collectors old? Are Barbie dolls stamped 1966 valuable? Do all collectible dolls increase in value? Are old dolls more valuable than new dolls? for the answers to these Intriguing doll collecting questions and several more read Top 10 Doll Collecting Myths.

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    Top 10 Mistakes of Doll Collecting Newbies

    Doll from the collection of the Guildhall Museum in Rochester, Kent.
    Bisque headed doll with bonnet and jointed limbs, with wooden peg doll. Guidhall Museum in Rochester, Kent. Clem Rutter/Creative Commons
    If you are new to doll collecting, you might be a bit overwhelmed. There are so many dolls to collect, and so many directions to go with your collection! You might be afraid of going completely astray, but if you read my Top 10 Mistakes Of Doll Collecting Newbies you'll be heading in the right direction. If you are a long-time doll collector, you still might want to take a peek at this article; after all, its never too late to correct the mistakes of the past!
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    doll marque
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    You may have only one doll that you can't identify, or you many have shelves or boxes full. Either way, it can be very frustrating to not know which doll you have or where to start. If you need help identifying one doll or one hundred dolls, start with How To Identify Your Doll.

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    Perhaps you have an attic full of dolls from your grandmother. Or, perhaps you found an interesting doll at a garage sale or on eBay. Once you've identified your doll, the next step is figuring out how much your doll is worth. Find out How To Value Your Doll here.

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    How to Get the Best Prices for Your Dolls on Ebay

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    So you've identified and valued your dolls, and since they've turned out to be valuable, you want to sell them! Or, you want to sell some of the dolls in your collection so you can buy more dolls. If so, you need to know How To Get The Best Prices For Your Dolls on eBay.

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    10 Things You Should Inspect When Buying an Antique Bisque Doll

    Antique Bisque Doll. Theriault's

    If you are buying antique bisque dolls, one of the most important things to do before you make your purchase is to thoroughly inspect the doll. How can you tell if the doll is authentic, of good quality or damaged? Find out in 10 Things You Should Inspect When Buying an Antique Bisque Doll.

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    Antique, Vintage or Modern Dolls: Which Should You Collect?

    10 inch Tonis with Rare Outfits. Theriault's
    There are so many beautiful dolls! Fashionable Barbies, Bratz with attitude, elegant French bisque antiques, Shirley Temples and other composition beauties from the 20th century. If you are having trouble deciding which dolls to collect, you might want to have a look at Antique, Vintage or Modern Dolls: Which Should You Collect? to help you decide.
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    Dolls Displayed In Antique Shop For Sale
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    You've decided which dolls to collect. You've found them, evaluated them, identified them, inspected them and you absolutely love them! But all of that will be wasted effort and energy if you don't take good care of your dolls. Find out how to keep them in perfect shape in Top 10 Tips To Protect And Preserve Your Dolls

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    Top Ways to Ruin Your Dolls

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    If Top 10 Tips To Protect And Preserve Your Dolls doesn't inspire you to take good care of your dolls, then perhaps you need a more direct approach. So, let me gently bludgeon you over the head with my Top Ways to Ruin Your Dolls. Please, stop...don't do that to your dolls!
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    Portrait of beautiful antique French doll wearing red costume.
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    Finally, sometimes its just not enough to enjoy your dolls on your own. Sometimes, you just want to share your dolls with the world. Or, you need great photos to sell your dolls on the Internet. Whatever the reason, you might want to take some beautiful photos of your dolls. If so, then Top 10 Tips For Great Doll Photography is for you.