5 DIYs Your Pets Will Love

Show your furry friend how much you love them with these 5 do it yourself projects perfect for your pet cat or dog.
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    Ever wanted to dress up your pet, well now you can with this cute DIY bow tie. To make an adorable bow tie for your pet you’ll need to cut your choice of fabric following this pattern into 1 piece that is 1.75 inches by 12 inches, 1 piece that is 2 inches by 5 inches, and two pieces that are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Next you’ll sew the bow together following the instructions found here, and attach the bow to your pet’s collar. 

    DIY Cute Pet Bow Tie from Instructables 

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    Make your own dog chew toy by cutting an old t-shirt into narrow strips, or use t-shirt yarn to create a toy your dog as done by Lvly. The knot pattern, a round knot often used in friendship bracelets is easy to follow.  To begin knot all the strips at the top, than divide the strips of t-shirt into four groups. Take two of the groups that are diagonal to each other and have them go to the opposite side forming loops. Next take one of the remaining two groups of strips and weave the strip over...MORE than under the closest loop. With the remaining group of strips now go under than over the closet loop. Pull all the strips to tighten and you will end up with a box shape. Continue with this pattern of forming loops and weaving until the desired length has been reached and make a knot. 

    Woven DIY T-Shirt Dog Chew Toy from Lvly

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    Streamlined DIY Cat Scratching Box
    Streamlined DIY Cat Scratching Box. Old House New Tricks

    Create a more stylish cat scratching box by building a simple frame a wooden frame using 1.5 inches x ¾ inches wood. Using a miter saw cut two pieces to 11 3/38 inches and two pieces to 19 7/8 inches. Assemble the frame using wood glue at the joints and then add nails for additional strength. Once the glue has dried, add more glue to the back of the frame and place a piece of MDF board. For full assembly details see Old House New Tricks to get started on building a more stream-lined cat...MORE scratching box. 

    Streamlined DIY Cat Scratching Box from Old House New Tricks

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    Love Pets DIY

    Let your pet brush themselves to remove all their extra hair by making them a DIY petting station that will keep your pet happy and your house clean of extra fur. To make one fine something to use as a base, such as a small piece of woof covered in fabric or carpet. Next place two screws into the base, the screws should be spaced so that they are slightly wider than the width of your pet. Next take 2 new wire toilet bowl brushes and remove them from the handle. Twist the two toilet bowl brush...MORE bristles together and then form a “u” shape. Twist either end of the loop to the screws on the base. For full step-by-step instructions see Love Pets DIY.

    DIY Pet Brushing Station from Love Pets DIY

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    Crochet Mouse Toy For Your Cat
    Crochet Mouse Toy For Your Cat. AnneMarie's BreiBlog

    Crochet a mouse toy for your dog or cat following this simple pattern. After the mouse has been crocheted and stuffed with cotton batting add two small black buttons for the eyes, and a small pieces of yarn for the mouth and tail. If the toy is for a cat put a small amount of catnip within the mouse while stuffing it to make the toy extra appealing to your feline friend.

    Crochet Mouse Toy for Your Cat or Dog from Anne Marie's Haak Blog