25 DIYs to Update Your Bedroom

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    DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

    Decorating a bedroom can get expensive. For instance, it's easy to spend well over $100 on a set of simple sheets. A new bed can cost thousands. How can we revamp such a vital space without going broke?

    These DIY bedroom decor ideas will help you get a high-end look for a fraction of the cost. Regardless of your design style, there's a project below you're sure to love. Get inspired and create a more relaxed and inviting bedroom you'll want to retire to night after night. 

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    Infuse Some Whimsy With a DIY Bed Canopy

    Nothing is quite as a romantic and feminine as a bed canopy. There are a ton of canopies on the market that you can get for less than $50, but how you hang the canopy makes all the difference. This project makes use of sheer curtains and handmade copper rods positioned on the corners, which makes the look feel more custom and less store-bought.

    Dreamy Canopy Bed Project from One Kings Lane

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    Add a Favorite Lyric to Your Pillows

    If modern decor is your thing, this project will add a fun and trendy element by using bold lettering. The best thing about this bedroom decor idea is that it's so inexpensive, you can change out lyrics or sayings often. Pair the pillows with white bedding and other minimal design elements to complete the look.

    DIY Lyric Pillowcases from A Joyful Riot

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    Drape Some Eucalyptus Above the Bed

    Eucalyptus is feminine, relaxing and adds a bit of hygge to your space. If you opt to use fresh greenery like done here, shop for Silver Dollar Eucalyptus at Trader Joes (available seasonally). Dried or fake herbs will give you the same look with a bit more longevity. 

    DIY Eucalyptus Garland from Avery Street Design

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    Reimagine a Bedside Table Using Marble Contact Paper

    This bedroom project is perfect for people who love a chic and sophisticated space to lay their head. Marble contact paper is one of the hottest craft items when trying to make things look more high-end than they usually are. Without touching the end table, it would be almost impossible to tell that the top isn't marble. 

    Adding Flair to a Bedside Table from The Vault Files

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    Upgrade a Breakfast Tray With Vinyl Lettering

    This bedroom decor idea doesn't take itself too seriously and nor should you. If the saying on the tray isn't your thing, opt for something else that will inspire you when first eating breakfast in bed, like "Good morning beautiful" or "Rise and Shine."

    DIY Breakfast Tray Upgrade from Lemon Thistle

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    Dye a Bolster Pillow With Indigo Ink

    One of the easiest ways to make an inexpensive pillow case look like something out of a high-end boutique is to dye it with indigo ink. This pattern looks great with other bohemian-style decor and accents, like the faux fur accent pillow you see here. 

    Bolster Pillow DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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    Bring in Farmhouse Character With Lace Curtains

    Lace and wood beams are iconic design elements in farmhouse style homes, but who thought to put both of them together? This brilliant idea transforms a wooden beam into a curtain rod and acts almost like a bed canopy that extends across the length of the bedroom. Another alternative to this project is to hang a curtain rod above the bed and drape lace curtains down the wall to act as a headboard. 

    Wood Beam and Lace Curtains from Love Grows Wild

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    Create This Luxurious Bed Tray

    Working from bed never felt so luxurious with this bed tray or laptop stand. Design Tip: Marble projects like this look great paired with brushed gold accents and pastel-colored florals. 

    DIY Faux Marble Bed Tray from La Vaca

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    Use Paint to Update a Vintage End Table

    If you want to update thrift store furniture finds, the easiest way to do that is with paint. To make your bedroom a bright and cheery space, don't be afraid to add bright pops of color like peach or teal. 

    Master Bedroom Decor Refresh from Sarah Hearts

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    Bring Your Travels Into the Bedroom

    Bedroom decor projects
    Stephanie White

    Wall art in the bedroom is often sentimental. But to make your bedroom seems more put-together, skip the family photo collages and opt for something more artistic. This bedroom decor project is romantic because it highlights a place you traveled, but it also looks more luxe than a photo of your family at the beach. 

    Do-It-Yourself Travel Art from The Spruce

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    Cozy Up With a DIY Chunky Arm Knit Blanket

    These chunky throw blankets are all over Pinterest, and unfortunately, they aren't cheap to buy. Get the look for less by learning how to knit your own using a pattern. 

    Chunky Arm Knit Blanket Pattern from Flax and Twine

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    Fake an Antique Mirror Using Paint and Muriatic Acid

    Antique mirrors are full of character, but they're often expensive and hard to find. Customize exactly how you want your accent mirror to look with this tutorial that transforms a cheap mirror using paint and muriatic acid. 

    DIY Aged Gold Antique Mirror from Blesser House

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    Bring Nature Into the Bedroom

    An effective way to fill the space above your headboard is by hanging three frames of the same size. This decor idea does just that by creating art using pressed leaves. 

    DIY Pressed Plant Framed Art from Remodelaholic

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    DIY a Light and Airy Headboard Wall Hanging

    If you're lacking a headboard and don't have a ton of money to buy one, try this simple bohemian project using driftwood and paper. Just be careful to hang the piece well above your pillows so you don't crumple the origami while you sleep. 

    DIY Headboard from Amanda Puleo

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    Set the Mood With Themed Candles

    How to diy candles for the bedroom
    Kate Pullen

    Candles add a romantic ambiance to the bedroom, but plain white candles can get a little boring. If you enjoy a space that feels a little more whimsical, learn how to customize white pillar candles using rubber stamps and doilies. 

    How to Rubberstamp Candles from The Spruce

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    Scrap Your Old Bed and Make a New One

    One of the biggest (and most expensive) changes you can make in the bedroom is changing out the bed. If your carpentry skills are up to par, check out this bed tutorial using reclaimed wood. Just be sure all the wood is well cleaned and sealed before you use it in a bed project. 

    DIY Reclaimed Wood Bed from Mr. Kate

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    Add Light Next to the Bed With DIY Sconces

    A sconce on either side of the bed is one of the more functional decor additions you can make to a master bedroom. If farmhouse style is your ideal design aesthetic, this sconce couldn't be easier or quicker to make. You'll also save tons of money in the process. 

    DIY Corbel Sconce Light for $25 from Shanty 2 Chic

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    Fake an Expensive Inlay Dresser Using Stencils

    This eclectic dresser is an impressive statement piece for any bedroom and is very reminiscent of expensive bone inlay dressers that cost over $1,000 at Anthropologie. Believe it or not, this DIY project is one that any person can accomplish with stencils, the right type of paint, and a little bit of patience. 

    DIY Inlaid Bone Dresser from Wear Wag Repeat

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    Transform an Ikea Mirror Into a Different Style

    There are so many Ikea hacks that work with this Mongstad Mirror, but this one is impressive because it completely transforms the look from something very modern to something very vintage. 

    Upcycled Ikea Hack Mirror Frame from Edea Smith

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    Make Your Own Lavender Sleep Spray

    To update the feel of your bedroom, don't underestimate the power of smell. Sleep sprays are incredibly relaxing, especially ones using lavender. But they can get expensive, and some might even contain harmful ingredients. Know what you're spraying on your pillows by DIYing your own.

    DIY Lavender Sleep Spray from Burkatron

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    Construct a Bench for the End of the Bed

    If you have enough space, consider making a bench for the end of your bed. The traditional look of this bench adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise bare space. The bench will also make getting your socks on in the morning that much easier. 

    DIY Simple End of Bed Bench by Beautifully Simple By Angela

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    DIY a Ruffled Duvet Cover

    Duvet covers are a staple that add a touch of luxury to a bedroom. Luckily, duvets are relatively easy to make on your own using flat sheets. Remember, you don't need high thread count sheets for this project since most of your skin won't be touching the duvet directly when you sleep. 

    Quick Duvet Cover Tutorial from Kiki and Company

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    Craft an Anthropologie Inspired Tassel Blanket

    Adding tassels to pillows, comforters, and throw blankets will immediately update your bedroom and make it seem more like something out of a Pottery Barn or Anthropologie catalog. The best part is that once you have the hang of it, it's really quick and easy to make tassels.

    DIY Anthro Inspired Tassel Throw from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

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    Bring in Some Light With a Sunburst Mirror

    DIY projects for the bedroom
    Every Home is a Castle

    If your bedroom is on the smaller side, adding an accent mirror is a fun way to bring a little more light into the space. This sunburst mirror is glitzy and looks much more expensive than it is when you make it yourself. 

    Stunning DIY Sunburst Mirror from The Spruce

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    Repurpose Old Doors Into a Headboard

    There are many different headboard projects out there, but this one is incredibly easy once you find the right doors for the job. Instead of bifold doors standing vertically, you can also position one antique door sideways against two pieces of lumber to create a headboard. 

    How to Make a Headboard Out of Bifold Doors from I Should Be Mopping the Floor