DIY Wedding Table Numbers & Holders

diy wedding table numbers and holders
Caylin Harris
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    Getting Started

    diy wedding table numbers and holders
    Caylin Harris

    The second you start to really plan a wedding, all you see is numbers. Everything costs money: from the big things you'd expect like the venue and the flowers, to the forks your guests will use at the reception. The expenses really add up! Save money where you can by digging in and DIYing some of your wedding day essentials. While markers for your table numbers might seem like small items, they are necessary—telling guests where they'll be sitting during dinner. Here's a clever idea for how to make your own modern versions for practically nothing. Oh, and even the craft-averse can make this project on their own. It's so simple!

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    Gather Your Materials

    diy wedding table numbers and holders supplies
    Caylin Harris

    These supplies are all really affordable and easy to find at your local craft supply store, too:

    • Wood square (available at craft stores)
    • Wood block
    • Craft paint
    • Painter's tape
    • Paint brush
    • Craft glue
    • Adhesive numbers

    You can choose whatever color craft paint fits your color scheme or you can switch up the color at each table.

    If you're wondering why not use stencils for the numbers, you can thank us when you don't have to stencil on twenty different table numbers! The stickers take no time at all. Plus, the shape will be consistent and look better than a stencil.

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    Paint Your Board

    diy wedding table numbers and holders - paint
    Caylin Harris

    With your small, square board placed vertically, divide half of it on a diagonal with painter's tape. Once you have the tape placed where you want it, press it down firmly using your thumb; run it along the very edge where the paint will be applied to create a seal.

    Using a foam brush, paint one side of the board with your choice of color. The foam brush will help minimize the look of brush strokes. Depending on how light the color you chose is, you might need to do a second, or even a third coat so the wood won't show through.

    While your paint is still wet, remove the painter's tape, pulling towards you and then let the paint dry completely.

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    Add Your Number

    diy wedding table numbers and holders - add numbers
    Caylin Harris

    This part is simple! Figure out where you want to place the numbers and then peel and stick.

    For a little extra insurance, it's not a bad idea to add a little clear craft glue to the back of the numbers—but nothing excessive because you don't want the glue to push out the sides. You only want just enough to keep it in place. You can use a toothpick to help apply the glue, too. Most adhesive applications are too clunky for this delicate of a job. Let it dry completely.

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    Glue the Back On

    diy wedding table numbers and holders - glue on stand
    Caylin Harris

    Once the numbers are dry and secure, you need to add the back to your table number holders to help them stand vertically. The backing is a simple premade square that you can buy at the craft store.

    Find the bottom center of the number holder and glue the wood block on. Let the glue dry completely before handling.

    These numbers will do their job, look great, and, because you didn't spend a fortune, you won't feel guilty about gifting them to a friend or recycling them when you're done. Seriously, what would you do with table numbers after your wedding?