8 DIY Wreaths From Basic Laundry Room Supplies

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    Create DIY Wreaths From Laundry Room Supplies

    Wreath Montage
    Courtesy of DIY Bloggers

    Now you can add some style to your laundry room or anywhere else in your home with these eight creative DIY wreaths from some talented bloggers around the web. Most can be made with supplies you probably already have in your laundry room. Here's a chance to declutter and make something beautiful!

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    Create a Colorful Wreath With Leftover Buttons

    Most of us have a jar or box filled with buttons. Why not create a colorful button wreath like this one from the Vintage Folly blog that will last for several years? 

    Supplies You Will Need:

    • Heavy cardboard
    • PVA Glue
    • Buttons
    • Ribbon or string for hanging

    Start by drawing your wreath base to the size you desire. If you don't have a protractor to draw perfect circles, use two circular objects like bowls or plates to give you the size you need.

    Begin by gluing on the largest buttons first, then medium, and finally the small ones to fill in spaces. The buttons should overlap the edges of the cardboard slightly and can be stacked on each other to create depth and dimension. Random placement is more visually appealing than trying to create rows.

    Use plenty of glue to be sure that all the buttons stay in place. Allow the glue to dry completely before hanging. This may take 24 hours or more. 

    Hang your creation with ribbon, lace or the mounting hardware of your choice.

    DIY Button Wreath tutorial from VintageFolly.com

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    Welcome Spring with a Button Wreath

    This button wreath from Buttons Galore and More is made using a foam wreath base. It would be easy to imagine a button wreath designed to match your laundry room colors or even one for every season.

    Supplies You Will Need

    • 12″ Foam Wreath
    • 2 1/2″ Ribbon (about 20 yards)
    • Floral Greening Pins
    • Buttons
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Silk Flowers

    Start by wrapping the foam wreath base with ribbon and secure the ends with floral greening pins. The amount of ribbon you need will depend upon the width of the ribbon and the size of your foam base. Thinner widths of ribbon will wrap more smoothly than extra wide ribbon.

    Use a hot glue gun to adhere buttons to the ribbon-covered base. Start with the larger buttons and fill in with smaller ones. You can cover as much or as little of the base as you'd like.

    When the buttons are all in place, embellish with silk flowers or other details. Allow the entire wreath to dry completely before hanging.

    DIY Button Wreath tutorial from ButtonsGaloreandMore.net

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    Freshen Your Space With a Dryer Sheet Wreath

    If you use dryer sheets in the laundry room, you know that used sheets accumulate quickly. But instead of tossing them in the garbage can, why not make a fluffy wreath like this one from The Keeper of the Crayons that will still offer a fresh scent?

    Supplies You Will Need

    • Wire Clothes Hanger
    • A Pair of Pliers
    • 80-100 Used Dryer Sheets

    Grab a pair of pliers and stretch the wire clothes hanger into a circle. This will be the base for your wreath with a built-in hanger for when you're finished.

    You'll need 80-100 used dryer sheets to make a lush, full wreath. These can be saved for a couple of months after every load of laundry or you can soften up a new batch by place them in a mesh laundry bag. Toss the bag in the dryer with several old wet towels. Allow the towels to dry on high heat for at least 15 minutes and the dryer sheets are ready to be used for wreath-making.

    Tie the dryer sheets onto the wire hanger with a loop knot. Place the dryer sheet under the wire in a U-shape. Bring the ends of the sheet over the wire and through the loop, pull tight, and the knot is formed. Continue all the way around the hanger until the wreath is a full and fluffy as you'd like.

    Add a bow or allow it to shine all on its own.

    DIY Dryer Sheet Wreath tutorial from TheKeeperOfTheCrayons.blogspot.com 

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    Knot Together a Beautiful Wreath

    Sometimes our clothes and linens can take a beating and they just can't be used anymore. Before you toss them, why not save the fabric from some of your favorites like MuskaElvis did and make a wreath. You can create a solid colored rag wreath, do stripes or create a multi-colored beauty.

    Supplies You Will Need

    • Wire Coat Hanger
    • A Pair of Pliers
    • Fabric Strips 2 inches x 8 inches (about 200-250)

    The most difficult part of making this wreath is deciding on the colors and cutting the fabric into strips. If you are using old linens like tablecloths or sheets, you can actually tear the fabric into long lengths the proper width and then cut them into eight-inch lengths.

    Use pliers to stretch a wire coat hanger into a circle. It doesn't have to be perfect but try to come close. This will make a wreath that is approximately eight to ten-inches in diameter.

    Tie each strip around the wire with the right side of the fabric facing up, trying to keep the ends fairly equal. Scrunch the knots as close together as possible to make the wreath full. When you are finished, fluff the fabric so that the knots don't show.

    Use the coat hanger hook to hang your wreath.

    DIY Rag Wreath tutorial from MuskaElvis.com

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    Use a Laundry Basket as a Form for a Fresh Greenery Wreath

    Buying wreath forms and bases can become expensive. But you can learn to make beautiful natural wreaths from A Piece of Rainbow using an old laundry basket as your guide. Wreaths made from herbs, flowers or boxwood clippings are lovely fresh additions to home decor and will even dry to be enjoyed for months to come.

    Supplies You Will Need

    • Small Round Plastic Laundry Basket (about 15 inches in diameter at top)
    • Jute twine
    • Fresh greenery cuttings, six to 10-inches in length.

    First, measure down about four to five inches from the top of the laundry basket. Mark the cutting line. Using heavy scissors or snips, cut the laundry basket in half. Try not to cut too close to a cross support. Leave at least one-half inch to the edge to prevent breakage.

    Begin your fresh greenery wreath by placing cuttings, one stem at a time, inside the basket ring. Layer the greenery until you have a circle about four layers thick. Stop and start the ends of the greenery randomly to create a flawless circle.

    Once you have the layers you love, cut several 12-inch long pieces of twine. You will probably need eight to ten pieces. Tie each piece of twine equally spaced all around the wreath catching all layers of the greenery. Some tips of the cuttings will be loose to give a natural look.

    The wreath is now ready to embellish with additional small clippings like berries or flowers that will dry and hold their shape and color. Lavender or straw flowers are good choices. Add a bow if you'd like and it's ready to hang.

    Since this is a fresh "free-form" wreath, it should be rotated every day or so while hanging so it will dry in an even circle shape. 

    DIY Laundry Basket Wreath Form tutorial from APieceofRainbow.com 

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    Scrunch Up an Easy Single Socks Wreath

    We all have them. Single socks that have lost their mate. Why not use them like Curb Alert Blog did to make a fun wreath?  You can even make a seasonal wreath with holiday socks!

    Supplies You Will Need

    • Pool Noodle or Foam Wreath Form
    • Duct Tape
    • Socks (Number will depend on size of the wreath)

    If you are using a foam pool noodle, decide on the final size of the wreath you want. If you are using a foam wreath form, cut through one spot with a craft knife so that socks can be slipped onto the form.

    Using scissors, cut the toe off each sock to create a tube. Don't worry about the heel shape, it will be hidden.

    Slide the sock tubes over the wreath form, scrunching as tightly as you'd like. Attach the two ends of the wreath form together with duct tape. Cover the tape by moving sock fabric over it.

    Add a bow or your favorite decorations, hang, and enjoy!

    DIY Sock Wreath tutorial from CurbAlertBlog.com

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    Create a Natural Clothespin Wreath

    Nothing is more appropriate for a laundry room than a clothespin wreath. Learn how TheFrugalHomemaker made one in just minutes with just a few supplies.

    Supplies You Will Need

    • Metal Wreath Form
    • Spring-hinge Clothespins (about 50-100)
    • Embellishments, if desired

    Spend a little time deciding how you want to place the clothespins around the metal form. You can create a smooth look, staggered or three-dimensional look depending upon how you clip the pins. Luckily, no glue is needed and moving them around is a snap. Create dimension by tipping the outer pins on an angle.

    Embellish with silk or paper flowers, ribbon or a banner made from scraps of fabric. Your wreath is ready to hang. 

    DIY Natural Clothespin Wreath tutorial from TheFrugalHomemaker.com

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    Make a Colorful Clothespin Wreath

    You can take your clothespin wreath to new heights by adding color like this one from Ribbons and Glue.com.

    Supplies You Will Need

    • Metal Wreath Form
    • Spring-hinge Clothespins (about 50-100)
    • Colored Decorative Craft Papers
    • Mod Podge
    • Embellishments

    Before you clip clothespins to a wire wreath form, embellish them by decoupaging decorative strips of paper to one side of the clothespins. This will add an entirely different look to your wreath and make it custom for your home. You could even create a new theme for every holiday or season.

    The same look could be achieved with acrylic paints or by using washi tape. Add embellishments for the final look you desire.

    DIY Colored Clothespin Wreath tutorial from RibbonsandGlue.com