10 Eerie DIYs for Your Haunted House

Scare Your Neighbors This Halloween

Melissa Ross / Stocksy United

Halloween is quickly approaching which means it is time to get all your Halloween props ready to transform your home into a haunted house this Halloween by decorating your front door, lawn and porch with eerie DIY Halloween decorations to add some festive fun to your neighborhood. Here are 9 projects that will make your haunted house the best on the street.

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    DIY Pumpkin Archway
    DIY Pumpkin Archway. Don Morin

    Construct a PVC pipe archway that you can re-use every Halloween to support a collection of electric artificial pumpkins on an eerie archway. The stunning results will certainly draw trick-or-treaters on Halloween as they want to walk through the arch to ring your doorbell for candy.

    DIY Pumpkin Archway from Crazi Carlos

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    DIY Glowing Spooky Eyes
    DIY Glowing Spooky Eyes. Dream A Little Bigger

    Hide glowing spooky eyes in bushes, trees or in windows to make it look like a monster is lurking around your home. These DIY glowing eyes are simple to make using a cardboard tube and a glow stick.

    DIY Glowing Spooky Eyes from Dream A Little Bigger

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    Esthermm / Getty Images

    Transform your front yard into a spooky graveyard. These cardboard tombstones are easy to make and require supplies and materials you probably already have!

    DIY Tombstones from The Spruce

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    DIY Climbing Halloween Skeltons
    DIY Climbing Halloween Skeltons. Mckeephoto via Instructables

    This Halloween give the illusion that skeletons are taking over your home by having them climb up the exterior of your home and on your home's roof by learning how to attach regular plastic skeletons to your home's exterior.

    DIY Climbing Halloween Skeletons from Instructables

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    DIY Werewolf Head Decor
    DIY Werewolf Head Decor. Miss Monsters via Instructables

    Hung under your front porch, or just inside your home's foyer this magnificent werewolf head is the perfect decoration for Halloween. Made out of sculpting clay and decorated with fake fur and eyes this werewolf head is a frightful addition to your haunted house that you will want to use every Halloween.

    DIY Werewolf Head Decor from Instructables

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    DIY Giant Spider And Web
    DIY Giant Spider And Web. My Untangled Life

    Skip the bag of plastic spider webs and make a giant spider web complete with a terrifying spider to hang off your front porch so that trick-or-treaters will have to pass by the spider before they ring your home's doorbell.

    DIY Giant Spider And Web from My Untangled Web

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    DIY Spiderweb Doormat
    DIY Spiderweb Doormat. Delia Creates

    Dress up your front porch by having children wait for their candy this Halloween on a spooky DIY spider doormat that can be made by using white fabric paint on a low-pile dark rug.

    DIY Spiderweb Doormat from Delia Creates

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    DIY Spooky Archway
    DIY Spooky Archway.

    Transform your home into a haunted house by adding a spooky archway to the front of your home. This giant archway was made out of carved foam boards and enhanced with paint, decorative chains and plastic skulls to make a scary walkway to the front door.

    DIY Spooky Archway from My Funhouse Projects

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    DIY Halloween Subway Art Sign
    DIY Halloween Subway Art Sign. A Pumpkin And A Princess

    List various spooky locations on a Halloween inspired subway art sign that you can make using some black and white paint and a large canvas or a few boards attached together.

    DIY Halloween Subway Art Sign from A Pumpkin And A Princess

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    DIY Eek Marquee
    DIY Eek Marquee. Lolly Jane

    Add some frightful lights to your home by making a Halloween themed marquee sign that says "eek" that will give an orange glow to your front porch. Made out of paper mache letters transformed with paint and a string of lights a DIY marquee sign is the perfect weekend DIY project to get your ready for Halloween.

    DIY Eek Marquee from Lolly Jane