15 DIY Projects to Make for Your Cat

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What better way to show your pets some love than showering them with homemade gifts? These cute cat crafts will cozy-up kitty’s space, amplify her playtime, and even beautify her litter box. So stock up on supplies and get crafty for your kitty cat. 

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    Playtime gets an upgrade with the addition of a cute stuffed mouse! This project includes a step-by-step crochet pattern, and the size of the finished piece makes it absolutely doable in one afternoon.

    Pro tip: Add a bit of catnip to the mouse’s stuffing for a fun little surprise. (See the next project for a how-to!)

    Crochet Mouse Toy from Anne Marie's Haak Blog

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    Make a Stack of Felt Mouse-Shaped Catnip Toys

    Mollie Johanson

    Not into crocheting? Try this easy peasy sewing pattern for stuffed mice. Your kitty will go crazy for these fun little mice, mainly because they are packed full of cat nip!

    Catnip Mouse Sewing Pattern from The Spruce

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    Provide a mini spa experience for your cat with this homemade brushing station. Cleverly upcycle unused toilet bowl brushes into a walk-through comb for kitty by attaching them to a plain piece of plywood. Add lush carpet for an even more luxurious and tactile experience.

    DIY Brushing Station from Love Pets DIY

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    Tightly roll spare cardboard into a comfy, scratchable cat cushion. Spool the cardboard until you’ve reached the perfect sized seat for kitty, then finish the piece by wrapping in ribbon or hemp twine. This is a great project for utilizing all those recyclable shipment boxes that have piled up.

    Cardboard Cat Scratcher from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Cat-friendly plants will not only add a little greenery to your pet’s space, but can also help your house cat stay connected to nature. There are a ton of pet-safe species out there, and planting a few next to kitty’s bowl ensures you’ll always have a well-watered plant.

    Water Bowl Planter from The Happier Homemaker

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    A floofy feather is like catnip to, well, cats, so attach one to the end of a wooden dowel for hours of entertainment. Add a couple of jingly bells, and you’ll have all the cats coming 'round for a little fun. Decorate with washi tape for a whimsical piece full of color.

    Feather Wand Toy from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom


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    Upcycle an old T-shirt into a fort for kitty with the help of a few wire hangers. The neck hole of the tee makes the perfect cat doorway, and thanks to the ubiquity of the T-shirt, you can absolutely find one to compliment your home decor. 

    T-Shirt Cat Tent from Instructables

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    Transform an old vase into a seemly scratching post for your four-legged friend. This is one pet accessory that you won’t mind displaying in the family room; it has a rustic rope finish and can be filled with fresh blooms or decorative branches.

    Pro tip: stabilize the vase from tipping by securing to a tile or board.

    Vase Scratching Post from Meow Lifestyle

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    Dress up your favorite feline with an adorable patterned bow tie. This tutorial includes a handy sewing pattern, so no need to start totally from scratch. Just select a fabric that compliments your pet’s coat, break out the sewing machine, and get ready to show off your well-accessorized kitty.

    Cat Bow Tie from Instructables

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    Shelter your cat from the elements in style with this cozy teepee DIY. Grab a patterned blanket and secure things with safety pins–making this one a quick, easy, no-sew project.

    DIY Cat Teepee from Local Adventurer

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    Take that eyesore of a litter box and tuck it away in a functional piece of furniture. A smart butcher block island gets swinging doors and curtains to make a sneaky hideaway privy for kitty. This one requires a bit of carpentry, so be ready with a full Saturday and your toolbox before tackling.

     Litter Box Cabinet from Saws on Skates

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    Flip a small end table and you’ve got the perfect base for a pet hammock. Secure a hand towel to the four posts with hooks, and reinforce with grommets for a sturdy cat accessory. Add a coordinating bath mat to the lower level and kitty has a cozy two-story chill pad.  

    Cat Hammock from The Bandit Lifestyle

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    That pile of fabric scraps gets new life as a pet-friendly plaything. Knot a few soft pieces together (old T-shirts or bed sheets work well), then toss them to kitty to kickstart her daily workout.

    Fabric Cat Toy from Muslin and Merlot

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    Break out the sewing machine and whip up a practical (and adorable) pet collar. This step-be-step includes an easy pattern for an adjustable strap, and is easy enough to complete, that you’ll want to make a few in different colors. String on kitty’s ID tags so she’ll always find her way home.

    DIY Collar from The Everyday Dog Mom

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    ​Even indoor cats can experience a little nature with this organic cat tree DIY. Source a couple of sturdy branches, then sand and seal them for longevity before assembling the tower. Add some greenery (faux vines work just fine here) to complete your cat's rustic hideaway. 

    Organic Cat Tree from By Brittany Goldwyn

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    Celebrate your cat's birthday or adopt-iversary in style with these festive party hats. If your feline isn't too fickle, she may even wear hers long enough to capture a few cute Instagrams. 

    Cat Party Hat from Gina Chong