10 DIY Wine Racks Anyone Can Make

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    Wine Racks You Can Build Yourself

    If you plan on storing your wine for a long period of time, you might want to consider storage options in a cool, humidity-controlled space. However, if you only need wine storage for a shorter period, a DIY wine rack would work well.

    Making a wine rack on your own lets you customize the piece to your space and allows you to get more for your money. Below are some quality wine rack ideas that are relatively easy to make.

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    Convert a Wooden Crate to Hold Wine

    diy wine rack
    The Spruce / Caylin Harris

    Wooden crates are really inexpensive and can be picked up at any local craft store. All you need to do to store wine is add an X or Y to the center space. Beyond that, you can paint, stain, or distress the wood depending on your existing decor. 

    Wood Crate Wine Rack from The Spruce

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    Add Labels to a Handmade Wine Rack

    One thing to consider about this wine rack is that it isn't the most secure. You'll want to be sure it's anchored to the wall on the top and the bottom to ensure there's minimal movement. If you're able to do that, this piece will act as a functional piece of wall art. 

    DIY Wine Rack from Shanty 2 Chic

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    Make This Modern Wine Rack

    This wine rack is one of the easiest to make and would work well on a kitchen countertop. As is, the wine rack looks very modern. However, you can make it look more rustic by aging the wood and painting the spikes bronze or black. Just be sure if you lean it against the wall that it's fully secure. 

    The Easiest DIY Wine Rack from At Home in Love 

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    Hang Wine From Rope

    This nautical-inspired DIY wine rack is made using manila rope, a slab of wood, and a hot glue gun. Make sure whatever rope you use is really stiff so it holds its shape and doesn't droop over time. You could even use a clear finishing spray or adhesive to harden the rope into place.

    DIY Wine Rack from Cambria Wines

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    Craft a Wine Rack With Wine Glass Storage

    This blogger made this wine rack based off of a version by Crate & Barrel. As far as wall wine racks are concerned, this version is much more secure since the bottles are housed upright. Even better is the fact that step-by-step diagrams are included in the original tutorial.

    DIY Wine Rack from The House of Wood

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    Build a Wine Cabinet

    This DIY wine rack might not be the easiest to make, but it is ideal for those who love woodworking. The original creator included printable plans that are easy to follow. Just remember to measure twice and cut once. 

    DIY Wine Cabinet from Addicted 2 DIY

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    Defy Gravity With This Wall Wine Holder

    If you try to recreate this modern wine rack, make sure that you get the angles correct. Otherwise, your wine bottles might not be fully secure. Also, you'll want to keep four bottles of wine on hand because this piece looks much more interesting with wine in it than it does empty.

    Wall Wine Holder from Rogue Engineer

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    Construct a Wine Rack for a Tabletop

    If you are limited on wall or floor space but have an area on top of a table that's open, try out this DIY wine rack. Although this wine rack might require you to pick up some extra tools, it is easy enough for beginners to complete. 

    How to Make a Wine Rack from Craft Box Girls

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    Turn an Existing Piece of Furniture Into a Wine Rack

    One way to add a wine rack into your home is by converting an existing piece of furniture. This chest of drawers from Ikea is converted into a bar cart with added wine storage on the top. If you don't have this Ikea piece, consider removing the top drawer from any dresser and adding cubbies for wine.

    Drawer to Bar Cart from Addicted 2 DIY

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    Repurpose a Piece of Barnwood

    Using slabs of reclaimed wood is a popular way to store a few bottles of wine in an attractive way. Instead of using rope or stakes, this DIY wine rack uses newspaper hooks to house the wine.

    Barnwood DIY Wine Rack from I Spy DIY