12 DIY Wall Organizers to Help Clean Up Your Space

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Wall organizers serve many functions. They can be used to collect mail in an entryway or gather files in an office. The possibilities vary depending on the needs of your family. To make the most of empty wall space, sometimes it makes the most sense to build a DIY wall organizer instead of buying one. 

We've collected several wall organizer tutorials that store all sorts of items. They vary in materials, cost, time, and complexity. Sort through your junk and pick a project that will provide you with the most function while also fitting in with your home decor. 

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    Combine Form and Function Using Wood and Metal

    diy wall organizer with metal hooks. A backpack, hat, and wreath are hanging from it
    Shanty 2 Chic

    If you want to make an elaborate wall organizer from scratch, rely on experts to guide you. Ashley and Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic are pros at making DIY projects in their workshop. What's better is that they've started adding video tutorials to their projects, which is so helpful when attempting a woodworking project for the first time. Visit their wall organizer tutorial to learn how to make one like this from scratch. 

    DIY Wall Organizer from Shanty 2 Chic

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    Use Chalkboard Paint on a Wall Organizer

    DIY wall organizer with chalkboard
    Love Create Celebrate

    DIY wall organizers can function as a place to hold your stuff but also work as a command center for your family. Lindi from Love Create Celebrate wanted to utilize the space next to her fridge to house various items and keep her family on task. However, she realizes that everyone's available wall space is different, so her tutorial allows you to add in custom dimensions to fit your space. Check out her guide to recreate a similar magnetic chalkboard wall organizer. 

    How to Build Your Own Magnetic Chalkboard from Love Create Celebrate

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    Add Extra Storage at the Entryway

    Scrap wood wall organizer hanging on a white wall under a "welcome home" sign
    A Butterfly House

    If you don't have a mudroom in your home, you can solve all your storage dilemmas with this wall organizer tutorial. Lindsay from A Butterfly House explains how she used scrap wood to create various compartments for items like shoes, scarves, and other entryway essentials. Each compartment can be customized and you're encouraged to mix and match depending on your needs. 

    Super Simple Scrap Wood Wall Organizer from A Butterfly House

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    Build a Modern Wall Organizer for Your Office

    A wood wall organizer with a picture and scissors hanging on it above two plants

    If you need a place for miscellaneous office supplies, check out this tutorial from Caroline of Burkatron. Her aesthetic is modern, clean, and minimal, which is perfect if you're looking to declutter your space. The more compartments you have, the more likely you'll hang onto items you don't use. By minimizing your storage, you'll be encouraged to minimize your desk, too. 

    DIY Hanging Organizer from Burkatron

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    Upcycle Shutter into a Wall Organizer

    A blue window shutter wall organizer
    Bless'er House

    Lauren from Bless'er House invited a guest blogger to share a clever wall organizer tutorial that repurposes window shutters. The organizer was used as a command center in a kitchen nook, but it could also be used in an entryway or office. Find out how she put all the pieces together by visiting this farmhouse-inspired tutorial. 

    DIY Rustic Shutter Organizer from Bless'er House

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    Use Shelves to Organize Your Stuff

    wall organizer shelves
    How to Nest for Less

    Sometimes shelving units are the most efficient way to organize items because they allow you to use different containers to hold a variety of objects. How to Nest for Less created this shelving tutorial that is used to organize craft supplies in a child's room. If you want to store more substantial objects, make the shelves a little deeper. To find out how to recreate this unit, head over to their step-by-step guide. 

    DIY Wall Organizer + Shelf from How to Nest for Less

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    Store Art Supplies in a Pocket Wall Organizer

    Modern wall organizer with peach colored pockets hanging by art and a plant
    The Lovely Drawer

    Pocket wall organizers come in a ton of different styles, but the idea behind them is minimal and modern organization. While this tutorial is similar to one listed above, the subtle differences make it worth checking out. Teri from The Lovely Drawer does an excellent job of breaking the project down into manageable steps. 

    DIY Hanging Organizer from The Lovely Drawer

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    Keep Only the Essentials at the Entryway

    pegboard wall organizer with a hat, bag, and shelves on it.
    The Merrythought

    Pegboards are awesome for organizing things including Nerf guns and other items for display, but visually, they are better suited for a garage or basement space. However, the women over at The Merrythought did an excellent job of making pegboard more attractive for use inside the home. This wall organizer works as an entryway organizer for keys, hats, and other essentials. Check out their tutorial to learn how to make one for your house. 

    DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer from The Merrythought

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    Tidy Up Art Supplies in Hanging Baskets

    Three black baskets hanging underneath a shelf serving as a wall organizer
    The Beauty Dojo

    Does this organizer tutorial remind anyone else of hanging planters? Instead of planters, stylish baskets are hung to organize all sorts of arts and crafts supplies. Andrea from The Beauty Dojo is endlessly creative and can show you how to make even the most boring organization project look great. Visit her tutorial to learn how to recreate this hanging wall organizer for your most cluttered room. 

    DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer from The Beauty Dojo

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    Make a Wall Organizer That's Perfect for a Boy's Room

    Dark wooden wall desk organizer above a laptop
    I Heart Organizing

    When it comes to designing pieces for a child's bedroom, the more longevity in the item, the better. Ideally, you want something that can last from childhood well into their teenage years. Jen from I Heart Organizing made this wall organizer for her son's room with that premise in mind. The finished look is masculine, rustic, and works to store his school essentials. Find out how to make your own by visiting the tutorial. 

    DIY Wood Study Wall Organizer from I Heart Organizing

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    Craft Pockets Out of Leather

    wall pocket organizers hanging on a wall above a plant made of leather and cork board

    So far we covered rustic, modern, and farmhouse style wall organizers. But what about something that's more bohemian? Justina from Jungalow has the best eclectic tutorials on her blog, and this one is pretty ingenious. Head on over to the tutorial to learn how to make wall pocket organizers out of scrap leather and cork board. 

    DIY Catch All Wall Pockets from Jungalow

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    Customize a Grid System for Your Needs

    Wire wall organizer diy hanging with cooking essentials
    Creating with KLC

    There are a lot of grid wall systems that are highly customizable with a few simple tweaks. We usually spot these grid walls in offices or craft rooms, but we love how Keith and Lynn from Creating with KLC are utilizing this wall organizer in their kitchen. Check out their tutorial for more information on how they transformed the wire mesh into the perfect storage solution for their cooking essentials. 

    DIY KItchen Organizer from Creating with KLC