15 DIY Wood Headboards

Headboard Plans Using Wood

A herringbone wood DIY headboard

 I Spy DIY

Add a whole new look to your bedroom with these free DIY wood headboard plans. They all use wood to create a rustic, modern, farmhouse, or classic headboard that will look great in your home. Many of these free plans also give you the option of using reclaimed wood to save money and get a unique look.

These headboard projects are great for beginners because they use standard materials with a simple construction. All the plans include written step-by-step directions, color photos, diagrams, finishing suggestions, and more tips and tricks so you can customize them for your bed size.

If you'd like to find more woodworking projects similar to these, so you can build a dresser, desk, coffee table, bookcase, or much more.

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    Reclaimed Wood Headboard by Ana White

    A bed with a DIY wooden headboard painted in green
    Ana White/Meringue Designs

    This DIY wooden headboard project from Ana White uses reclaimed or new wood to create a headboard for any size of bed, including twin, double, queen, and king.

    This project will only take you an afternoon and can be a great budget project if you use reclaimed wood.

    The free plan is comprised of a shopping list, tool list, cut list, general instructions, diagrams, color photos, and lots of useful tips and tricks.

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    Herringbone Wood Headboard From I Spy DIY

    A herringbone wood DIY headboard
    I Spy DIY

    This DIY headboard project will only cost you $150 but looks like it cost so much more.

    Cedar is cut and placed in a herringbone pattern with stain being used to create the contrast seen here.

    This free plan includes a supply and tool list, a cut list, step-by-step directions, and color photos.

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    Custom Headboard by Lowe's

    A chevron custom DIY headboard

    Rustic meets modern with this custom headboard project that uses a unique pattern to create chevrons that will make your bed the central focal point of the room.

    A tools and materials list will get you started, the building directions will help you get it done, and the hanging directions will make sure it ends up looking great up above your bed.

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    Wood Round Headboard From The White Buffalo Styling Co.

    A headboard made of wood slices
    The White Buffalo Styling Co.

    You can't get any more rustic than with this DIY headboard project designed by The White Buffalo Styling Co. Although it's in no doubt rustic, it also has a very clean look to it making it a perfect pick for just about any style of home.

    Plywood, 2X4's, and wood rounds make up this headboard. It's a simple plan that shows you how to put the frame together and arrange the wood rounds.

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    Barn Door Headboard From Shanty2Chic

    A DIY headboard that looks like a barn door
    Shanty 2 Chic

    Barn doors have never been as popular as they are now, and with this free headboard plan from Shanty2Chic you make it look like you have one hanging above your bed.

    This is an easy beginner woodworking project and budget friendly too, it only cost about $60 in materials. 

    The free plan includes lots of color photos and written directions. It also includes finishing directions.

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    Curvy Reclaimed Wood Headboard From Remodelaholic

    A curved wooden headboard

    Reclaimed fence posts have been used to create this DIY headboard from Remodelaholic but you could certainly use new wood if you wanted to.

    This free plan includes lots of photos and step-by-step directions to help you build it.

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    Mid Century Modern DIY Headboard from DIY Candy

    A mid-century modern DIY bed in a bedroom

     DIY Candy

    DIY Candy has created a plan to help you build a unique headboard in a mid-century modern style. Stacked and glued wood pieces give this headboard its unique mosaic style.

    There are written directions, color photos, plus a tools and hardware and cut lists to make sure you're all ready to get building. 

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    Reclaimed Wood Headboard by Mr. Kate

    A close-up of a DIY headboard
    Mr. Kate

    Mr. Kate has directions on how to build a complete reclaimed wood platform bed but you can certainly build only the headboard if you'd like.

    Step-by-step building instructions will help you build this queen sized bed headboard but with a few calculations, you can easily change the size so it will fit your bed.

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    Plank Headboard Wall From Remodelaholic

    A colorful wooden DIY headboard

    Make a big statement in a bedroom with this colorful and rustic plank headboard that takes up the whole wall above your bed.

    Remodelaholic has created this free DIY wood headboard project that uses 2x4's and paint samples for a quick and affordable project. You can choose whatever paint colors you want to get a whole new look.

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    Reclaimed Look Wooden Headboard From AKA Design

    A wooden DIY headboard with a "love" banner
    Aka Design

    Go for a rustic chic look with this free DIY wooden headboard project from AKA Design.

    This project uses new wood that is distressed to make it look like reclaimed wood. It will take you an afternoon and cost around $50 to make.

    There's a supplies list, building instructions, and finishing directions all with color photos to help you along the way.

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    Textured Headboard From Hazel and Gold Designs

    A close-up of a textured wood headboard
    Hazel and Gold Designs

    If you're looking for a headboard that is truly unique, this one from Hazel and Gold Designs may be just the one you're looking for.

    It may look complex, but this is actually a simple project that uses plywood and wooden shims to create the look.

    The plan for this also includes how to build a matching footboard.

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    Rustic Wooden Headboard From Live Your Goals

    A rustic DIY headboard with lamps
    Live Your Goals

    This DIY headboard uses rough-milled pine instead of palettes to create a rust yet still put together look.

    The free plan includes directions on how to distress the wood, stain and seal the planks, how to put it all together to form the headboard, and how to add the lights which make this free plan extra special.

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    Storage Headboard Plan From Build Something

    A storage headboard
    Build Something

    Build Something has a free DIY wood headboard plan that includes written building steps, a tools list, a materials list, and parts/cuts list, and diagrams.

    This 7-piece headboard is easy to build and will give you extra storage space in your bedroom.

    This is a classic design that can go with just about any style that you like. 

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    Easy and Beautiful Wood DIY Headboard From A Piece of Rainbow

    A wooden headboard with a plant beside it
    A Piece of Rainbow

    A Piece of Rainbow has designed this lovely wooden headboard that's freestanding, so it can go with any bed that you already have. If you need a bed plan as well, there is a DIY bed frame with headboard plan that will get you the same look.

    This DIY wood headboard plan includes a materials and tools list, diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and color photos. There's also a lot of information on natural finishes and whitewashed finishes using paint.

    The plan is for building a headboard for a queen sized bed, but there are also modifications if you'd like to build is for a King or Twin bed.

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    Rustic Wood Headboard Plan from DIY Network

    A wooden headboard on a made-up bed

     DIY Network

    DIY Network has a free headboard plan that's geared towards the new woodworker and it can be completed for less than $100.

    The full plan includes a tools list, materials list, cut list, step-by-step building instructions with diagrams, and finishing instructions.