9 DIY Winter Wreaths in Neutral Colors

Ruffle burlap wreath

Create Cook Teach

Decorating your front door after the holidays but before spring arrives can be tricky. Winter wreaths often tend to look too Christmas-y, especially if they have any red on them whatsoever. But that doesn't mean you have to ditch the idea of a festive wreath entirely.

Instead, try one of these wintry-yet-neutral ways to say welcome on your front door! Each one uses grays and browns, blue, or lots of white to reflect the landscape outside. They also incorporate lots of cozy, seasonal textures through the use of materials like yarn, felt, burlap, and even upcycled scarves.

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    DIY Pom Pom Wreath

    Neutral color pom pom holiday wreath
    Photo: It All Started With Paint

    You won't believe how simple it is to make this expensive-looking pom-pom wreath similar to one sold by Anthropologie. Linda from It All Started with Paint crafted this monochromatic beauty with a wreath form from the dollar store and wool yarn.

    Anthropologie Inspired Pom Pom Wreath from It All Started with Paint

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    Winter Snowball Wreath

    DIY snowball wreath
    Photo: Addicted 2 Decorating

    What says wintertime better than snowballs? This playful wreath by Addicted 2 Decorating was made by coating styrofoam balls in glue, then rolling them in Epsom salts. Check out her blog for tips on how to keep mess and headaches to a minimum. Also, make sure to wait for sales or search the dollar store for styrofoam as it can be expensive. 

    Winter Snowball Wreath from Addicted 2 Decorating

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    Wooden Snowflake Door Decor

    DIY Wooden Snowflake Wreath
    Photo: The Ballard Bunch

    This wooden snowflake by The Ballard Bunch isn't exactly a wreath but is too clever not to include. Made with simple wooden craft sticks and discs from the craft store, white paint and a little glitter, it makes the perfect front door accessory for winter.

    Wooden Snowflake Door Decoration from The Ballard Bunch

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    Ruffle Burlap Wreath

    Ruffle burlap wreath
    Photo: Create Cook Teach

    Burlap wreaths are all the rage these days and it's no wonder. They are easy to make and the burlap is the perfect neutral background for embellishments of any kind or color. This wreath by Create.Cook.Teach is kept super-simple with just one snowflake and some white floral picks. By wiring on the decorations, you can easily change them to something else when the weather warms up.

    Ruffle Burlap Wreath from Create, Cook, Teach

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    Let it Snow Winter Wreath

    Turquoise and white DIY yarn wreath
    Photo: Making Home Base

    The turquoise and white hues of this yarn wreath by Making Home Base don't scream winter, and yet it's the perfect color combination to complement the sentiment spelled out on a mini garland. This would also be a clever door decoration for a baby shower or event you're hosting at home to make people feel extra welcome.

    Turquoise Let it Snow Wreath from Making Home Base

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    Winter Cardinal Yarn Wreath

    DIY Natural Yarn Cardinal Wreath
    Photo: Home Made Modern

    Even though this wreath by Home Made Modern has a splashy red cardinal on it, the other muted hues keep the whole thing from looking too Christmas-y. Chic and simple!

    Winter Cardinal Yarn Wreath from Home Made Modern

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    Yarn Snowball Wreath

    DIY yarn ball wreath
    Photo: Two Junk Chix

    Two Junk Chix made a different kind of snowball wreath by wrapping styrofoam balls in neutral-colored yarn. Since styrofoam can be pricey, one alternative might be to ball up aluminum foil and wrap that instead. Since you'll be wrapping it in yarn, it shouldn't matter too much if the foil balls aren't perfectly symmetrical. Or pick up some clearance Christmas ornaments that don't have the small neck on the top for crafting next year. 

    Yarn Snowball Wreath from Two Junk Chix

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    Winter Scarf Wreath

    Scarf Wrapped Wreath
    Photo: Home Work

    This winter wreath by Carolyn's Home Work is wrapped in a scarf! Colorful, chunky knit scarves are plentiful at thrift stores, if you don't have one laying around for the project. The great thing about this idea is that it makes quick work out of wrapping the wreath form, as opposed to using yarn, which can be time-consuming.

    Winter Scarf Wreath from Home Work

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    Turquoise & Burlap Rosette Winter Wreath

    Burlap and turquoise yarn wreath
    Photo: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

    A Pretty Life in the Suburbs created this winter wreath by wrapping a form in blue yarn, then adorning it with felt rosettes in various shades of blue. These colors remind me of the long shadows on snow in late afternoon.

    Rosette Winter Wreath from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

    Whichever wreath you decide to make, your front door is sure to convey a warm welcome this winter.