11 DIY Wedding Card Box Ideas

Someone placing a card in a DIY card box made from a painted globe.

Un Beau Jour


Weddings are whirlwinds of romance and joy, and they’re so fun to attend. But all the detailed planning that goes into an event—whether its modest or extravagant—is no joke. Every little detail must be planned in order for everything to go smoothly. What kind of flowers will there be? How many chairs are needed? What time will dinner be served?

Yes, even the seemingly trivial question of where gifts should be placed must be planned. When we said every little detail, we weren’t kidding. Thankfully, planning this little detail can be made simple (while still looking beautiful) without breaking the bank.

Because most wedding gifts are accompanied by cards, it makes perfect sense to have a card box keep everything neat and tidy. Guests can simply slip their cards and good wishes into the box and everything will be in its place. The bride and groom won’t have to worry about misplacing them, and it will make things so much easier when it’s time to send thank you notes.

If you’re on a budget (or not), these beautiful DIY wedding card boxes will be fabulous to have at your event.