Doll Collecting

Dolls are a classic collectable item that anyone can enjoy. Learn from experts about how to care for your doll collection, as well as buying and selling dolls.
An Introduction to Types of Collectible Dolls
Bisque Doll
What Are the Top 5 Antique Doll Brands From Germany?
Illustration of Trolls dolls
Why Have Trolls Dolls Have Been Delighting Collectors for Decades?
Armand Marseille doll from the collection of the Guildhall Museum in Rochester, Kent.
An Introduction to Armand Marseille Dolls
Troll doll, close-up
Learn About Troll Dolls Including History and Collecting Information
Antique Doll Collection
Check Out These Top Tips for Displaying Your Doll Collection
Bratz dolls
The History Behind Bratz Dolls
Vintage doll
The Difference Between Bisque and Porcelain Dolls
Dolls Against Wooden Wall
All About Composition Dolls
Illustration of a Shirley Temple doll
The Value of Collectible Shirley Temple Dolls
dolls collection
Learn How to Keep Your Collectible Dolls Beautiful for Many Years
Vintage No. 6 Ponytail Barbie, Brunette
How to Identify a Vintage Ponytail Barbie
vintage antique doll
Price Guide to Help Identify Your Antique Dolls
A doll being worked on in a repair shop
How to Restring a Doll With a Basic 5-Part Body
Carnival Kewpie Dolls
What Collectible Kewpie Dolls Are Worth
original No. 1 Barbie doll is displayed at the "Treasures from Mattel's Vault" exhibit at the Hyatt Regency during a Barbie Convention
Use This Modern Barbie Dolls Price Guide to Know Their Worth
celluloid dolls
Everything You Need to Know About Celluloid Dolls
Vintage pincushion half doll on a shelf with costume jewelry.
This Is What to Know About Half Dolls
Sale of old dolls at a flea market
Reasons Why People Like to Collect Dolls
Barbie display at a toy show
Love Barbie? Learn About Collectible Barbie Tiers and Other Updates
Kestner 164 Doll
An Introduction to Kestner Dolls
A 1966 barbie doll
How to Tell If Your Doll Is Vintage
A example of a Dawn Doll
Kids Loved Dawn Dolls During the 1970s
Caucasian girl brushing hair of doll on bed
The Top Places to Get a Doll That Looks Like Your Child